Forever Mine | m.yg x j.hs

Chapter 2.5

Yoongi's P.O.V

i woke up and rub eyes, as i looked to my window and see its already night time. I look at my alarm 7:20 pm. I heard a knock in the door and i say 'come in' and the door opened revealing our butler "Good evening young master, your parents are already here sir" Sebastian our persona butler. "Tell mom and dad i'll be there in a minute" i said getting up in my bedroom and went to the bathroom i wash my face and change my clothes into my favorite kumamon pajama.

I went outside to my bathroom and went to downstair. I saw my mom & dad flirting each other. They're always like this whenever they alone. I fake cough to them causing turn to look at me, standing here. "Oh, Good evening Honey/ Yoonie bear" they both said in unison. "Good evening mom and dad" i said as i hug them and kissed their cheek. I took my seat facing mom while dad is seating in the cnter.

"Amanda , Rose" My mom called our two maids. I saw them heading in our dining area "Yes ma'am?" they both said. "Can you please prepare the dinner because our baby bear is hungry now" My mom said causing me to facepalm because of my nickname "Coming right up ma'am" Amanda said as they went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. As the food is here, we started eating our dinner "Dinner is so delicious just like you" he said and mom blushed

"Ewwwww no pda" i said and they both started laugh

"when you get a boyfriend son, you'll understand" dad said as he ruffled my hair.

'that's not gonna happened dad'

Ever Since i told to them about my sexuality of being gay, i thought they gonna abandoned me but i was wrong they accept me of being gay. I'm very glad that accept me


3rd P.O.V

Yoongi is currently in living room watching ONE PUNCH MAN (my favorite anime😆) while drinking his milk and eating cookies. (i'm craving cookies right now😂)

He looked at the time in his phone to see its already 9:00 pm, he watch 2 hours(?). He turn off the tv went to his room, he laid down on his bed, cuddling his kumamon bear. He played his phone for 1 hr. and went to sleep dreaming about hoseok (○゚ε゚○)

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