Flames of Heart


A Blaziken saved from a certain death by another trainer named Shawn. He has taken care of her for 2 years and she wants to repay him with love as Shawn deeply cares for her as well but struggles.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Love Inbound

(Shawn is a young and rich retired Pokémon trainer and gave all of his Pokémon to his little brother and to become a Pokémon trainer. He retired and became a speed paint artist and sold art along the way.)

("It's been two years since I rescued Phoenix, my beloved Blaziken from a certain death.")


Night time…

2 years ago…

("It was cold winter night in North Lumiose City in my Silverado driving home down the road until I stumble upon a trainer kicking a Blaziken down. She was bruised and bleeding badly with a blood trail. I got out of my truck before he could do worse.")

Shawn jumps out of his truck and runs to the abusive trainer. He grips on his shoulders, pulls away from him and punched him in the face giving him a bloody nose and a black eye and he passed out. Then he turns him on his stomach and cuffed his hands then throws him into the truck.

"I'll deal with you later!" says Shawn. Then he ran to help the Blaziken. As he approaches her he sees a blood trail with a few bruises and she was breathing heavily badly.

"Oh no he beat you badly and you're getting hypothermia. I need to get you to the Pokémon center quick!" says Shawn

He picks up the Blaziken and carry's her into the truck as quickly as he could. As he put her in he covered her with his trench coat and jumped into the driver the seat and drove off as fast as he could. She opens her blurry eyes and sees him driving and other one tied up she could barely keep her eyes and she was starting to fall into a coma.

Shawn tries to keep her awake as long as he can. "Hey, come on now. Stay with me." says Shawn

He finally arrives to the Pokémon center and carries the Blaziken inside to the center.

Shawn calls out for help. "I need help over here, please!" says Shawn

Nurse Joy and two nurses Audino's came over to assist. "What happen?" Nurse Joy asks

"She was brutally beaten by an abusive trainer." Shawn replies

Nurse Joy examines her condition. "It looks like she needs to go to immediate Surgery right now!"

"Will she be okay, Nurse Joy?" Shawn asks

"She'll be fine." Nurse Joy replied

Shawn stopped Nurse Joy and wanted to her something and hands her a paper. "Wait… before you go. Here's my number you call me if anything changes, okay? I have to do something but I'll be back."

Nurse Joy nodded her head and ran to the surgery room to prepare. Shawn grabbed his coat and his hat and runs back to his truck and drives off to the find the police station. The trainer starts to wake up and sees Shawn driving to the Police Station and wonders.

"Where are we?" Trainer asks

"We're at the Police Station you sick bastard. Get up!" Shawn grabs the trainer by the arm and dragged into the Station and brought him to Officer Jenny.

"Officer, I would like to report an abusive brutal assault on a Pokémon by this trainer." Shawn asks

"Okay, tell me what happen."

"I was driving tonight and I find this bastard brutally beating down a Pokémon. She's at the Pokémon center now."

"It's a good thing that you got there in time. As for you you're under arrest for brutally assaulting a Pokémon." As Shawn watches the trainer gets taken away his phone started to ring and see's the caller. It was the Pokémon Center.

Shawn answers. "Hello. Okay, I'll get over there now." Shawn hangs up and returns to his truck and drives back to the Pokémon Center as fast as he could. He arrives back to the Center and sees Nurse Joy standing at the emergency door and Shawn runs up to her and asks.

"Is she okay?" Shawn said in anxiety

Nurse Joy tries to explain in a calm matter. "She's stabilized for now but we won't know for sure until she wakes up from her coma. She was badly beaten there's nothing else we can do for now." Shawn went to sit down her room looking sad down to the floor waiting for her to wake up.

("It has been a week since I've seen her awaken and still waiting until she wakes up until one morning she finally reawakens from her coma for a week.")

Her eyes open very slowly but her vision was slightly blurry as she tries to regain her eye sight. She finally regains her eye sight and see's the trainer that helped her in need. Shawn sighed in relief

As she was eating breakfast "Thank you for helping me, Trainer. If you hadn't shown up I've would have been dead right now."

