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Forever Mine | m.yg x j.hs


"Truth or Dare Hobi" jimin ask to jhope.

They are in party right now, music blasting, drinking alcohol, making out, grinding each other, dancing and more. The person who invited them ask if they want to play truth or dare and they agreed.

"Dare" Jhope said as he drink his beer.

"Did you know that Min Yoongi aka school nerd had a crush on you?" Jimin said and smirked. The others say 'ohhhhh' as they looked at me

"that nerd had crush on me.... Pffft no way" - jhope

"i dare you to date him in 2 months then-" - jimin


"LET ME FINISH FIRST, GEEZ. What i'm saying is you have to date him in 2 months then sex with him and you have record all your sex scene and in exchange we're gonna give you $750 each of us" jimin said as he smirk. Jhope thought first "Fine i'll accept the dare................................... And let see how's it goes" jhope said and smirk and also the others


"Baby can you please go to the gym" - jhope

"ummmm..... Sure why?" - yoongi

I have something suprise for you" - jhope he looked the others smirking

"i love suprise, i'll be there in a minute" - yoongi

"great see you then Baby" jhope said as he hunged up not wanting hear anyword from yoongi. "are you guys ready for the show?" he ask "yes" all student said in excitement

"Let's the show begin"


"i thought you love me" - yoongi

Yoongi is on the ground crying while the student and jhope's friends recording him, and laughing

Jhope chuckled "its just dare and i don't love you bitch...."


"Who's that?" the students said as they whisper each other and looked at the mysterious guy walking in the hallway with a cold face.


"Is that you Yoongi?"



"Fuck off Bitch"


"i-i'm sorry"

"Sorry!? Its that what you want to say to me after what have you did to me!!!!!!!!"

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