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"Ugly omega" Those words still ate him alive, his dreams which he buried, and those believes he kept inside, when he told himself nobody will love him, Were just proven to be right. ©️BEAUHYA 2019

Fantasy / Romance
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In the dark pit hole, the one I have always escaped on my own,

When I finally thought there was a light,

But that was just my horrible hope.

When I finally thought I could love myself,

I was pushed again on some silver knives.

The bandages that I placed myself,

Were ripped off, by some black knight.

The pain that I always kept inside,

and was told to scream it out aloud.

When I finally obeyed the same people,

Accused me for being an attention whore.

When I finally gave up,

My horrible hope-

Came back in the form of a beautiful man.


Written by- Haya

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