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Through the Darkness


KongphopXArthit Sotus and all of its wonderful characters belong to BitterSweet. I'm just borrowing them to play with them. This story is edited by Grammarly only. Please, excuse my mistakes. Arthit breaks up with Kongphop for no apparent reason...after one year, the truth starts to emerge, can Kongphop handle it? Is it too late for him and Arthit be together once more?

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A New Start

“I wish to propose a toast to my beloved son, who had finally graduated. I’m proud of you, Kongphop. Cheers!”


Kongphop smiled brightly as his family drank in his honour. His family was gathered to celebrate his graduation from SSU; his father, mother, sisters, brothers-in-law, and his 8-year old niece.

Another phase in his life had started, and the newly graduated man was determined to pave for himself a bright and happy future.

“So, what are your plans now, Kong? Are you going to work or continue with your studies?” Asked his oldest sister’s husband.

“I heard that you are planning to study abroad. Is that true?” His other brother-in-law asked.

“I’ve changed my mind,” Kongphop replied with a smile. “I’m not going to study anymore.”

“Then, you will work?”

“Yes,” He replied.

“Why did you changed your mind about studying?”

“Because I won’t be able to leave you all behind!” Kongphop replied with a smile.

“If you want to work, then you can come and work in our factory this time.” His father suggested.

“Yes, father.”

“I think you should’ve continued your studies, Kong.” His second brother-in-law said.

“I think it’s better that he’s working.” His mother commented. “Now that you finished university, you should focus more on your social life.”

“My social life is fine, Mom,” Kongphop commented.

“By social life, she meant that you should start looking for a girlfriend…or more preferable a fiancée.” His older sister said.

“Don’t listen to them, Kong. You are still young. Enjoy your freedom while you still can before you are forever shackled with marriage.” His brother-in-law said.

“Excuse me?” His wife glared at him, causing him to clear his throat in embarrassment, causing the rest to laugh.

“Seriously though,” Mrs Suthiluck said in a solemn tone. “A young man your age should have a girlfriend already.”

“Maybe he does have one, but he’s hiding her from us!” His second older sister suggested.

“Is this true, Kong?” His oldest sister asked while his mother looked at him questioningly, waiting for his reply. Kongphop smiled nervously, not knowing what to say.

“Stop teasing your brother, you two.” His father intervened. “His personal life is his own, and if he doesn’t want to share it with us, then it’s his decision.”

Everyone stared at Mr Kerkkrai with surprise. It was the first time that he seemed to be annoyed with something. The silence lasted, but a minute before someone dropped a different topic, and the rest joined the conversation.

}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

It was at a late hour that Kongphop managed to retire back to his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door behind him, he took out his cell phone and dialled his boyfriend’s number, praying that the other man wasn’t fast asleep.

“Hey,” Kongphop smiled upon hearing Arthit’s sleepy voice on the other end.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“No. I just got into my bedroom. Dad insisted that I stayed with him, watching wrestling matches until a late hour every night.”

“Wrestling matches?” Kongphop wondered. “That’s a rather strange choice of sport.”

“I know. And he only watches the old WWE matches, the ones he had recorded a long time ago!” Arthit tsk-tsked. “He has already memorized them by heart, but he still insists on watching them over and over again.”

“Well, sometimes, it is comforting to do and watch what is familiar and known rather than trying new things, especially if that person is a creature of habit,” Kongphop said as he lay down on his bed.

“Aren’t you the philosophical one!”

Kongphop laughed in response.

“How was the celebratory dinner with your family? It was tonight, right?”

“Yes, it was great,” Kongphop replied. “My sisters and their husbands were here, as well as my niece. The truth is my mom wanted to throw a big party and invite all my uncles, aunts and cousins, but I managed to change her mind.”

Arthit laughed softly in response. “Why? Unlike me, you don’t have a problem dealing with large groups of people.”

“You? You have a problem dealing with a large group of people?” Kongphop asked teasingly. “Nonsense! I think you can handle people pretty well, Mr Head Hazer. You did manage to handle all of us during our first year!”

“You all drove me crazy!”

Kongphop laughed. “Anyhow, to answer your question, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with all of my relatives. Besides, no matter how many people are around, if you aren’t beside me, I won’t be happy.”

