Cú chulainn (Morrighan's chant)


Another look at the old story of Cú chulainn and Morrigan- from her perspective

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Cúchulainn (The call)

Cú chulainn, cú chulainn...

Yonder lies he, sleeping after a long way home.

Cu chulainn, cu chulainn...

His eyes of forest green closed,

And the flames dancing in his hair in the dusky light...

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn ...

Let me touch you.

Let me feel the fire within you.

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn...

Let me marvel at the flames

Dancing in your hair.

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn..

No mortal can resist you,

No goddess can tempt you.

No passion can trouble you

In your sleep tonight.

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn,

No price is high enough

And nothing I wouldn't give

To touch the flames

Dancing in your hair...

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn. ..

No goddess is good enough

To tempt you-

Yet I will try.

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn...

Thrice have you refused me,

Thrice I begged,

Thrice I came to you unarmed.

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn...

Death awaits you,

For I have washed your armor

At the fort tonight.

Cu chulainn, Cu chulainn...

I will make you mine-

If not in life, in death-

For nothing is more precious

That the flames dancing in your hair.

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