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The Bird Aviary (Doctor who)


The Doctor becomes bord with the Master's punishment. Will he be able to enjoy a nice day out with Missy or will his inpatients cause death and destruction for many incent people? {Disclaimer, I have a hard time with spelling and grammar. These stories have little editing done to them as I have a lot going on. The stories I plan on publishing will be edited better. I hope the poor grammar doesn't take away from these free stories and I hope you can enjoy them nonetheless.}

Scifi / Drama
Gaz R Galey
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Start writiMissy stood in the volt, her head backward as she tried to comb out her hair with one hand as she held onto the towel that draped around her with the other. Just then the door of the volt began to open. She glanced up to see it had only been the doctor with what looked like a few puzzle books in his hands. She ignored him and went back to what she was doing.

He took his jacket off placing it at the far end of the room. She didn’t speak until he set down. “You know it is considered rude to walked in on a lady when they are not fully dressed.” she was now trying to do something to manage all of her hair. Still not giving him her full attention.
The Doctor now emerged in the puzzle book. “Oh?” he said, forgetting for a moment that the Master was not a man in this regression. He looked up to see her shot him a look, he gave her a small smile ”oh, yeah, I forgot you’re a woman now.” an awkward silence as he tried to contemplate what to say next, why were women so difficult he thought. “Oh, come off it. We have known each other since we were eight. Don’t start pretending like any of this is a big deal now.”
She went back to trying to braid her hair but was clearly having trouble with it. The Doctor when back to the book. “What’s a twenty-nine letter word starting with an F and ending with an?”
She stopped messing with her hair for a moment to think. She looked off as she complained of an answer
“Is there not a clue?”
“Do you need it?” He asked still looking at the page.
Glaced off for a second, of course, she didn’t “well your looking straight at it and can’t figure it out.” but before he could answer she put her finger out for him to stop. She had a look in her eye “is it a word from earth?”
“ Got it, it’s floccinaucinihilipilification”
The Doctor examined his paper before answering. “It fits” and began to fill in his paper. He looks up long enough to see Missy still struggling with her hair. He watched her for a moment before putting the book down. “Do you need help?”
She straightens herself out and with a heavy sigh of relief “yes, there is so much of it” as she sits in front of him. He begins to brush and braid her hair. Not before long her hair was back up in a ponytail as she begins to dress. The Doctor went back to the puzzle book as she did this.
A moment later she set across from him with another one of the books in her hand. She hadn’t been sitting for more than five minutes before she threw the book on the table. First three puzzles completed. “I’m bored” she winced before letting her head fall back on the sofa.
The Doctor got up, walking to where his jacket lied.
“Where are you going? “ Missy set up right, watched him do this. “Don’t tell me you’re leaving, you just got here.” she would never admit it but she had found recently that being alone was almost unbearable for her. Ever since he tried to get her to help with the monks, the ghost of her past began to hunt her.
He began to put his jacket on. “I can’t sit here and listen to you complying. Nardole will be back in an hour with your stuff for the week.”
“Oh joy, I get to look forward to the eggs man. That’s not my idea of fun. Besides, how are you going to teach me how to be good if.” But she stopped what she was saying when he dropped her own Jacket on her lap.
“Well, if you really want to wait here for him, I’m not going to stop you.” He said this with a grin on his face as he looked down at her.
She sat there for a moment, frozen, unsure of what she should be doing as the Doctor began to walk off. Not wanting to miss her chance she jumped up to follow him.

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