"No problem and its Shawn by the way."

"Okay… Shawn." She giggles

"Can I… call you Phoenix?" Shawn asks

"Yes, I like that."

"Okay… Phoenix." They both giggled at the same time at each other.

(Shawn's thinkinh) "I don't know why I feel this way about her. It's… like… I have a connection with her for some reason."

Nurse Joy arrives to check up on the Blaziken on her condition. "I see you're awake now."

"So, Nurse Joy how is she so far?" Shawn asks

"Well with all the beating she took she'll need another week to fully heal her wounds. Nurse Joy answers; "You can still come visit her and Shawn may I speak with you please?" Nurse Joy asks

"Sure. Don't worry I'll take care of you." Said Shawn while comforting her

As Nurse Joy leaves the room and Shawn decides to leave as well. "I'll come back and visit you tomorrow okay?"

"Okay." Shawn leaves and meets up Nurse Joy and has decent conversation.

"I've had a great conversation with… uh… what did you call her?" Nurse Joy asks

"I called her Phoenix."

"Yes, my female intuition says she wants to be more than just good friends and I sense it from you too."

"Yeah, I always felt that there was some chemistry there."

"There is. It's in her body language how she turns to you when you entered the room, how she watches your every move. How much you care for her."

"Thanks for letting me know." As Shawn leaves

"No Problem."

("I came back every day for the past week checking on Phoenix to see if she was okay. Until the week passed she was finally able to the leave the Pokémon Center with me.")

"Okay, Phoenix you are free to go home now. You come back anytime now you hear?"

"We sure will Nurse Joy." Shawn and Phoenix jump into the truck and drove off to his house. On the way back he sees Phoenix looking mopey staring at the sky sad and Shawn wanted to know what was wrong.

"Phoenix, are you okay?" Shawn asks "You can tell me anything."

Phoenix tears starts to fall from her eyes. "No. No I am not. I felt so weak I would've kicked his ass… I could have…" Phoenix said as she sobbed

"No, don't talk like that. You're not weak to me and you never were at all. You're safe with me and what I saw hit me right in the heart seeing you like this. I will do everything I can for you."

Phoenix wipes her eyes. "Thanks Shawn. That means a lot to me."

"Sure Phoenix. By the way were here. Welcome to my home."

As they arrive she was shocked of the size of his modern house and how beautiful it was. She couldn't wait to go inside the house. Shawn parks in the driveway as Phoenix gets a good look at the house.

"Well this is it Phoenix. Welcome."

"Wow, how could you buy a house like this?" Phoenix asks and out of curiosity

"Well I've been in the Pokémon leagues for 6 years and I have ¥5,000,000 plus the jobs I work in."

"Wow, that's amazing."

Night time fell at the house and it was time go to bed for Shawn and Phoenix and Shawn was just getting out of the shower. Phoenix was wondering to Shawn.

"Shawn, where do I sleep?" Phoenix asks "There's no spare bedroom."

"You can sleep in my bed. Are okay with that?"

"I'm fine with that." Shawn and Phoenix started to look gazing at each other for one second and looked away from each other blushing.

"Well… (Cough) we should… uh… get to bed. Don't you think?" Shawn stammers while blushing.

"Yes, of course."

Shawn and Phoenix jump into bed covering themselves in their blanket and turning off the lights and turned around facing each other. Before Phoenix fell asleep she told Shawn one thing.

"Thank you for taking me in Shawn."

"No problem." Shawn replies

(Shawn's thought) "I think we're going to get along just fine."

2 years later…

Morning at Lumiose City…

("After two years of my life with Phoenix has been great. It's nice to have someone around with me again. But what happen to the abusive trainer I thought. Well… he died in Prison from a riot I knew he couldn't make it through a life like that. At least that's what I heard.")

Phoenix wakes up and see's Shawn is not in bed. She gets out of bed and hears music coming from downstairs so she walks down stairs to find him and spots him making breakfast with eggs and bacon with toast. She couldn't stop staring at Shawn's muscles and his abs from his head to toe she was starting to get aroused by him until Shawn spotted her at the corner and Phoenix came out.

