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Broken is beautiful | Taekook


There is a reason why you're not supposed to fall in love with a Fallen Angel. No one warned Jungkook about them, but that's ok, Taehyung loves to play with ignorant humans. Inspired by: ~ The Wings tour trailer ~ Cartoon - Why We Lose ~ Boy Meets Evil / Lie - RYUSERALOVER’s MAMASHUP ~ Savoy - How U Like Me Now ⚠️Major character death⚠️

Romance / Other
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Broken hearts shouldn't be fixed

Jungkook was never good with relationships and being the sad and self-pitying person that he was, it’s no surprise he ended up in a toxic one. He and Yoongi were a strange mix, to say the least. One being a phlegmatic and the other pessimistic. Jungkook was the latter. He felt like he was never in the centre of Yoongi’s attention, the other just down right not sparing him a glance on some days. He really wanted to break up with him, but at rare times Yoongi became so loving, showering him with compliments, small hugs and gentle touches, he just couldn’t…

One day they were ok, but before you know it, they were back in their old routine. It just hurt. He never knew what Yoongi was thinking, and the elder didn’t give in when Jungkook asked. He knew he needed to let go of him before Yoongi decided to break up first. He couldn’t handle the rejection, because it was probably his fault anyway, not being able to provide what Yoongi needed.

In life, Jungkook didn’t have long term friends. Having a gloomy aura around him made it hard to make any, even if he tried. They soon got bored of him saying things like he’s just dull, so indecisive and without energy...

And they are right, he didn’t know what he wanted, how could he? He is just lost in his own depressed thoughts. So he opts to keep to himself.

That’s until one day in a café, a guy asks if he could sit next to him. Jungkook nods politely, does his best not to feel uncomfortable with the new stranger. They both have their coffee next to each other and Jungkook glances around the coffee shop. All the tables are occupied, even the chairs at the counter.

People never sat next to him, it’s like they could sense Jungkook’s misery, avoiding him if possible. So this stranger really had to be desperate to sit somewhere, if he had chosen Jungkook instead of walking out. But he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

The silence is rather awkward between them, both looking at their cups of coffee. The stranger clears his throat and tries to strike a conversation with Jungkook, introducing himself as Taehyung, apologizing for being intrusive and so on. At least someone’s trying.

The conversation becomes less and less awkward as time passes, Jungkook is even starting to relax a bit. This guy really wasn’t in a hurry to get away from him. He could have bolted to the exit as soon as he finished his coffee, but he didn’t and Jungkook is happy about it.

Their talk was ok, as far as first encounters go, and Jungkook is pretty sure he’ll probably never see him again. But to his surprise, that’s not the case. They meet each other in the same coffee shop a few times, mostly by accident Jungkook thinks. They chat, talk about random things. Turns out Taehyung lives nearby and just wants to go to museums, art galleries and explore beautiful nature spots. A bit of self-spoiling he calls it.

Jungkook thinks after several encounters they became…friends. He even feels more appreciated by Taehyung than Yoongi, and they’ve only been ‘hanging out’ for 2 weeks. It’s like Taehyung is actually listening to what he says. It makes him feel like he matters. At some point Taehyung asks, if he wants to join him at the next gallery, to get his mind off college for a bit. Jungkook gladly accepts, grateful for the distraction.

The artwork in the gallery is simply stunning. Jungkook has always loved art and looking at pieces like these puts his mind at ease. The works are about heaven and fallen angels, how hell wouldn’t accept them after they’ve fallen, so they are trapped to roam the mortal world forever.

Jungkook thinks it’s sad but oh so beautiful how the artist captured the different expressions and stages of their lives. Taehyung can’t but agree with him.

After their visit, Taehyung takes him to other places as well; gardens, a river that flows into a beautiful lake, museums, other galleries and Jungkook is amazed by all of it. It is through those times that he begins to feel affectionate towards Taehyung. To say that the other was anything but nice to him would be an understatement. Taehyung senses that Jungkook likes him, that’s why his touches start to linger on his shoulders, lower back, hips. He starts greeting the younger with tight hugs, often holding his hand while they walk somewhere. Jungkook never minds it, in fact, he is enjoying the tingly feeling that comes with it.

Taehyung smirks at the development. He can’t wait to make Jungkook his, cooing at the thought.

