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Collection: Unfished


A collection of all my unfinished stories and fanfictions.

Romance / Humor
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Part One

X Reader Key

(Y/n)-Your Name

(S/C)-Skin Colour

(S/T)-Skin Type

(E/C)-Eye Colour

(H/C)-Hair Colour

(H/L)-Hair Length

(H/T)-Hair Texture (Curly, Straight, Wavy, etc..)

(F/C)-Favourite Colour

(F/F)-Favourite Food

I think that’s it for now!

(Strap in for the ride, this one’s longgggg)

You never thought you’d make it here, standing on the edge of a cliff, bright blues and fluffy white clouds decorating the late afternoon sky as the sweet breeze ruffles your (H/L) (H/C) hair.

The happy screams of your friends reaches your ears as you smile lightly. It was finally senior year, you and your seven best friends decided that you all would take your senior trip during spring break, opting to just drive around and explore the world’s beauty.

It was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon when the oldest of the eight of you, Seokjin (or simply, Jin), had spotted a small river.

As a group you decided to stop by and check it out, only to find a not too high cliff that would be perfect for cliff jumping. And that’s what you did.

The eight of you, excluding Namjoon as he had broken his wrist the week before, stripped down to your underwear. The cool waterside air caressing your (S/C) skin, running through your hair and into your senses, filling you with a sense of calm.

The first one to jump was Taehyung, not surprising anyone as his outgoing and spunky personality made him want to try everything, even if he was scared. The second person is the one that surprised everyone.

Hoseok, the most skittish of the group, had decided to jump willingly. No coaxing needed.

You have to condemn the red head for his willingness, for as long as you’ve known him he’s always done the thing that has scared him most.

From holding a snake at school field trips, to bungee jumping off high places during the joined summer vacations the group would take.

Jungkook went next, not hesitating to throw himself from the safety of the cliff. As he neared the water he decided to do a flip, landing in the water in a pike position.

His legs making a hard smack as he hit the water. You and Yoongi laugh so hard that you have to brace against each other, the sound of Jungkook’s legs hitting the water bouncing around in your ears.

You, Yoongi, and Jimin decide to jump together, the three of you holding hands while standing atop the rocky ledge. All three of you start counting down together.

“Three! Two! One!” Without another doubt, you throw yourself off the cliff, the air rushing past your ears and tangling your hair. The cold river water envelops your body, wrapping around you like a blanket.

You stay under for what feels like hours before swimming up to the surface, gasping a deep breath of brackish air. You tread water, looking around for the two boys that jumped with you.

When you don’t see either of them you start to panic, frantically swimming around, trying to locate either one of their colourful heads of hair.

Spotting Yoongi’s snow white hair, you calm down a bit and swim over to him, your feet touching the sandy floor as the water becomes shallow.

“Hey Yoongs, where’s Jimin?” You ask, looking around.

Yoongi grumbles, “That little shit didn’t jump!” You stare at him dumbfounded, it’s payback for what you guys did to him at the hotel you stayed at last night.

You come up with an idea to “get back” at Jimin again. You tell Yoongi and the both of you make a plan to get Jimin in the water. Once the two of you make it to the top, you sit down at the edge with your feet dangling over the side.

“Hey Jimin!” Yoongi calls, “Come over here and sit with us!”

Jimin, slightly confused, walks over to the two of you, his fluffy bubblegum pink hair ruffling up from the wind. Once he reaches you he sits down in between you and Yoongi.

You sling your arm around his shoulder, leaning up against him. He sighs in relaxation and lets his shoulders sag while breathing in the slightly salty air.

You lean back a little to make eye contact with Yoongi, who’s also leaned back. The two of you smirk mischievously before quickly getting up and shoving Jimin into the water together.

Your voices turn to background music at his terrifyingly loud scream fills the air. The rest of the boys laugh along with you, knowing fully well that Jimin is perfectly okay.

He walks up to the plateau, dripping wet, a happy but mad expression decorating his face. He can’t stay mad at anyone for too long so he quickly breaks out into uncontrollable laughter, little squeaks coming from his mouth.

You feel an arm on your shoulder and an arm on your waist, you glance around you to see Jungkook holding your waist while Hoseok has his honey glazed arm slung around your slightly damp shoulders.