"Morning, Phoenix. I see you're finally up."

(Yawning) "Good morning, Shawn."

"Can you make me an omelet?" Phoenix asks

"Sure." Shawn replies

As Phoenix was waiting for her breakfast Shawn's music on his phone on the stand started playing Mr. Probz – "Waves" (Rotor & Lewis Edit). Shawn started to dance along with the song and sang along with it.

"Drifting away, wave after wave, wave after wave."

Phoenix starts to laugh at his bad dancing but still can't stop staring at his muscular body as she starts to get aroused again and grabbed her own crotch as she bites down on her finger breathing heavily she is trying not to show herself.

"Okay, it's ready."

She stopped suddenly before he could look and handed her breakfast.

"I love what you did to the omelet. What's in it?" Phoenix asks

"Well I know you're a fire type so I put spicy pepper and some hot sauce. When it comes to cooking I know my way around."

"It's good. It's really good."

After breakfast Shawn was sitting around watching a game show on TV then Phoenix approaches Shawn behind him grabbing his shoulders and placing her large breasts on his head while scratching his cornrowed hair and asks Shawn.

"What are you watching?" Phoenix asks

"I'm just watching some dumb game show. Shawn replies "Hey, what do you want to do today?" Shawn asks Phoenix

"I was thinking of checking out the new club on the South side of the city. Interested?" Phoenix asks

"I like that. Let's check it out tonight."

Phoenix jumps over the couch and fell into Shawn's lap as once again they start to gaze into each other's eyes. Shawn couldn't stop staring at her very busty body and Shawn decide to make it straight forward.

"Phoenix… we've been living together for two years now and I… want to…" said Shawn while stammering

"Yes, Shawn?" Phoenix looks at him and tries to understand what he is saying but he tries to go for it again.

"How about instead of going as friends maybe we can go… as a date?"

Phoenix blushed as her eyes look away and started to hold his hand. "Yeah I like that." As they continue to watch TV phoenix also had a thought about this.

(Phoenix's thought) "Is my true moment about to finally happen? I can finally love him with all my heart and soul."

Night time fell…

Shawn was fixing his tie while Phoenix was in the bathroom putting her make up on. Shawn was wondering if she was ready.

"Phoenix, are you ready to… uh…" Shawn sees Phoenix in her dark blue night out strapless dress exposing her back as looked down to her hips looking at her large ass.

"I'm almost ready, Shawn. So how do I look?" Phoenix asks

"Uh…" Shawn was speechless by her looks. "You look great in that dress."

"Thanks. You look stunning with that on even if it's just a tie."

"Thanks, Phoenix. Alright let's go."

They both leave the house and Shawn pulled his Mercedes Benz out his garage but Phoenix never knew he had a second car.

"Shawn, I never knew you had a second car?" Said Phoenix wondering

"Wait I didn't tell you? I'm sorry I didn't remember to tell you."

Shawn starts his car and drives off down the road to the city. On the way to the city Phoenix was excited to go to the club so was Shawn as well. They finally reached to the club and Shawn opened the door for Phoenix.

"What a gentlemen." Phoenix says

"Well I aim to please." Phoenix hooks her arms around his and walks inside to the club. Shawn and Phoenix walk up to the bar and asked for drinks.

"Let us drink to the night until it kills us." Said Shawn

"I'll drink to that." They both toast to their drinks and drunk at the same. Until the DJ started to play Pendulum – "Fasten Your Seatbelt" (featuring The Freestylers) and Phoenix was happy when it came up.

"Shawn this is my favorite song. Let's dance."

Phoenix grabs Shawn's arm and dragged him to the dance floor and they started dancing casual. Shawn looked at her having fun then she cleared it for him to break dance on the floor. He did twirls, kicks and the shuffle.

"You've got some moves Shawn."


Later on in the dance he grabbed her hips as she wraps her arms on the back of his neck as they both swing their hips as they continue to dance.

