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Taekook Smut


Spicy Oneshots, Because I love to write smuts but am Not very good at keeping a story line going. Request Open✓ Feel free to request In my Pms, And include these details: Who is Top: What is the basic story line: What you would like to happen in the smut: Important details about the characters: Anything else: Enjoy! I'm sure there will be some really kinky shit.

Romance / Fantasy
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Little Tae

Taehyung giggled as he ran away from the bathroom, Running down the hallway naked.

Jungkook sighed again as he chased his small boyfriend, running down the hallway after him, finally catching him before he could lock himself in their room again.

Taehyung Struggled in his arms and laughed as the elder tried to hold him in place.

"Caught you." Jungkook said with a smile.

"Kook-Ah!" Taehyung whined and kicked around, pressing his ass against Jungkooks groin accidentally.

He stopped as he heard Jungkook let out a deep groan.

"K-kook." Taehyung whispered as he was pushed against the wall Jungkooks thigh parting his legs.

"Stop kicking around." Jungkook said lowly and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Taehyung watched with parted lips as his daddy looked flustrated, Jungkooks face inches from him.

"S-sorry." He said under his breath as Jungkook opened his eyes looking into his.

His dark eyes staring into Taes doe ones, trailing down to the small pink lips of the boy.

"It's the second time you've did this, don't you think you deserve a punishment?"

Taehyungs eyes widened as he tried to escape again, ducking under Jungkooks arms but getting caught a second after, struggling in his grip.

He squeaked as he was thrown over Jungkooks shoulder punching the olders back.

"Please daddy, let me down!" He yelled and tried his best to escape the man.

"Oh no your getting your punishment." Jungkook said walking towards their room.

"D-daddy No!" Taehyung cried and kicked his legs.

Jungkook walked into the room, locking it after him as Taehyung kicked at his stomach, hands holding onto the back of Jungkooks shirt in a fist.

"D-daddy." Jungkook could hear the shake in the littles voice as he laid him on the bed.

He was meant with Puffy red cheeks, tear stained.

He sighed as he grabbed the youngers legs, pushing them against the matress so he would stop kicking.

Taehyung pounded his fist on the matress, chest heaving up and down as he through the tantrum of the year.

Tears pouring down his cheeks, angry at Jungkook for giving him a punishment.

"Taehyung." Jungkook demanded, making the boy turn to him with sniffles.

"Stop crying and maybe I won't give you as many spanks." The older said as the younger nodded with tears and tried to calm down.

Taehyung had only got punished once in the past because he locked his daddy out of their room for the whole night, so he could stay up.

His daddy had never punished him before that and from then on he was deadly afraid of getting spanked again.

He choked on his breaths as Jungkook turned him over to start spanking him.

"P-please daddy I'll do anything." He whispered and presses his teary eyes into the blanket.

"Why should daddy let you off the hook?" Jungkook massaged his bare ass.

"D-daddy, please, I don't wan a punishment." He looked back at Jungkook with pleading eyes.

"Fine, daddy won't spank you, but you have to be a good boy for daddy tonight okay?" He patted the boys butt, as Taehyung nodded hurriedly.

"T-thankie." He whispers as Jungkook got up and looked down at his thin frame.

"Stand up."

Taehyung looked up confused at his daddy.

"O-okay." He got up and stood infront of his daddy shyly, They had never did anything like this before.

Jungkook pushed the boy to his knees as Taehyung looked up at him.

"Unbutton my pants baby."

Taehyung slowly reached for his pants, pressing his fingers to the buttons, undoing them as quickly as possible to avoid punishment.

He stared as Jungkook reached down and pulled down his pants and underwear, his red member, popping out tapping Taes chin.

The boy looks at it with wide eyes, he's never seen his daddy's no no spot other than in the shower, until now.

He looked up at Jungkook, Confusion written on his face as the older tangles a hand into his hair.

"Open your mouth for me baby."

Taehyung slowly opened his mouth, making eye contact with him as he did so.

"Fuck your so pretty baby." Jungkook whispered running his hand through the boys light brown strands.

He grabbed his member with his other hand, guiding it to the boys mouth.

Taehyung grabbed Jungkooks thighs as the boys heat was pressed to the back of his throat.

He felt his throat contracting around it as tears built into his eyes.

"Shh, It's okay baby. Your such a good boy."

He looked up at his boyfriend and made eye contact, his heart beating faster at the praise.

He swallowed the spit that had filled his mouth, feeling Jungkooks member follow it down his throat.

"Fuck." Jungkook groaned as he tried to control himself letting the younger figure out what to do.

He looked down at Tae to see the boy swallow around him again, sending pleasure through his body.

"Fuck baby, suck me like a lollipop." He said, pushing the boys face closer as Taehyung started bobbing his head giving Jungkook the best blow job he had ever got.

