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Imagine of meeting Jungkook

Seconds, Days or just Years ?

It is the 16th July 2013.

You are at home and bored. You don‘t know what to do so you are going on YouTube. After a long time of scrolling on your YouTube you find a YouTube video which is called: [MV] (BTS (방탄소년단) – We Are Bulletproof Pt.2.

You wonder what that video is about and since there is standing MV it is clear to you that it must be a music video. But you've never heard of the group . You are attracted to the video and that's why you click on it. The only thing you can understand is: ,,(What) We are bulletproof,, But you don‘t really know if you like it or not. So you just listen to it a little bit. Now you watched for the 4th time and the people in the video seem familiar to you. You scroll a little bit down and you see that there is a video called: No more dream ~ BTS, which you have watched before. You watch it again and the one boy in the video seems very familiar to you. ,,Is it ?, could it be? are the only words in your mind...to be continued..

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