Silence fell upon the other end of the phone, and Kongphop could almost see his boyfriend biting his rosy lips, then pressing them in annoyance, rolling his eyes, before the tips of his ears start to turn red, and he began to scratch his nose, then…. Kongphop smiled widely when he heard Arthit’s soft irritated mutter across the line. “Tacky!”

“I love you too, P’Arthit.”

Arthit cleared his throat but said nothing for a while.

“Umm…I told my dad,” He suddenly spoke.

“About what?”

“About us.”

Kongphop’s eyes widened in surprise. They had discussed how to tell their parents about their relationship, but they hadn’t set a specific date or time to do that; besides, Kongphop always thought that he would be the first, between them, to tell his parents, seeing how his boyfriend was still uncomfortable when talking about their relationship to others. Arthit really astonished him by announcing their relationship to his father first.

“Oi! Kongphop! Where did you go?” Kongphop snapped out from his thoughts at Arthit’s annoyed voice.

“I’m sorry,” He said, “I… uhmmm, I didn’t think you would tell him now.”

“I didn’t intend to do so,” The older man replied. “But he was nagging me to find a girlfriend, so I kind of blurted out that I already have a boyfriend.”

“And how did he take it?”

“I would say rather well.”


“Yeah. Sure, he hadn’t expected it, and it was obvious that he wasn’t thrilled about the fact that his only child is gay, but after talking and convincing him that this is where my true happiness lies, he promised to try to understand. My dad and I are buddies, you know.”

“I’m glad that your father understood,” Kongphop said quietly.

“Oh, I suggested that he should meet you, but he seemed a little uncomfortable at the idea.”

“We will talk about this later on, okay?”




“Does your true happiness really lie with me?” he asked teasingly.

Arthit let out a choking sound before he started to mutter, annoyed. “Who said my true happiness lies with you?! I wasn’t talking about you when I said that to my father.”

Kongphop simply smiled. “Of course, you weren’t.”

“Go to bed. It’s late.”

“Yes, P’Arthit.”

“Good night!”

“Good night. I love you.”

“……I love you too.”

With that, the two hung up.

Kongphop lowered his cell phone from his ear and threw it next to him. His eyes stared blankly into space as he lost himself in deep thoughts.

Telling his family about his relationship with Arthit…

He had thoroughly thought about this matter hundreds of times, yet he still couldn’t find a way to open this subject in front of his parents. He is very honest and frank whenever he talked to his parents or his sisters. His father had raised them to always to speak their minds; however, Kongphop found himself unable to speak up about this particular matter with either of his parents.

His father would be easy to talk to and explain his relationship, but he wasn’t sure how his mother would take the news.

Kongphop sighed deeply. Arthit had already beat him to it and told his father, even if it was in the spur-of-the-moment, and he should follow suit very soon, right? Though his boyfriend didn’t exactly ask him to, but since one side of their two families knew, then the other should as well.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Kongphop decided to postpone thinking about this matter to another time.

}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

The next morning, Kongphop went downstairs to the dining room and found his parents already there.

“Good morning, Dad, Mom!” he greeted as he joined them at the table.

“Good morning, dear. Did you sleep well?” Mrs Suthiluck asked kindly.

“Yes, thank you.” He replied before looking at his father. “Dad, after breakfast, can I have a moment with you?”

“Can it wait till when I come back from work, Son?” His father said as he stood up from the table. “I need to go to the factory, or you can come with me, and we’ll talk there?”

“No.” His mother said sternly before he could reply. “I need you home, Kong. Some of my friends are coming to congratulate you. You must be present and greet them.”

“Okay, Mom.” He said with a small smile before looking at his father. “It’s alright, Dad. It can wait until you return.”

Smiling encouragingly, his father nodded his head before bidding his wife and son goodbye and leaving.

}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

Kongphop felt his jaws hurt from all the smiling he had been doing. When his mother said he had to greet some of her friends, she failed to mention that it would be an all-day event and invited all of her friends, neighbours, and acquaintances. Not only that, but every woman had brought her daughter along who just happened to be single and around his age, and he was stuck with the duty of entertaining them.

