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LOVE OF MY LIFE ━ 𝘩𝘒𝘳π˜₯𝘻𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘰 βœ“


❝ love of my life, can't you see? ❞ [ hardzello one-shots ] [ lowercase intended ] © TATTOOEDTAE - 2019

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my valentine

this is really fluffy & cute so enjoy <3

word count: 1405

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ───



my gaze travelled across the hallways, my eyebrows furrowed while doing so. happy valentines day! banners read in obnoxious hot pink and blazing red font.

i sighed through my nose, my gaze dropping to my feet as i walked. another valentines day spent alone. whatever, i'm used to it.

opening my locker, my eyes widened in surprise when an envelope fell from it. what the fuck. was this some kind of prank?

i hesitantly dropped to my knees to pick it up, looking around in hopes of spotting the culprit. there was no one suspicious looking, just random people mindlessly walking passed that i couldn't name.

i studied the white envelope in my hands. it was blank, besides my name that was neatly written on the front. whoever sent me this has nice handwriting, i thought absentmindedly.

peeling the envelope open, i peered into it. a pale pink piece of paper was tucked inside and folded neatly. interesting.

i unfolded the piece of paper slowly, my eyes scanning across the page, reading the words written in marker.

dear joe,

be my valentine?

please meet me after school on the field, though i'll understand if you don't show up.

lots of love,


who the fuck? was this a joke? would this be a plan to humiliate me? would i show up to the field and be met with a camera crew?

i rolled my eyes, stuffing the paper back into the envelope. whoever was pulling this shit was an asshole. i really got my hopes up that it would be a love letter from a secret admirer but instead it was a stupid prank. or was it? maybe i did have a secret admirer who was going to finally confess their feelings to me? my mind wondered. oh, as if! get your mind out of the gutter, joseph!

heading to class, thoughts bounced off of the walls of my brain. who could it be? sure, it's probably a prank but who would pull it? i don't have friends who would pull this and i'm positive no one likes me...i mean, who would?

sitting in my seat at the front of the english class, i put my head into my hands. we had a test today. could this day get any worse?

when rowdy kids started piling into the class, my ears rang and my head pounded. could i get the fuck out of here?

"hello class," mr. sturnam greeted us in his usual monotone voice. kill me now.

two minutes into the class, i already had to stop myself from falling asleep and force my eyes to stay open. mr sturnam's robotic voice and the fact that i only had five hours of sleep last night really didn't help. this was going to be a long day.

i was interrupted from my daze when i felt something light-weight hit my head gently. turning around in confusion, i saw no one looking at me as all my peers were paying attention to the lesson. everyone wore looks of concentration on their faces. who the fuck threw something at me?

glancing down at the ground, i spotted what had hit me. it was a folded piece of paper. i picked it up hesitantly, and read what was messily scribbled onto it.

dear joe,

i'm assuming you think the note you received earlier is a joke, but please know it isn't. i really like you and i have for such a long time, so i decided to tell you today, on valentines day.

lots of love


my neck snapped behind me, a few people looking at me in confusion and wonder at my abrupt action. the person was in my class?!?!?! who was it? there was only roughly 30 people present, so i could maybe narrow it down to the culprit.

i was openly gay, but it still could be a girl who wanted to finally admit their feelings towards me though nothing would come from it. perhaps it was a boy, i thought while i studied the boys in my class.

matt james.

malakai johnson.

samuel wallace.

tyler frank.

ben hardy.

tony stewart.

jacob daniels.

george blake.

ethan jones.

jordan houston.

all of them were out of my league, even the ugly ones. though samuel, malakai and ben were especially out of my league. they were absolutely beautiful but sadly weren't gay (or at least not openly).

in fact, last year i used to have the biggest crush on ben. he's just so bloody pretty. blonde hair, blue eyes, big smile, muscular body. pretty indeed. i think i still like him...

sighing, i turned my gaze down to my desk to then drift in and out of sleep. i couldn't wait until the end of the day, only to see who it was. nothing would probably come of it.

─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ───

i cautiously trotted towards the field, biting my lip and fiddling with my hands nervously. fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

if it was a prank, i'd probably cry to be honest. i so was happy that someone liked me because that meant i was attractive in some way. even if it was a girl, i'd still be happy. but hopefully it was a boy. a cute boy.

my breath caught in my throat when i saw ben hardy sitting down on a bench under a tree, a bouquet of red roses in his hands. he seemed nervous, his leg bouncing up and down and his bottom lip bitten raw.

don't get your hopes up, i thought to myself. he's probably waiting for someone else. not you.

"joe!" he called out to me, surprising me. my eyes widened in realisation that he was in fact calling my name. was he was really here for me? what the fuck. i'm going to cry!

"h-hi," i stuttered as he ran up to me with a smile on his face. i stood frozen in shock, my gaze raking up and down his figure to make sure he was real. holy shitballs!

"thank you for coming, i didn't think you'd show up! but yeah, thanks," he rambled. "these are for you..." he handed me the red roses and i took them with a shaky hand, mumbling a small 'thank you'. "i know it would have been hard for you to decide whether or not you'd want to meet a stranger on the school fi-"

"is this a joke?" i whispered, rudely interrupting him though i couldn't help it. i had to know. please may this not be a joke, please may this not be a joke, i chanted in my head.

"what?" he asked shocked. "no! no of course not! i saw you read my note in class, i told you it wasn't a joke or a prank! i really like you joe, and i have for so, so fucking long..." he breathed out. he must have been happy to get that off of his chest as a look of relief covered his face.

i didn't reply, instead i just continued to look at him in shock, probably looking like a fucking idiot. "uhhhh," he mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

i snapped out of it.

"i'm sorry! i just-i just...i'm really shocked and surprised right now..."

"shocked and surprised in a good way?" he asked with a cheeky smile.

i giggled, a blush rising to my cheeks. "in a good way," i confirmed in a shy whisper.

"joe, i like you...a lot," he repeated, taking a step closer to me. he softly grabbed my left hand with his, rubbing his thumb across it softly.

"i like you too, ben...a lot." i admitted, feeling a weight lift from my chest at the words that poured effortlessly past my lips.

before i could utter another word, he brought his lips to mine in a tender and passionate kiss. my eyes fluttered shut, taking a shaky inhale of breath through my nose. i felt the hand that held the roses shake. this was really happening.

we pulled apart after a bit, taking deep intakes of air to catch our breaths. i felt my heart beat rapidly in my chest and i could hear the thump of it in my ears.

ben smiled softly before speaking up in a whisper, "joe...will you be my valentine?"

"yes...i will," i replied before capturing his lips with mine again.

he was my valentine.

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