2 hours later…

They were on the way home and Phoenix fell asleep and Shawn smiled as he looked at her. They reached home and carried Phoenix to the bedroom onto bed. He covers her with the blanket and takes off his clothes and goes take a shower. Phoenix wakes from her slumber from hearing the running water in the bathroom see's Shawn so she takes off her dress walks into the bathroom.

"May I join you?" Phoenix asked sacredly

"Yes, but you're a fire type." Shawn said doubtfully

"Yes but totally worth it."

Phoenix takes off her bra and underpants and joins Shawn in the shower and closed the curtain behind her. Phoenix finds the water very warm the way she liked it Shawn looked from top to bottom of her beautiful busty body, wet from the water and soap on her fur as she washes her labia Shawn couldn't resist any longer then Phoenix had a secret couldn't hold anymore.

"Shawn? I've been… hiding something from you for long time. What you said to me two years ago really means a lot to me. I felt so alone for a long time no friends, family or even someone to love. Ever since you told me that I've been having strange feelings for you but if you don't have feelings for me I understand if you want somebody else."

Phoenix starts to sheds tears and cries for a little bit and Shawn try to comfort her while wiping her eyes and lifting her head. "No Phoenix I've been having feelings for ever since we've met. I've been holding it because I didn't think you have any interests in me. Look all I'm trying to say is that… I… I… I love you… with all my heart."

"I love you too Shawn." Said Phoenix while sniffling

Phoenix and Shawn hugged each other and start to shed tears together as they lay on each other's forehead as they rubbed each other's backs. Shawn can feel her body getting warm as close as they are. They gazed into each other's eyes and Phoenix grabs with both claws on the back of his head and pulled in for the most romantic kiss he has ever had. Shawn was totally shocked at first but closed his eyes went along with it and grabbed her slim hips. Then they began to wrapping each other tongues roughly huffing and puffing hot breath into each other mouths and stopped for one moment for a breath of air.

"I've waited a long time for this, Phoenix." Said Shawn while panting

"I have too." Said Phoenix while panting

Phoenix began to go lower to his crotch as Shawn's cock started to get hard and stiff as she starts to rub it slowly. She starts to rub the tip as Shawn starts to moans and groans and suddenly she slipped her claw nail inside his urethra as he gasped and enjoyed it and she starts to stroke it his cock with her claw slowly but hard. She doesn't know how big it is because of the steam from the shower she couldn't see but that didn't stop her.

Shawn starts to call out to Phoenix. "Phoenix! Yes, Phoenix! Oh yes!" She pulls out her finger and continues to pump his cock.

"I'm about to blow!" said Shawn while panting faster

Until he finally blew his juices all over her face with her beak open. All of his cum was dripping from the tip of her beak and inside of her beak. Phoenix was shocked how much came out of him as the water washes her beak.

"That… was amazing, Phoenix Said Shawn while panting. "Now let's go to bed shall we?"

"Okay." As Shawn and Phoenix walked out of the bathroom they put new clothes on and walked to bed together. They covered each other and Phoenix cuddle with him as Shawn wrapped his arms around her and both fell asleep happily.

The Next Morning…

Phoenix wakes up and sees him with breakfast tray in his hand. "Here you go Phoenix breakfast in bed."

Shawn handed her breakfast and she started eating and asks "What's the occasion?" said Phoenix while eating

"This is for us. For us to have a new start with our lives together but not as friends. More of how much we love each other." They both kiss with each other's hot air breath. "I'll see you downstairs, okay?"

"Okay, but why?" Phoenix asked curiously

"Don't worry you'll see." Shawn leaves the bedroom while Phoenix was over excited but still wondering what is going to happen.

After Phoenix finished her breakfast she walks downstairs to the garage and sees him in the truck. "Come on get in." Phoenix jumps into the truck drives off to up the mountain trail to the top with only one tree and reached to the top and Phoenix was wondering.

They get out of truck "Where are we, Shawn?" Phoenix asks curiously

"Phoenix... this is my hiding spot where I want to clear my mind from my stress. I've never showed anyone because it would ruin my quiet place to think but now I want it to be our place where our love can expand.