Kongphop couldn’t help but remember his sister’s remark about his mother’s desire to set him up with a fiancée and wonder if this what his mother was trying to do.

“Hey, Kong, look, who’s here?” He snapped from his thoughts at his mother’s voice. Looking up, he saw his mother with one of their neighbours and a very close friend of her, Mrs Chansungnoen, and a step behind her was her daughter and his childhood playmate, Mayuree, who turned out to be a beautiful young woman.

“Mrs Chansungnoen,” he greeted respectfully. “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Oh, just look at you! you have grown into a fine young, handsome man, Kong.” Mrs Chansungnoen exclaimed. “Congratulations on your graduation.”

“Thank you.”

“You still remember Mayuree, right?”

“Of course. How are you doing, Mayuree?” He asked.

“I’m fine, thank you, Kong. Congratulations.” Mayuree said gently as she smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Ooooh! You youngsters!” Mrs Chansungnoen almost swooned. “Seeing you like this makes me wish I was young again.”

“We’ll leave the two of you to catch up with each other, okay?” Without waiting for a reply, his mother pulled away from them with her friend, leaving Kongphop alone with Mayuree.

He smiled politely as the two stood in complete silence for a few moments before he offered Mayuree a stroll in the garden, which she accepted.

}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

“So, what do you think?” Mrs Suthiluck asked as soon as the last of their guests left.

“About what?” Kongphop asked.

“Well, about all the young women you’ve met today,” his mother said. “Frankly, I think that Mayuree is the most suitable person for you. You are childhood friends, you already know each other’s likes and dislikes, she’s a very accomplished young woman, and you two seem so perfect together a while ago.”


“I know. I know. You are about to start working,” his mother interrupted. “But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least go out with her on dates from time to time…you know, make her know that you are interested in her.”

“Mother, I—”

“Good evening,” His father entered, cutting their conversation. “Did you throw a party?”

“Good evening, Dad.” Kongphop greeted. “Mom invited some of her friends.”

“I hope you enjoyed it.” His father said, smiling understandingly. “Dinner?”

“Will be ready in a moment, dear.”

“Dad, can I talk to you?”

“After dinner, son.”


}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

Kongphop picked up his phone and checked the screen. Arthit had called twice and sent 5 messages. Kongphop smiled. It was a development for his boyfriend to send that many texts in one day on his own. Dialling the older man’s number, Kongphop waited patiently until Arthit picked up.


“Hey to you,” Kongphop said.

“Where were you all day? I called and texted you many times,” Arthit asked.

“I’ve been entertaining my mother’s friends all day long.”

Arthit laughed gloatingly.

“Don’t laugh!” The younger man said. “She was trying to set me up with one of their daughters.”

Arthit was silent for a long time before he spoke. “So, what? Why would I care if you ended up with some high-class girl, anyway?”

Kongphop chuckled. “Then, you aren’t jealous like the time when you thought I was dating Prae?”

“I wasn’t jealous!”

“Yeah, sure. So, what have you been doing all day?”

“Well, I slept until a late hour, played some basketball with some of my neighbours, and now I’m having dinner with my dad.”

“Okay, you win.”

“I’m talking to Kongphop, dad,” He heard his lover saying.

“Do you want to talk to him, Kong?” Arthit asked. “Dad, would you like to talk to Kongphop?”

“P’Arthit, no, please.”

“Why not?”

“Because our first meeting shouldn’t be over the phone. It’s improper,” Kongphop said. “I should meet him in person.”

“Yeah, yeah. The ever Mr. good-mannered Prince.”

Kongphop laughed. “Are you still sore about this?” he asked.

“Who is sore? In your dreams! Why should I be sore?”

“Really? How is P’Pakka, by the way?”

“Kongphop, don’t rub it in!”

“Well, then,” Kongphop said with a laugh. “I’ll leave you to enjoy your dinner with your father. Bye.”


}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

For the first time in his life, Kongphop was feeling very impatient that he gulped his food in great haste, wanting to clear his plate as fast as possible. He kept glancing at his father, praying that he would finish eating quickly too.

When his father put down his utensils and rose, Kongphop quickly jumped on his feet as well.

“Father,” he called, reminding him that he wanted to talk.

“Okay, son,” His father smiled warmly. “Let’s wash and go to my office.”