It doesn’t take long for him to ask if he would like to go out with him, on a proper, official date.
But Jungkook refuses, says he can’t do this to Yoongi, even though he wishes he could. He just isn’t strong enough. But it’s ok, Taehyung doesn’t mind, he knew Jungkook would be like that. He was hoping for it.

You see, being a fallen angel had its perks, like having the ability to hide his black wings, unlike his high and holy brethren, having their huge white feathers on display. He loved what he was, never regretting that heaven exiled him for trying to taint another angel. Quite the opposite. He is glad things played out as they did, because now he gets to toy with the lovely, innocent and ignorant Jungkook. You know what they say; misery loves company, and he is about to take full advantage of it.

They still hang out like they used to, but Taehyung’s offer is always at the back of Jungkook’s mind. He gave a lot of thought on what Taehyung said. He DOES want to start anew, he WANTS to have someone that cares about him as well. He’s miserable enough as it is with Yoongi, so it really can’t get any worse with Taehyung. He cares for Jungkook and has shown him that plenty of times. So he makes a decision, he wants the toxicity to end, he wants a brighter start.

Together they’re nursing Jungkook’s mental state back to how it was before or what one would consider close to it. Taehyung loves seeing Jungkook go back to his happier self. It’ll be that much sweeter when he breaks again. Tears filled with dread and despair always did look good on him. He knows it’ll be soon; his love towards the fallen really is growing fast.

The more time Jungkook spends with the angel, the more he becomes fond of him. Taehyung can sense Jungkook’s feelings getting stronger. He is pretty sure the younger loves him immensely. Perfect. The stronger the feeling the greater the ache.

Soon enough, each time Jungkook meets him, he gets that feeling in his chest he can’t quite put a name on. From a barely noticeable tingle it escalates to a constant throbbing every time they’re together.

Even when he is alone, thinking about Taehyung, his chest aches. The pain lingers and it gets to the point where he decides it’s best if he goes to a doctor. He gets various tests done, but they all show the same result. Nothing out of the ordinary. Still now, he doesn’t want to bother Tae with the minor pain.

Each time they meet, Jungkook tries to surpass the painful feeling, but it just keeps getting stronger and stronger. One day, when they decide to spend a day in at Jungkook’s apartment, it gets unbearable and Jungkook breaks down in front of Taehyung, collapsing on the floor.

Taehyung is next to him in a second “Jungkookie, what’s wrong?” He can pretend a bit longer.

“Taehyung it hurts.”

He helps Jungkook up on the couch and embraces him “Hey, I’m here. You’re gonna be ok.” He smirks for a second, Jungkook completely missing the gesture.

“Taehyung why does my chest hurt like this?”

Tae petting his hair “Like what my love?” he asks, even though he knows the answer.

“Like I can’t breathe, like someone is crushing my lungs.” Taehyung looks down at Jungkook. He knows it’s not his lungs hurting, it’s his heart. He briefly loosens his hold on Jungkook’s body “No please! Don’t go! Don’t leave me!” He sobs while clutching his chest with one hand and grabbing Taehyung with the other.

“Shhh, it’s ok. I’m not going anywhere.” Gently stroking his wet cheek “It’s ok sweetheart, I’m gonna take care of you.” Jungkook with red eyes and tears running down his cheeks looked breath-taking, simply gorgeous.

“W-why is this…happening to me? I’m not sick, there’s nothing wrong with me. The doctor said I was fine!” His body is trembling. “Tae please call an ambulance!” He yells, panic taking over him.

“There’s no need for that, they wouldn’t be able to help you anyway. It’s too late.”

Jungkook’s eyes widen “What are you saying? T-Taehyung? Wha-what’s going on?”

“Oh Jungkook, you wouldn’t be able to understand.” Jungkook tries to squirm out of his hold, but Taehyung’s not letting go. He waited so long for this.

The fragile boy has difficulty breathing now, taking smaller and smaller gulps of air.

“Tae, please…”

“Don’t worry, it’s be over soon.” Taehyung whispers, holding him close, kissing his hair.


After a few long moments, the breathing stops, and the room goes silent, Jungkook’s lifeless in his hold.

“Silly little thing. A pretty soul like you, loving what isn’t supposed to be loved. Doesn’t matter now, I’ll take care of you. Hell awaits us both.”

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