"It's beautiful up here." Said Phoenix while staring into the distance

"I have something for you in the back. Come with me."

Phoenix was swayed and followed him to the back and sees him holding a black box in his hand and she wonders.

Shawn hands her the box. "What it is?" Phoenix asks curiously

"Open it and see." Phoenix opens the box and sees a Heart Infinity Necklace and was very shocked and started tearing up in her eyes.

"It's beautiful, Shawn. Thank you." Said Phoenix while sniffling and crying

She hugs him harder than usual and Shawn hugged her back and kissed her on forehead and Phoenix puts on the necklace and asks.

"What does the infinity mean?" Phoenix asks

"It means our love shall keep going until the day we die. Nothing stands in our way and nothing will stop our love ever."

Shawn and Phoenix kissed very passionately and stopped for one moment whispers to Shawn. "If I want to be with you; I want it to be for real. I want to grow old with you."

"I want to grow old with you too." said Shawn repeating Phoenix. They continued to kiss down until she pinned him down flat and accidentally turned on the radio was playing "Clint Mansell – I was lost without you" as they both blushed.

"Let this be our song Shawn."

They continue to kissed until Phoenix removed his shirt and undid his pants as she slowly and firmly rubbed his entire chest. Then she took off her tank top and threw it into the truck the window along with her bra and started to rub her body as Shawn looked at her slim, sexy and curvy body from the lower waist. She started to lick his chest downwards until she reached his crotch and she was shocked of how large it was but she didn't mind and started stroking his cock until it became stiff and hard. She tries to suck it but can't because of her beak and became sad.

"What's wrong Phoenix?" Shawn asks

"I can't use my beak without biting you." Said Phoenix very sadly

"Okay, then use your tongue instead." So her tongue starts to wrap around his cock and started sucking him off as Shawn gasped and holds her head down.

(Groaning and grunting) "Besides… this is… better."

She starts to stroke her tongue faster until he climaxed a creampie into her mouth down her throat. She wiped off the semen off her lips with her tongue very seductively and looked up to him. "Mm Shawn you cream is very warm. Good thing you have me around. The fun part starts." Said Phoenix says seductively

Phoenix pulls herself up back to Shawn and took off underpants except her miniskirt and grabbed his hard but wormy cock and made it stiff again for another around. But the look on her face she was blushing and scared at the same and Shawn was worried about Phoenix.

"Wait, Phoenix. Are you okay because you look scared or something?" Said Shawn worried

"Well… it's my first." Phoenix says very disappointed

Shawn lifts Phoenix chin and tries to comfort her. "Don't be sad. I'll try to be gentle okay?"

"Really, okay." Phoenix slowly and carefully inserts his cock into clitoris inch by inch. Phoenix starts eyes to tear up in pain as blood starts to drip a trail a bit and it was big for her as she grips hard on his back stabbing him in the shoulders. Shawn was a bit in pain but he was fine with this until she fully inserted it into her slot in a squatting position and takes a slow start as she holds Shawn.

"It hurts Shawn. It really hurts." Said Phoenix in pain

"Do you want me to stop?" Shawn asks

"No, I want to get it out of me! And I want to you fill me with your juices!" Said Phoenix very desperately

"Okay." Phoenix continues thrusting herself until she turned around and lie down on her stomach and spread her slot and showed him the inside breathing in and out. Shawn inserts his cock and continues to thrust down into her and wonders if he is hurting her.

"Phoenix, am I hurting you?" Shawn asks worried

"Yes, but it feels so good. Don't stop!" Said Phoenix moaning passionately

As so Shawn still continues to thrust into her. She started to feel less pain and more pleasure until they were almost ready to climax.

(Grunting) "It's … coming up!"

(Yelling and moaning passionately) "Yes, fuck me harder until it all comes out baby!"

(Grunting) "Here it comes! Unh…"

They continued to thrust until they climaxed at the same time as squished out everything into her slot. And she squirted her first time as he pulls his cock slowly dripping and leaving a long trail. They relaxed under their blanket as she cuddles and her body temperature starts to cool down for a little bit.

