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When Words Come Before

By Rainbow

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

"You can do this," She spoke to herself as she fidgeted with her papers. "You're a strong, independent woman. You've been looking towards this day for your whole life. Don't screw it up."

Marlene continued to take many breaths, helping to channel her anxiety to a low level. She felt rather calm through each and every exhale, soon to end up smiling as she crossed her legs in a lady-like manner. She noted the mirror that was set up across from her in the waiting room. She felt herself look around, noticing how the room was practically empty besides her and the TV that had been turned off in the corner.

Quickly, she set her paperwork to a nearby coffee table as she then skipped over to the mirror. She placed a finger upon her upper lip, raising it high enough so she can check if anything was stuck in between her teeth. Seeing no results, she smiled as she continued to fix her hairdo and dress. After that, she then had started to practice her fake grins and professional-like looks, managing to sneak in a silly face or two.

After awhile of her doing this, a sudden voice to her left made her jump.

"Miss Marlene Bruenizelle?"

Marlene looked, only to end up in eye contact with a lady that was leaning against the doorframe. She wore a professional attire and looked very tired, with the bags under her eyes easy to note. She had purple-dyed hair, and her skirt wasn't very flattened enough, so it didn't cling and circle her legs. Seeing this, Marlene gave her a sheepish smile as she pushed a strand of her brunette hair behind her ear, feeling embarrassed of making herself look like a fool in front of a business woman.

Keep in mind, Marlene, that you'll be looking like one of them soon enough, She thought to herself.

"Uh, yes, that's me."

The lady just gave her a blank look as she eyed Marlene's dress. At this, the 21-year old shifted her feet uncomfortably, continuing to still eye the mirror to her right.

"Come with me," The lady finally said as she turned around to walk into the hallway.

Marlene quickly grabbed her papers from the coffee table as she rushed to keep up with the woman, nearly almost tripping in her new high heels while doing so. She straightened her position as she blushed, hurrying to walk next to the woman's side as she continued to lead her where she wanted.

"Mr. Jack is out today, so you'll be talking to one of his assistants," The lady informed her as they continued to walk down the long hallways and passing through some corridors. Marlene continued to glance at every opened door they passed, noting of the people she saw in every room. They all wore suits or labcoats and would be doing either work or drinking a cup of coffee. She arched a brow as she observed as one man drank his cup of water as he continued to flirt with another co-worker. The female only flirted back, making them both eye each other the same way.

Marlene shuddered as she turned to look away. The transparent glass that served as a wall entered her vision. At this, she edged a little bit towards it, wanting to see how far the streets were down and note how high they were up. It turned out that the street wasn't very far from where they were, making Marlene sigh with relief. She hated heights.

The woman had stopped, making Marlene almost trip as she had been unconsciously continuing to walk. She caught herself, and gave the woman another sheepish smile as she regained her footing. The woman didn't seem affected at all, making Marlene sigh inwardly with relief.

"You'll need to wait in this room for another couple of minutes, sine his assistant is finishing up one of his meetings. It won't take long," The woman said as she unlocked the door for her. Marlene gave her a silent look as a 'thank you,' and walked right in.

She heard the door shut behind her, and she jumped a bit. In front of her was a clean desk with a chair across from it. She took a seat in the chair, putting her papers on the floor as she adjusted herself. It was bright, and one of the walls was of the transparent glass, making the sun brighten the room more than the lights that were already turned on. Marlene felt her eyes begin to tear up, and she rubbed them, hoping to get rid of anything that would make her look less formal.

After getting comfortable, she took one of her folders from her paper stacks and had rested it on her lap. The clock across from her continued ticking, breaking the awkward silence in the room she absolutely hated. She was a bit disappointed that she wasn't going to see this "assistant" right away, for she had already waited 3 hours in the waiting room, but, she had nothing else to do.

When Marlene turned 21, her first plan for her future was to get her dream job that she always wanted. The job she wanted was to serve as a psychiatrist, for she had wanted to help others, since she was just that kind of soul. She remained kind, honest, and knew when to do the right thing. And her gut was telling her that the field of psychiatry was just right for her. She wanted to focus on personality disorders the most, for she felt that it had matched with her own state of recognizing other people's problems easily based upon their personality one she had known them well. From this, she knew that she would succeed in that certain field rather than the others. In which she was hoping this would work out for her, and she'd get what she wanted.

Her careers weren't satisfying enough, and she felt like she needed an actual life. For years, she continued to study the many types of an otter. All of her friends would continue to tell her how she reminds them of an otter, for how she looks and acts. She would admit, having to study these creatures for a long period of time, that she can relate on them. Mostly more than any other animal, she supposed. But, getting attached to this certain animal didn't help her get anywhere, rather than a job being a veterinarian that would specialize on otters.

She didn't want to be a veterinarian, anyway, so, she had quit her studies that had passed much time for her, and wanted to move on. She moved out of her parents' house, gathered her things, and had started a new life on her own. She was still single, but she wasn't exactly looking for a relationship right at the moment. If her heart told her that she truly was falling for someone, she'd gladly listen to it at anytime. But, her heart remained neutral, for the least, continuing to pump the blood through the veins that she was so glad to unconsciously have and took for granted. So, a relationship was not needed and had for that moment. Besides, it'd just slow her down from the progress she has made so far.

It took awhile until the door to her left had opened. She turned her head towards it, trying to keep a neutral expression on. She didn't want to seem too eager, because that would ruin her serious background. What she saw made her eyes widen a bit.

