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MANAN - An Affair With My Wife


Manik and Nandini are married, but what happens if his ex wife comes suddenly.. what twists will it bring to the life of Manik and Nandini?

Romance / Drama
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Hey guys....welcome to this new story and I hope that you all will support me, and love this book. Honestly speaking, this story will have only 15 chapters, as this is a short story..


“Nandini... where’s my brown shirt” asked Manik from restroom, while Nandini shouted from her kitchen, ” Manik.. it’s in the closet only.. just take it.. i am making rotis..”

Manik smiled and yelled, “Nandini... I am in restroom so please give it to me... as I forgot to take it..”

Nandini washed her hands and picked up the brown shirt for Manik and knocked on the restroom door...

He opened the door and pulled her in.. with him while she gasped...

“Manik...leave me.. I need to cook” nudged Nandini But Manik switched on the shower which made Nandini’s saree stuck to her body and he smirked..

“Manik.... see because of you, my saree is also wet now.. uff..” scolded Nandini but he started to place mini kisses on her exposed part which melted her anger in a jiffy...

They were under the shower, romancing...Manik’s kisses were making Nandini very weak and she was enjoying this a lot.

He dropped her drape and began re-exploring her hidden parts....

Meanwhile, someone called them from outside and Manik signed saying, ” this Mahep is irritating me so much.. what does she want?”

" Manik.. it must be about Tisha.. so you shouldn’t neglect...” explained Nandini and stepped down from the shower chamber after adjusting her saree while manik also wore his clothes and opened the restroom door..

Mahep was shocked seeing them together in the restroom while Manik was irritated seeing her

“Mahep, I and Nandini are married so you shouldn’t come here without knocking..” spoke Manik curtly while Mahep felt hurt and angry...

" Manik, you know i always come here for tisha.... it’s her ptm this Wednesday and I came here to say that only....” spoke Mahep curtly while Manik nodded his head saying, ” yeah... but you could have messaged me right!”

“Tisha wanted me to personally tell you.. hence I came otherwise I have no interest in seeing my ex husband’s romance...” Mahep insulted politely... eyeing Nandini...

“Ok I will be there..” spoke Manik and Mahep received a call...

" yeah.. what?” Mahep dropped her phone shocking Manik and Nandini..

“Mahep, what happened?” asked Manik while Mahep started crying and said, ” Manik, tisha got into an accident and now she’s in the hospital..”


“Dad.. please stay with us.. I really need you..” spoke tisha with sleepy eyes while Manik felt bad...


“Nandini.. I am going to live with Mahep, Dadi and tisha as they need me..” spoke Manik while packing her bags and Nandini put up a brave face in front of him.. but only she knew how much it’s hurting her...


Manik Malhotra: He is 32 and is the Marketing executive in a highly reputed firm. He’s doesn’t have his parents, only has a Dadi. He’s divorced to Mahep Gupta and got recently married Nandini verma recently. He has a 8yr old daughter from his first wife, tisha.

Nandini Manik Malhotra nee’ Verma: She is 28 and is junior marketing executive in the same firm as Manik’s and works under him.. that’s how their love bloomed. She accepted Manik with his past and is okay if he keeps any connections with his family as she understands that his daughter needs him too.

Mahep Gupta nee’ Malhotra: She is 31, Manik’s ex wife and tisha’s mom.. she is an arrogant and a selfish lady who only sees her own benefit, but she extremely loves tisha. It’s a big mystery that why Manik and Mahep got divorced. She still lives in the house owned by Manik along with Manik’s Dadi and tisha.

TishaManik Malhotra:She is Manik and Mahep’s 8yr old daughter who loves her mom and dad. She hates Nandini as she thinks Nandini has separated her parents. She is very stubborn and aggressive in nature.

Anita Malhotra:She is Manik’s Dadi and loves him a lot. She adores Tisha and Mahep. She believes that Nandini has broken manik’s “happy family”. She always pesters Manik to move back and live with them.

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