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match ;; kth


where a guy and girl end up wearing the same matching outfits whenever they meet each other... ©ggyuza 2019

Romance / Fantasy
hazahh ☻
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ep 1

I put on my headphones and blasted music through it.

I put on my shoes and head out of my new apartment. after recently moving in, I felt like a new person.

I walked down a pathway which led to a bus stop if I was not wrong. and there I was.

I checked my phone to find out which bus I should take to go to the bank. I need to deposit some money.

after that, I just watched the scenery and bopped around to the music. I switched my gaze to my right and saw a man that caught my attention.

I witnessed him with my mouth agape.

not that anything was wrong with him. but kind of too, I guess.

he was wearing the exact same thing as me. a beautiful top and black slick jeans with a flannel laying it. even the jewelry. damn, the details though.

but literally anyone could wear what im wearing right now since it was a simple outfit. the world is indeed a small place.

I shrugged the thought off and resumed to appreciating the view of the city. the tall buildings and trees, birds chirping, the hot beautiful sun and the soft wind blowing gently at me. I took a deep breath.

but I choked half way.


then it hit me.

the top that I was wearing was made by me for my fashion school project. no one could never own this except for me. even if there was, there's a one percent chance that someone also did it. i'm pretty sure no shops sell this design.

I snapped my eyes back at the man who was still dressed like me. weird.

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