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❝ super rich kids with nothing but loose ends ❞ [ taekook au ] [ lowercase intended ] © TATTOOEDTAE - 2019

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in which jeon jungkook is a young boy who has more than he could ever need. with a sleek car that his daddy paid for, a cleanly mansion where he resides, as well as the most delicious food served on silver platters each night, he should be happy. but the confusing thing is, is that he isn't.

kim taehyung is a young boy from the other side of town; the shacks, the rich kids like to call it. he's caught up in a tangled web of violence, crime and depression because of his gang lifestyle that helps him to pay for the bills of a place that he doesn't like to call home. he doesn't have a home; a place where he can feel safe, comforted and at ease.

it's when the two drastically-different boys meet that they realise that the one thing they are both missing in life is love; both having grown up with parents that never provided the necessary comfort and care. but, soon, they find comfort in each other.


profanity, major fluff, violence, alcohol use, drug use, detailed smut, scenes that may be triggering.


this is a work of fiction, and it is set in an alternative universe. my intention is to not offend taehyung, jungkook or anyone else. all copyright goes to rightful owners. contains top!kook and bottom!tae. contains other ships within bts, including yoonmin and namjin.


this is dedicated to those who ships taekook as much as i do, as well as to anyone who is utterly in love with bts like i am.


I kim taehyung as HIMSELF

II jeon jungkook as HIMSELF

III park jimin as HIMSELF

IV kim namjoon as HIMSELF

V min yoongi as HIMSELF

VI jung hoseok as HIMSELF

VII kim seokjin as HIMSELF


I super rich kids - frank ocean, earl sweatshirt

II euphoria - bts

III i am you, you are me - zico

IV freak - lana del rey

V fuck it i love you - lana del rey

VI do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys

VII sanctuary - joji

VIII bloom - troye sivan


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