Forever Mine | m.yg x j.hs

Chapter 1

Yoongi's P.O.V


I woke up by sound of my alarm. I go bath and change into my clothes and put my fake glasses, i went downstair greeted by the smell of bacon, hotdog, egg, pancake etc. "Good morning mom and dad" i greeted to my parents. "Good morning too sweetie have a breakfast" my mom said. I take my seated beside dad while he is reading the newspaper and i started eating my breakfast.

After i eat my breakfast, i took my bag and head to the door but my mom stopped me "Yoongi honey, do you need a ride i can tell to Edward" my mom said. She was about to call Edward our family driver but i stopped her "Mom no need its not that far, its just a couple minutes to walk" I said and my mom smiled at me "Okay then, Be careful honey I love You" " Love you too mom and dad" i bid goodbye to them and start walking. I plugged my earphone and played random music.


When i reached the school and started walking heading to my locker. People started to looking at me in disgust, some of them gossiping and laughing at me because i'm the biggest school (fake) nerd

I have a reason why i have to wear my fake glasses

People in this school doesn't like to be friend with me because i'm ugly and nerd.... 'Pfftt i'm more beautiful than girls bitches'

I went to my locker to get my book and head to 1st period.

[published: Dec. 13, 2019]

{original published date: Oct. 3, 2019}

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