A man in his mid 20's had entered the room, minding to close the door slowly and carefully. He had a business suit on, of course, but, his hair was rather slicked back in a formal matter, and he had this smile that made her a bit nervous. Unlike the lady she saw earlier, he looked like he had plenty of rest, and was cheerful & active. It looked kind of hard to take him seriously if she didn't keep telling herself in her mind to.

When he sat down at his desk and looked at her, she instantly grinned, trying to hide the nervous feeling she felt deep inside her stomach.

She took a deep breath through her nose as she saw him getting ready to introduce himself.

Here we go....


That afternoon, Marlene felt herself almost bang into her apartment door since she hadn't watched where she was going. Her eyes felt like closing every second, and her feet were going to give out at any minute by now. Her conversation with the assistant had gone much longer than she expected, and, when she managed to finish it with him, it had been about 8:00 P.M. just when she exited the building. Through this, she took a slow ride home in her car. She knew her roommate would be asleep, anyway. </p>She took her keys out and it took her a few minutes until she found the right one. She had it memorized, but her vision was starting to get blurry. When she managed to open the door, she felt herself almost trip from her high heels. Closing the door, she silently cursed to herself. High heels just weren't her thing. Nor the whole female get up, either.

She walked into her kitchen, wanting to at least get a small snack before she can get comfortable again. She still felt the excitement rising up in her as she placed a cup in the microwave to prepare her hot chocolate. She had gotten the job she wanted, and the pay sounded really great. She had been studying the fields of psychology for so long that she felt that she dedicated her life to it. Of course she didn't, that would be ridiculous, but it still felt like an eternity. It was just her own interests taking over her life.

But, there was a part of getting the job that made her spirits rise down. She had gotten the job, but it turned out the only building that was open for employees wasn't in San Diego, but in New York. She loved California very much, since it was her homeland, but she was longing for this job so long in her life that she was actually willing to move to New York just to achieve it.

The reason why the only one that was open was in San Diego was because there were only a few buildings of the certain psychology company Marlene wanted to work for in California, and all were full of psychologists and didn't have anymore room in their staff. Not even for any janitorial purposes, either. This surprised Marlene, and it sounded hard to believe, but it sounded just as reasonable. The assistant she talked to suggested that she'd find another job, because New York was quite a long way to go, but Marlene was persistent to get the job. She wouldn't end up working at a fast food joint handing out a hamburger to some overweight gamer taking a drive. That just wasn't her thing.

There were plenty of other opportunities for other psychology companies in her area, but the pay was worse. And she had done some research on plenty of them, and the staff weren't exactly that friendly in some of them, either. Others were just in bad neighborhoods, or just too far from her home as it was. Even though New York sounded way farther to her home than some other on the other end of town, she still wanted the better end of her future job.

So, to New York I go, eh? Marlene though to herself as she grabbed her hot chocolate out of the microwave, picking up a spoon and stirring the chocolate she poured in around. Shouldn't be too bad. I think one of my friends lived there for awhile, and they liked it.

Marlene only hoped to end up in a good neighborhood and make a least a few friends. Luckily for her, her parents had loaned her some money after Marlene had moved out, so, she had some cash to spare. She'd use it to help her travel all the way to NY, and will hopefully have some leftover just to get situated after she'd find a place to stay. Hopefully another decent place like her recent apartment, but she highly doubted it. After all, she only had about a week until she'd be expected to be in the New York office on a certain morning.

Marlene sighed as she blew into her cup, cooling down the steaming chocolate. Boy, was this going to be interesting.


"Yeah, Mom, I'm leaving for the airport, like, right now," Marlene spoke into the phone as she zipped up one of her suitcases all while trying to keep the phone to her ear with only support from her shoulder. "No, I think it'll take longer than when I had figured out I gotten the job yesterday. Yeah, New York. Really? Good to hear. How's he doing?"

Marlene was barely listening to her mother's story as she looked around her apartment, trying to see if she missed anything or if something was out of place. After seeing no results, she smirked. She called her mother to ask on her tips for apartments, and she had received plenty of trustworthy and valuable tips she knew she'd been needing once she reached NY. She was really thankful for it, but, she really needed to get going. She then spoke into the phone again, interrupting the woman on the other line. "Okay, I've got to go. Love you, and I'll call you when I get to New York."

With that, the brunette hung up, stuffing her phone into her pocket. She picked up her keychain from a nearby table and had placed her handbag over her shoulder. After managing to do that, she started to drag her suitcase with wheels on the floor outside of the apartment, making sure to say goodbye to her roommate. After this, she continued to the elevator, ignoring the tiredness coming from her arms, due to the weight she put on them.

After reaching the first floor, she walked up to the front desk. There weren't many people around, which made her feel a bit more comfortable.

"Hello Marlene," A man in his 30's greeted as he watched the adult approach him. "Leaving already?"

"Hey, Jim," Marlene greeted as she set her bags down for one second. "Yeah, though I think is really a 'good-bye.' If I'm good at my job, I might be able to keep it for awhile, meaning that I might not ever see you again."

"Darn, just when I got used you," Jim commented with a dull tone as he took the key Marlene handed him.

Marlene laughed. "I've been living here for a year or two, and you know that. Thanks for your support through all this, though. You've been kind to me, and have been actually nice when asking for rent. You know, unlike the others."

"Hey, no problem," Jim replied with a smile. "I hope you do well in the path you're choosing, though. We'll dearly miss you, and I hope you will come back soon."

"I doubt it, but, thank anyway." Marlene waved as she gathered her stuff. Jim waved back to her before she exited the building forever.

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