"Your cum is so warm Shawn." Said Phoenix seductively as she wipes with her two fingers

"That was amazing… but are you sure you're okay?" Shawn asks but worried

"Yeah I'll be fine, just need to rest for now." As she falls asleep and moaning in her sleep

As Shawn looks up into the sky "This has the greatest night ever for me and Phoenix." Then Shawn falls asleep with Phoenix wrapped around each other into the night.

2 days later…

The next morning…

Phoenix walks downstairs a little shaken up from their excitement from 2 days ago. Shawn was worried about her.

"Are you okay, Phoenix?" Shawn asks "You don't seem well since that excitement that you took." Said Shawn worried

"I'm fine a little shaken up but fine."

"Okay. I was thinking today we relax on a sunny day at the beach near the waterfronts just to relax."

"Yeah, I would like that. I'll get my best bikini that I just bought." Phoenix walks back to the bedroom and packs her new bikini for the trip. Shawn grabs a towel, an umbrella and his sunglasses.

Minutes later. Shawn and Phoenix were ready and headed towards the garage and pulls out his red Kawasaki ninja ZX-10 R and Phoenix never knew about this either.

"When are you going to tell about your cars?" Said Phoenix frustrated

"Sorry about that." Shawn starts his motorcycle puts his helmet on as Phoenix wraps her arms around his waist drove off into the sunrise. They've reached the beach then went to the dresser rooms and put on their bathing suits. Shawn was the one to come out first in his shorts then Phoenix comes out in her two-piece suit as Shawn looks at her body shaped like an hourglass down to her feet and he was stuck in an "awe" position Phoenix was posing for him and asks.

"What do you think Shawn?" Said Phoenix while posing

"I… uh… uh…" Said Shawn while stuttering

"I know you're speechless."

"Come on let's have fun." Said Shawn while dragging her

They place their stuff on the beach as Phoenix sunbathes and takes out a bottle of lotion and asks Shawn. "Can you put some lotion on my back, please?"

"Sure." He rubs his hands together and started to wipes her slim back up and down and had a thought for a second. He drags her into the water but she was afraid of the water and feels the water.

"The water is too cold Shawn." Said Phoenix very scared

"Don't worry it's not so bad. Come on in the water's fine." Shawn takes Phoenix's hand firmly as she walks slowly into water.

"Well it's not so bad." Said Phoenix very calmly

"Good I hope you like water because prepare to get wet!"

Shawn splashes in her face as her nipples start to harden and stick out as the suit sinks in with water. Shawn laughed while Phoenix was soaked and decide give some payback.

"You are so going to get it." Phoenix splashes back at him as Shawn did and laughed together as they continued. Later on in the day they built a sandcastle and took a picture together then they went to an ice cream shop and ordered a sundae with two straws as they drank together a drop of ice cream fell on his nose and she licks it off as they continued feeding each other. Night time fell and they see a party going down on the beach and thought of joining in and they did as they danced into the moon light while Modjo – "Lady" (Hear Me Tonight) was playing and ended the day with them walking together under the night sky with the stars out as they stare at the full moon.

"I had a great time Shawn."

"I did too." Phoenix had a thought for a second.

"You know how to end a great night like this?" Phoenix asks seductively

"How would you want to this great night?" Shawn asks

"I'll show you." Said Phoenix winking at Shawn

Phoenix seductively pushes Shawn into the dressing room closes and locks the door behind her. As her hand lands on wall over him and the other rubbing his crotch until she felt a growth while they're making out slurping down on each other's tongues. Shawn pulled his shorts down to the floor and she removed her top and Shawn grabbed and rubbed her large breast and started licking and sucking her nipples as she gets aroused and strokes his cock. Until he grabbed her clitoris started fitting it with both fingers as she moans and strokes faster on Shawn and he groans under his breath. Suddenly he grabs her and pushes her to the wall as her claws stabbed into the wall and tells Shawn.