Jungkook through his head back as the younger, pressed his tongue against his slit finally getting the hang off it.

"Shit just like that." He said thrusting into the boys throat.

Taehyung moaned around his member, holding onto Jungkooks legs as his throat was fucked Slowly.

"Fuck baby, I'm about to give you my cum." He heard his boyfriend whisper lowly before he felt hot liquid rush down his throat causing him to cough pulling back from Jungkook.

He held his throat, coughing a little as he looked up at Jungkook with a small pout.

"Awe baby." The older whispered and picked the boy up laying him on the bed.

He looked at the youngers small dick, flushed red at the tip with small drops of precum leaking out.

He blew against it causing the younger to whine and thrust upward against his mouth.

Jungkook pressed against his hips keeping them against the bed.

He opened the cabinet beside the bed and grabbed the small bottle of clear liquid from inside.

Taehyung looked at him with parted eyes, gazing at the bottle.

"Do you trust me baby?" He asked pouring it onto his fingers as Taehyung gulped nodding.

"Good." Jungkook whispered spreading the boys legs, looking at his virgin entrance.

He pressed a finger against it watching as it clenched blocking his digit from entering.

"Baby." He whispered, rubbing the boys thigh looking up at him.

Feeling the boy relax he quickly slipped the finger in, the younger gripping the sheets on either side of him.

"J-jungkook." The boy pushed his hips up trying to control the pain.

"Shh baby, relax." Jungkook pressed kisses to his stomach calming him down. He thrusted the finger slowly watching as it entered and left the tight ring of muscles.

Coming out easier each time he pressed a second in, stretching the boy out.

Taehyung panted feeling the digits leave his once untouched hole, Pleasure building up.

He gasped as he felt a jolt of pleasure thrusting his hips against the air chasing the feeling again.

"A-again." He said, tears running down his cheeks.

Jungkook pressed against the spot again, Taehyung giving a long drawed out moan in approval.

The boy cried as the fingers were pulled out of him.

"P-please!" He pushed his hips down, wanting the feeling back.

He felt a breath against his face as something hot was pressed against his clenching hole, he opened his eyes meant with the other boys.

He looked down and looked back up with worried eyes.

Jungkook looked back with gentle eyes reassuring Taehyung everything was gonna be okay as he felt the other sliding into him.

His toes curled against the matress as his head tilted back allowing Jungkook access to his neck.

Jungkooks hands trailed up the smallers thighs picking them up in his hold as he pressed deep into him.

His lips trailing up the boys tan throat as Taehyungs hands threaded themselves into his hair small whimpers leaving the boy as Jungkook pulled his hips back, snapping them back into him.

He lifted Taehyung's thighs again, pressing into him as deep as possible moving against the boys sweet spot,

making a low breathy moan leave the boys mouth.

He let himself bathe in the feeling of the youngers tight heat around him, squeezing his member tightly.

He leaned in locking their lips together as he rocked his hips in and out slowly, moving Taehyung up and down with his thrust.

"O-oppa." He heard the boy breathe against his lips as he growled lowly at the word.

Pulling out he sat up on the bed pulling Taehyung's hips with him, settong the boy on his knees over his member.

Lowering his hips back onto him he watched Taehyung's small lips part into a weak sound as he gripped Jungkooks shoulders.

He lifted his hips slipping up and down Jungkooks member slowly.

"Your so beautiful baby." The older praised being face to face with his babys, flat tan stomach.

Reaching out gripping the boys hips to hold him against his thighs, grinding up into him quickly, causing the boy to break out into a pleasured sweat.

"O-oppa-ah! Please!" Taehyung moaned rubbing his member against Jungkooks stomach as he was fucked into fastly.

Jungkook groaned, feeling his high build in his stomach as he watched the younger drool down his chin, getting fucked out of his mind.

He let one of his hands travel to the boys small member, rubbing the slit with his finger as Taehyung jerked against him.

"P-please." He begged laying his head against Jungkooks shoulder, rolling his hips against the boys, feeling the preassure in his stomach.

"Let it go baby." Jungkook whispered against his neck as Taehyung latched his lips onto the man's pale nape, sucking against it.

Jungkook pushed the boys thighs down, hitting as deep as possible into him before releasing against his prostate, causing Taehyung to jerk up and Spill his cum against the boys stomach, seconds after.

Jungkook rubbed the boys shaking thighs as Taehyung breathed against his neck.

"How do you feel baby?" He asked in a whisper pressing a kiss to the boys shoulder.

"F-feel good." The boy whispered back and pressed a small kiss to his daddy's lips.

"W-what is?" He asked sleepily as Jungkook chuckled.

"That was me showing you how much I love you." Jungkook whispered as the boy nodded in understanding.

"L-love kookie to." The boy said before falling asleep against the older's chest.

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