Forever Mine | m.yg x j.hs

Chapter 2

Yoongi's P.O.V

While walking to my 1st period, i heard a bunch of girls screaming even boys in the hallway.... They start winking at them causing all girls and boys dying in squealing. They are RM, JIN, V, JIMIN, JUNGKOOK AND JHOPE.

They are the most popular here in our school even other school especially Jung Hoseok also known as Jhope everybody loves him because of his gorgeous look.

I've been crushing him for a long time and i also put a letter to his locker everyday

I want him to notice me but that's not gonna happened😟

i just continue to walked in my 1st period.


I always arrived first in classroom because i don't want to be late. I went to my seat at the very back beside the window.

I waited the other student to arrive and the teacher.

After a couple minutes i heard the bell ring and i looked at the entrance, one by one student entering the classroom with their friends.

While waiting the teacher to arrived, girls started screaming when they saw jhope, jimin, and Taehyung entering the classroom.

"Oppa be my boyfriend"

"please fuck me"

"oppa let me suck your dick"

"please choke me with your muscle"

what a sluts

And others girls started showing their (fake) boobs to them. They started to wink with them.

I look at them in disgust and went back to my business. (he's stalking jhope's instagram acc😁👌)

A couple minutes later the teacher entered the classroom, i quickly put my phone to my pocket and unplugged my earphone and put in my backpack.

"Good Morning class" Mr. Han greeted us with smile. "Good Morning Mr. Han" we said quickly stand up "You may seat" he said and we seated back.

He started his topic about history of the last empress and emperor of korea and many more. I start to write all the topic he write in the board.

1 hour later


"Don't forget to read the history of Queen Min the last empress of Korea, okay?" Mr. Han and we said 'yes sir' in unison.

I quickly put my notebook and pen in my backpack and went to my next subject....

Timeskip - LUNCH TIME

Hoseok's P.O.V

"A-ah" as i thrust really hard while she is moaning a mess. "O-oppa m-more" she said, i growled and i smacked her ass . "Shut up you fucking slut" (they are in the janitor closet) i said keep smacking her ass. "s-so g-good" i turn her around making me and her face each Other. I keep thrusting into her nasty pussy and my hand is in her boobs massaging while my other hand is in her neck making her choke.

"i'm gonna cum" i said and i thrust very fast until i cum inside her. I pulled my dick and started fixing myself, leaving her in the janitor and went to the cafeteria


Yoongi's P.O.V

When i reach the cafeteria, my eyes landed to jhope... He's currently with fucking stupid nasty slut sitting in his lap... I want to cry but i have to be strong and i wish i was the one sitting his juicy thigh

As i went to buy lunch

Fucking hell they started gossiping about me😑

"Ewwwww he's so disgusting"

You're also a disgusting slut

"How can he enter this university its so expensive, ewwww he's poor and i bet he's being fucked by an old man hahahahah"

Oh please i got a scholarship and

I'm fucking more rich than you bitches

"he's not really fit here in our school"

You're the one who's not fitted here sucker

I rolled my eyes and continue walking to find an empty seat.

I took an empty seat in the side and started eating.

I saw a shadow infront of me causing me to stop eating. I looked up and saw my fucking bully and his minions. What do they want now, can't they give me peaceful. I looked at them in fear.

"Oy Where's our money?" My bully said while he's hand saying me to gave my money to them. "i-i don't have my money right now?" i say in stutter. "What do you mean you don't have?!" he shouted at me, making me flinched and everyone looked at us. "I-i-i promise i will give you the money with extra tomorrow" i said in fear.

"fine, make sure that you have the money tomorrow" he said and walk away followed by his minion. I secretly rolled my eyes. I can feel the stare of everyone, i immedialetly stand up and walked away not wanting to continue eat my lunch and listened those fucking stupid gossip.

I went outside the campus, i make an excuse in security saying there's an emergency and he let me. I call Edward telling to fetch me here in school

15 minutes later

I heard the honk and saw Edward. He take my bag and open door letting me in the car.

"Is mom and dad home?" I said. "No young master" he said and started the car. I said 'okay' to him.


Edward open the car door and I thank him. I quickly went inside straighting in my room. I took off my fake glasses and put in my nightstand and throw myself in my huge bed. I feel my eyes closed and I fall asleep.

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