"That's right Shawn! Put it in me right in the asshole!" Said Phoenix very turned on

Shawn grabbed her large bubble butt tightly with both hands and inserts his large hard stiff cock into her anal slot slowly. She gasps on her first time doing anal and was tight for her and Shawn started thrusting at a slow start.

(Grunting) "You really have a tight ass!"

As he continues to thrust into her she felt a slight bit of pain moaning louder as her body temperature started to rise into an inferno she grips the wall harder as he goes faster but before they both climaxed she turned around and jerked his cock and released it all over her breasts. They both calmed down from their excitement as Phoenix climbs onto his lap holding him with her body smiling at him and Shawn was worried about Phoenix and asks.

"Phoenix, what's going on with you?" Said Shawn asks worried

"What about, Shawn?" Phoenix asks curiously

"The burning, scratching, outbursts… well you get it."

Phoenix was afraid to tell Shawn of her certain stages but was prepared to tell him. "Remember when I told you that I need to get it all out of me? Do you remember that? Phoenix asks

"Yes, I remember that."

"Well I go through certain of stages when I love someone like you and my body starts to burn up with fire in my heart. The dancing, dates and when we first made love together changed all of that thanks to you I've passed those stages and now I can begin to truly love you. You'll never see me burn up again. I'm sorry if this displeases you hiding it from you or if I hurt you."

Phoenix looks down as she starts to cry but Shawn lifts her chin to her face to comfort her. "Hey, come on now don't be like that. You would never do anything to hurt me I never knew about these stages you had. But now I'm glad it's over for you no more secrets between us so our true relationship can be."

"Thank you, Shawn. How can I repay you?" Phoenix asks while wiping her eyes

"Can I hold you to this moment?"

"Yes you can." Shawn and Phoenix hold each other closed their eyes and kissed at the same time but Phoenix had a thought about what he said.

"After all he has done for me I want do something for him. Something that he would like"

The Next Day…

Shawn is his painting room coming up with ideas while mixing colors then Phoenix comes and sneaks up on Shawn. As she sneaks closer behind him she covers his eyes.

"Guess who?" Said Phoenix as she giggles

(Giggles) "Phoenix… I'm working."

"What is it?" Phoenix asks

"It's… you know. I have no idea what it is but it looks it's missing something."

"Let me see." Phoenix wraps her arm around his neck reaches for his for his crotch and unzips it. Then she pulls out her penis while juggling his balls until his cock grew as he gets aroused. When it finally grew she grabbed his hard cock and jerked him off as Shawn enjoys it and he asks.

(Groaning) "What… are… you doing? Phoenix?" Shawn asks

(Giggles) "I'm giving your painting a little extra something."

She continues to jack him off as she smiled at Shawn. Until he released his juices not on her face but on his painting and Shawn was totally shocked while Phoenix giggles a little and Phoenix asks.

"Well what do you think?" Phoenix asks

(Chuckles) "It looks good. You better hope they don't find out that it was me all over this."

"Can I borrow some money?" Phoenix asks

"Sure. Wait… why do you need it?" Shawn asks curiously

Phoenix tries to hide her surprise from Shawn as thinks along. "I'm… uh… going to… buy some noodles."

"All of that money?" Shawn wonders

"Yes, I'm going to buy… uh… twenty packs of noodles. Okay bye." Phoenix kisses him on the cheek and leaves Shawn wondering.

(Shawn's thought) "What's up with her?" As Shawn wonders

"That was a close call." Phoenix calms down as she puts on her headphones and plays Capital Cities – "Safe and Sound" as walks down the trail back to town. Minutes later she finally reaches to the town and finds a sex shop and enters. As she enters the store she wonders into the costume aisle and see's all of the costumes but doesn't know which one to pick and she finally picks a costume that Shawn would really love along the way she bought lubricant oil and some make up. She returns unnoticed by Shawn as he is doing pull ups shirtless and sneaks into the bedroom. She reaches to the bedroom and takes a peak at Shawn to keep an eye on as she puts her costume. She couldn't stop staring at him with his back muscles flexing as he works out. After she finished she calls up Shawn to the bedroom.

