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Monster house two: the house lives


DJ and his friends think the nightmare is over. But it’s only just the beginning. Nebbercracker finished his house and thought Constance and her ghost were lost forever but he was wrong. Constance attacks Nebbercracker and now children are going missing once again. Can DJ save Nebbercracker before he permanently becomes winded in Constance’s trap? Can he defeat an even more powerful Constance or will the house win the war. As it is said DJ won the battle but does he have the strength to win the war?

Action / Horror
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Prologue: The second haunting

Nebbercracker stood back and looked proud at his new house. His nightmare was over. His old house had been blown up and posssesed by his dead wife. Now things were back to normal... Or so he thought. He admired his house which looked almost identical to his old house. A flash of lightning cracked the windows so Nebbercracker ran inside for safety. Then is started to get foggy on his side of the street. The fog ran up to the windows and seeped in. It moved down the stairs and towards the kitchen were Nebbbercracker was having his breakfast. “Forgotten about me already!” It whispered in an angry voice. Nebbercracker recognised the voice, it was Constance. “Constance you don’t understand! I had to do something! I couldn’t live on the streets for the entirety of life!” Constance started to cry but forgave Nebbercracker who went in for a hug. She hugged him back before throwing herself into his body. Nebbercracker screamed and fell to the floor. Nebbercracker opened his eyes he took to the stairs and slowly climbed up them. She then removed half of her soul and put it into the house. “I’m home!” She stated before laughing the most evilest laugh in the world.

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