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Imagine of meeting Jungkook


You are just a normal Highschool girl with the name: Bo-hyun. After just drinking a coffee your whole life changed and nothing is anymore like it was...

Romance / Drama
Nami jooni x3
Age Rating:

The beginning

It’s Sunday, the 14th July 2013.

You are about to go to Wilma’s Coffee‘s, the old coffee shop in the near of your school. There you want to meet your friend Tony. But before you go there you need to find your keys. You have found them! So you are going out and drive with your bike to the coffee shop. You are waiting in the coffee shop. Your friend texted you that he couldn‘t come because he met‘s his other friends. Wow, so you aren‘t that important anymore and you are angry. But you are still ordering a Latte Macciato. You are sitting next to the coffee shops window and you are watching outside. For a moment you forgot how angry you are about your friend and see a little cat going down the street.

You need to go now, but there is still a little bit of coffee left. It’s okay, you are standing up and want to go to the waitress to give her the coffee cup. But before you could go to her somebody runs against you and your hole t-Shirt is filled with coffee stains. It’s so hot. But you are too confused to feel the pain. You want to look into the persons face, but the only thing you can see is the persons eyes and that he is a boy, because he is wearing a mask. After some minutes watching in each other’s eyes you finally recognized what just happend. And now you can feel the pain of the hot coffee on your skin. You begin to be angry and are yelling at him that he should say sorry to you. But instead of saying sorry he is running to the waitress and is coming back with napkins. Then he tries to clean your shirt. You start looking at him and suddenly you begin to look into each other's eyes. You feel something like you never felt before and you have the feeling that you know the Person but you are not sure. Suddenly, the boy with the beautiful eyes stops looking at you. Finally you start blinking again and then the boy went out the door. ,,Wtf is just happing,, you are thinking. And instead of saying sorry to you the boy just went. ...to be continued..

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