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TaeKook Oneshots


Just Taekook being Taekook. Nothing else. !¡BAD writing ahead!¡ Includes MATURE themes

Romance / Other
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What is a Taekook?

What is a Taekook?, you may ask.

Taekook is a ship.

Shipping is the act of wanting two or more fictional characters or celebrities to end up in a relationship, usually romantic.

It doesn't only limit to famous people, you can ship anyone, even dogs.

But shipping should remain harmless, delusions are included in shipping people, as long as it does not physically or mentally hurt someone.

Now, Taekook is a ship name of two close members in BTS, Taehyung_ and Jungkook.

A lot of armies ship Taekook because of the close proximity they always have, sexual tension, and how they just seem like couple to us.

Yoonmin, Sope, Namjin are examples of other ships in BTS.

But please, always keep in mind that they are human just like us, has feelings and knows what they're doing, on stage and off stage.

Now that you know what Taekook is, you can proceed to read my book.


+ Contains same sex relationships

+ Inappropriate content

+ Deep mature themes


I don't do plagiarism. If you see one chapter very similar to any stories you've read, kindly tell me. I'll be the one to decide if I can delete the chapter or not.

Anygays, LeS gEt iT!

( this is a more improved version of my old Taekook one-shots book )

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