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This is a short story of Takano Masamune and Onodera Ritsu from tha anime Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Also have some smut contain.

Romance / Erotica
Shreya saha
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(I tried to create an masochist and OOC ritsu. It's my first time making someone masochist so please forgive me if you feel offended.)

#Ritsu's P.O.V

Christmas is coming. Meaning extra work. Uff! I have been very exhausted. But I am also happy. Takano san birthday is coming and this time I have planed something special for him. Well it is..........I am so embarrassed to say it but it is related to my secret that nobody knows. And that is that I am a ...........masochist.

Yeah that's right. I never told anyone about this. Not even my Saga- senpai. I didn't show it but I am kinda looking forward to it.

(A week skip......I am too lazy to write something.😅😅)

#Takano's P.O.V

Today is 24th of December means last working day of the year. Thank God. I was fucking tired of yelling at authors for manuscripts and you know...the printers negotiations. But finally till 1st January I can relax and can spend a quality of time with ritsu. But for some reasons he has been ignoring me for few days. I tried to talk to him but he brush it off by saying that he had some stuff to take care off. I wasn't convinced by that answer but I can't do anything in this. Can I?

#No one's P.O.V

As ritsu was getting ready for leaving the office,he turned to takano and said "uh........takano san. Are you free tonight? " hearing this his eyes got wide. But he just smile and said yes. Ritsu was blushing by hearing his answer. He said there is something I want to give to." Come to my house at 9:30 pm. " Takano couldn't believe his ears ritsu invited him....in his house. Most of the time he brag in ritsu's house uninvited but it was for the first time that ritsu is inviting him. He felt like he is flying in sky.

#Ritsu's P.O.V

As soon as I reached home, I started preparing things for his birthday. I planned a candle light dinner with him and a surprise that I am going to give him tonight. As I finished my preparation, I heard my door's bell. I opened the door and I started blushing like hell when I saw him. I tried to calm down my heart and said, uh.....come inside. He step his foot inside my house. I lead him toward the dinning room and his eyes widen when he saw decorations.

#Takano's P.O.V

Right now I am really surprise and shock. Ritsu planned this for.....me? "Happy birthday takano san. Sorry for .......kinda ignoring you but I was just busy for this preparations so sorry." He smiled sheepishly. I couldn't help but chuckle and hug him tightly. A tear rolled down from my cheek."T-t-thank yo-ou so mu-uch. Onodera." I mentally slapped myself for stuttering like this.

"Thank me later takano san. Come on. Let's cut the cake eat before the food gets cold."

"Wait.....that means you also make cake for...me?"

"Well...isn't it obvious that today is your birthday and the birthday boy deserve to cut the cake?"

Then he went to kitchen and bring out the cake, he made.

"I-i-t-t's my first tim-e-e making a cake so you may not like it."

#No one's P.O.V

Takano took a bite and looked at ritsu.


"Are you sure it's your first time making a cake?" Takano asked.


"Coz it's so yummy. I never ever imagined that you could make something this delicious."

"Are you insulting me or praising me?" Ritsu asked with a pout.

"Of course I am praising you, you dummy." Takano said while smiling.

Ritsu didn't say anything. Just a simple smile of takano making his heart pounding faster and faster. Ritsu then serve the dinner and they both enjoyed the candle light dinner.

After eating they both were sitting on the couch. Suddenly ritsu broke the silence" I.-i-i have special surprise for you."

"What you have another surprise for me? Wow it seems like I am dreaming. Mr. Onodera ritsu prepared a surprise for me?" Takano said sarcastically.

"You just wait and watch. If you don't like my surprise I promise you that I will change me name."

"Oh really! This much confidence. Just show me what you have got" Takano said smirking at ritsu.

"Just wait here"

After some time ritsu come out of his room when takano lift his head to see his ritsu, his jaws dropped.


What do you think takano saw?

Please comment and let me know that you like it or not.

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