The eight of you laugh as the sun starts to set, the sky painted with vibrant yellows, oranges, and pinks. In this moment, you’ve never been happier. Surrounded by your best friends, your family, in the dark of the late spring night.

Once you’re all dry, you walk to the car to put on some clean clothes. You grab a pair of loose black cotton shorts and steal Namjoon’s light yellow sweatshirt, letting the cozy fabric drape over your body comfortably.

You walk over to a large patch of grass, the chorus of crickets accompanying you as you lie down to gaze at the maze of stars in the sky.

You hear shuffling next to you and feel someone lying their head onto your stomach. You look down, only to be met with Namjoon’s bright, wise eyes, feelings abundant throughout them. Galaxies warmly encapsulated into his dark chocolate eyes.

“I was looking for that sweatshirt, you look adorable in it, by the way.” He sweetly says as you start to run your fingers through his charcoal coloured hair.

He lets out a little sigh of contentedness, his wondrous eyes closing and opening, staring into the twinkling population of stars, each little speck having their own story. You close your eyes, feeling relaxed and happy.

All of a sudden your head is being gently lifted up and placed back down, the hard ground being replaced by something soft but firm. You glance up to see the stars once more, you let your head fall to the right, nothing.

Finally, you turn your head to the left, coming to face Taehyung, his honey blonde hair dulled by the darkness of night. Your head rests on his sweatpants covered thigh, the muscle in his leg clearly apparent through the thin material of his pants.

One by one, the rest of the boys join, laying on someone else and getting lied on. Soon enough, the eight of you were splayed out on top of each other, the comfy grass acting as a shallow mattress.

The eight of you sharing small stories of childhood, wishes of dreams, and things you love.

Jin poked your bloated tummy, “I love this.”

You giggle self consciously, covering your face with your hands.

“Why would you love that? It’s so, so.......big.” Jin shakes his head a little bit.

“I’ll tell you why I love your tummy. For one, it’s adorable.” As he says this, the rest of the boys chime in with their own feedback, covering your insecurities with compliments.

“And two, it’s so soft. Your tummy feels like a comfy little pillow.”

Namjoon raises his hand lazily, “I can definitely vouch for that.”

Taehyung reaches toward your hair, playing with the (H/T) (H/C) strands.

“I love, love love~ your hair too (Y/n)! It’s so pretty!” He continues to twirl your hair around his fingers, tangling and untangling them in your locks.

He brings your hair up to his lips, gently kissing the strands while muttering a soft, “Beautiful.” The eight of you lie in the light of the stars and moon, the specks of bright bounces from eye to eye.

The crickets chirp and the peepers peep as another sound joins in with them. Jin’s honey voice starts off in the once silent darkness.

He starts singing the pre-chorus to a song that the boys had written and sang to you on your birthday that year.

“On days you hate being yourself, on days you just want to disappear forever. We’ll make make a door in your heart.”

Jimin joins in at this point.

“Open the door and this place will await, It’s okay to believe, the Magic Shop will comfort you.”

Jungkook and Taehyung join in for the chorus.

“While drinking a glass of hot tea, and looking up at the Milky Way, you’ll be all right. This here is the Magic Shop.”

You, Yoongi, Namjoon, an Hoseok join in singing the hook, the boys sing the first part as you start to respond with the lyrics.

“So show me.”

“I’ll show you.”

“So show me.”

“I’ll show you.”

“So show me.”

“I’ll show you.”

“Show you, show you.”

The eight of you lie in the slightly damp grass, little tears coming from once dry eyes.

“Okay, it’s getting a little late, we should pack up and try to find a hotel.” Jin says as he gets up from the grass and wipes the back of his legs off with his hands.

The rest of you follow, dusting yourselves off as you pile into the large van one by one.

“I’ll drive,” Yoongi offers as he takes the keys from Seokjin. Seokjin tries to protest but Yoongi’s already turning on the ignition. The rest of you lean against one another, eyes drowsily closing.

You’re in the middle-most seat, squished inbetween Namjoon and Jimin, the two boys warm bodies luring you into a soft sleep.

-end part one-

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