(Yelling to Shawn) "Shawn! Would you come up here please?" Phoenix asks seductively

"Alright I'm coming." Shawn drops down and walks up stairs through the door and closes it behind him.

"Phoenix? Where are you?" Shawn asks curiously

"I'm in the bathroom. I'll be out in a second. But I want you to sit and close your eyes. No peaking." Shawn sits and closes his eyes until she puts on Rick James – "Come into My Life".

"Okay Shawn. You may open your eyes." Said Phoenix seductively

Phoenix sticks one leg out until walks out and stands at the door posing for him while licking a lollipop as she stares at him seductively. She was in a French Maid costume with stockings and gloves on and walks closer to him seductively as Shawn was very shocked then she throws her lollipop and sits on his lap. She firmly rubs his strong chest with her finger in a circle as she licks his face and Shawn asks.

"What's the occasion?" Shawn asks

"For everything you've done for me. Now I'm going to return the favor."

Phoenix lowers herself down as she pulls his pants down along with his boxers, opens his legs and starts to stroke until she made it stiff and hard. Then she begins to lick and wrap her tongue around his cock and began to suck him off as deep as she could in her throat and Shawn gasps as he enjoys it. She looks and smiles at him as she continues and goes faster into him and was ready to blow a fuse in her. Then he blew his fuse into her mouth down the throat as she swallows it then show it's dripping from her tongue. Then Phoenix pushes her slot into his mouth and started licking the oil as she squirms a little bit then for a short time she squirts in his face as she rubs it down. She raises herself as the song ends then whispers to Shawn as he wipes her water off his face.

(Giggles with a grin) "Now, the fun part starts." The radio plays another song named "Nickelback – Something in your mouth". She rips her bra off as she holds her exposed large breasts together and was very shocked in an "awe" position as she swings her hips. Then she turns around and bends over as she takes off her underpants showing off her both of her anal and spreads out her slot then begins to tease him. As she goes into a sit up position she gets her oil, squirts it and rubs on his cock until it was slippery enough then pushed onto bed and toppled over him then continues to tease him.

"You like that?" Phoenix asks seductively

(Groaning) "Yes, I like it very much."

Suddenly she slipped his cock into her slot hard as they both gasped started humping her. She screams and moans very passionately as he grabs her big bubble ass as he squeezed the oil and thrusts harder into her. Then he turns Phoenix over on her back with Shawn on top and continues thrusting.

(Screaming and moaning) "Oh Yes! Yes Shawn! I've been a naughty Pokémon! Punish me!"

As he continues he slaps her butt and turns into red like a rash "Oh, yes! This is so good! Call me Master Shawn!"

"Call you Master? Okay."

"Oh, yes! Master Shawn! Oh, Master Shawn yes! Fill me up!"

The bed rumbles harder and faster as Phoenix was holding on to Shawn's back but messed up the radio and played Pendulum – "Tarantula" as they continued the music intensifies their satisfaction then Shawn and Phoenix were ready to pop.

(Grunting) "I'm going to explode Shawn!"

(Grunting) "I am too!"

Suddenly they exploded in their own juices Phoenix squirted her juice white his cock was inside then Shawn blew his fuse into her slot and quickly spread it all over her belly just as the song ended making both of them breathing heavily and started to calm down and kissed passionately.

(Both at same time) "That was the best night I ever had."

They both stared at each other and hold hands together as they smiled.

"Phoenix I never knew you had it in you."

"I've been holding it for you, baby."

They kissed passionately, covered themselves and fell asleep but Shawn had one thought before he could sleep and grabs his journal.

("I've finally got the Pokémon of my dreams. We use to hide from each other for two years and now we don't need to anymore. We can love each other without doubts or judgment we can finally live in peace without fear. She's not just Pokémon or a Blaziken she's a Phoenix a beautiful, fire that burn's in my heart that keeps me going. I'm not alone anymore nor is she either we can survive together.")

Shawn puts his Journal away and cuddles with Phoenix under the blanket and falls deeply asleep with Phoenix.


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