Kongphop smiled and nodded.

“Kongphop,” his mother held his arm as he was about to walk away. “Tell your father about Mayuree,” She encouraged.


“I’m not asking you to marry her now,” she said. “Just tell your father that you want to go out with her. You can decide whether she’s good for you or not once you know her better.” With that, she released him.

}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

Kongphop sat in front of his father in his office room in complete silence, nervously rubbing his hands together, something that was very odd of him. He had always been able to tell anything and everything to his parents, especially his father, then why can’t he seem to find the right way to open the subject he desperately wanted to talk to his father about?

How did Arthit manage to tell his father? Even blurting it out couldn’t be that easy!! And considering that it was his usually tight-lipped boyfriend—

“Son, is something bothering you?” His father’s tender voice snapped him from his thoughts. “You know you can tell me anything that is on your mind, Kong,” The old man added gently.

“I know, Dad,” He said before taking a deep breath; his hands clutched into tight fists.

“Dad,” he said, straightening up his back and locking his eyes with his father’s. “I’m in love with someone!”

Mr Kerkkrai laughed softly at his son’s announcement. “This is the important thing that you have wanted to tell me since this morning and been sweating like a guilty child for the past half-hour?” He smiled gently. “There is no need for all this worry, Kong. It pleases my heart that you’ve found someone you love. And I take it isn’t one of the girls your mother had invited today?”

Kongphop nodded. “It’s someone I met at the university.”

“Ummm…I see. Are you together?” Kongphop nodded. “How long?”

“Four years,” Kongphop replied.

“It is serious, then,” Mr Kerkkrai commented, eyeing his son intensely.

“Yes,” Kongphop ran his hand through his hair. “It is. It’s where my true happiness lies.”

“From a wealthy family?”

Kongphop shook his head.

“Well, that would disappoint your mother a little, but she’ll get over it when she sees how happy this person makes you.”

“Well,” Kongphop bit his lower lip nervously as he said hesitantly. “The truth is there is something else about this person that I’m afraid it would cause you to object to our relationship.”

“Kong, I trust your judgement, and if this person makes you happy, then that’s enough for me to give you two my blessing. Besides, I think that he’s a fine and honest young man.”

Kongphop stared at his father, stunned with utter astonishment.

Mr Kerkkrai couldn’t suppress his laugh at his son’s shocked expression.

“You don’t honestly think that I don’t know anything about your life, just because you’ve been away from home for four years.”

“But how? When? How!”

“It was a little after you finished your internship in Ocean Electric. I sent one of my assistants to fetch some paperwork from the company, and it happened that she saw a certain video in which that young man was confessing his relationship with you in front of all the company’s workforce.”

Kongphop chuckled embarrassedly, remembering that beautiful night when his brave and shy lover stood in front of all of his colleagues and seniors, declaring their relationship to them. His lips curved into a fond smile at the memory before it suddenly disappeared and was replaced by another shocked expression. He looked up at his father. “Did you see that video?”

“Of course. It was rather amusing…” His father said. “He is indeed a fine young man. I told you that even before I knew that the two of you were involved.”

“Does mother know?”

“No,” His father said with a sigh. “It wasn’t my place to show it to her without your approval, and I don’t think she will take it well.”

“Are you disappointed?”

Mr Kerkkrai shook his head. “As I said, your happiness is more important to me than anything else in the world. And I’ve seen your smile in that video. It was a genuine smile of pure happiness.”

“Thank you, dad,” Kongphop said. “And I must tell mom soon.”

“Definitely,” His father nodded understandingly. “And I’ll be by your side when you do.”

}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

Kongphop lay on his bed with a light heart after talking to his father. He was happy that his father had accepted Arthit and their relationship and had promised to help him deliver the news to his mother.

The young man sighed. His mother would be disappointed when she learned about his choice of a lover. However, he was confident that her desire to see him happy would eventually make her see that Arthit was his happiness.

Kongphop smiled slightly. Everything was going well in his life, and he was happy.

With that thought in his mind, Kongphop closed his eyes and dreamt of his happy future with the one his heart had chosen. Little did he know that his beautiful dream would soon turn into a nightmare…

}{ }{ }{ }{ }{

To Be Continued…

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