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Vicious Mate | KookV


When the next head alpha in line finds his mate at 16 But his mate isn't exactly how he wanted him to be... Warning! Smut Cussing Violence Mpreg Top: Jungkook Bottom: Taehyung

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

First story on this app! Wattpad is getting out of hand...

But I still have it lol.

Some warnings before you read:


•Age gap ( 9 years)

•Mpreg ( yes I don't really like mpreg but its apart of the plot so)


•Cussing ( who cares lmao )

•Underage relationship ( 16 and 25, but towards the end they will become of age)

For mature readers only.

Readers need to know:

•Male omegas can only get pregnant during their heat.

•If you have a favorite scent, your mate will smell like that.

•Omegas have light hair and light eyes, which makes their wolfs white.

• The packs are huge, basically considered as a whole country. The head alpha will be viewed as a king, and his pups will be viewed as royalty.

•If your mate is the same gender as you, then you're gay now lmao. No one cares about turning gay though, they only care about their mates.

•Wolfs have the ability to find their mate at the age of 16

Enjoy this book and thank you for reading!


3rd person's POV:

"Jungkook! You're late again!" The head alpha, the king, booms as he stands up from his chair, stomping towards his newly arrived son.

Jungkook scoffs. "Calm down. Namjoon had me do a couple of background checks in the castle before practice started, he broke a few things so we had to clean up. If anything this is Namjoon's fault that i'm late." He argued.

"Nonsense. If Namjoon does something, then you leave that to Namjoon. But you must always arrive on time to your alpha training. Even if it was the end of the world, I will scold you for being 2 minutes late." His father turns around and walks back towards the table.

Jungkook rolled his eyes. "Dramatic much." He says as he pulls out a chair.

"You're 16 Jungkook, this training is important, i'm not being 'dramatic'. You must know everything about how to be a great alpha, so you can take my place in the future. This will teach you how to control our country, and how to act towards your mate and pups." Jungkook groans at his father's proud speech.

"I'm to young to learn about this mate shit."

"Age doesn't matter in our world. You know I'm 12 years older than your mother, and I found her when I was 17. I married her when she was 16, and of course some people didn't support since I was 28 at the time, but she was my mate and that didn't matter. I loved her then as I still love her now." He smiles.

"So you're telling me, even if im 40 years older than my mate, our relationship will still be supported?" Jungkook's face held disgust.

The king rolled his eyes. "Jungkook, I've never heard of mates being 40 years apart. And I think that'll never happen." Jungkook hums.

"Good." He sighes, feeling relief overwhelm him.

Before his father can open the text book, a guard rushes into the room.

"Alpha" he bows, "some teenagers were caught smoking near the royal gates, which is a non-smoking zone. We caught them, but we don't know what to do because they are still children." The guard announces.

Jungkook sniffs the air. He can tell the guard was a beta.

Royal alpha's ( a true blood ) have incredible senses as you can tell.

The Head Alpha growls. "Dammit we can't make it through one lesson. I'll take care of the teenagers. Jungkook, don't leave this room." The king demands. He shifts into his medium-sized wolf form and runs out of the room with the guard following behind.

Jungkook smirks to himself. He really thought he was going to stay? Jungkook stands up immediately and leaves.


Jungkook hated everything about the village.

He hated the people, the shops, the pups that lived there, and the noisy clatter.

He was rude to anyone that walked in his way, he didn't care what rank the wolf was or how kind the wolf was, if he said "Go" then you go.

Thats why no one dare to speak or even look at the Prince. They knew he would snap.

Of course, Jungkook knew he couldn't go to the village alone, so he brought his only friend; Namjoon ( Namjoon also came so Jungkook won't scare someone shitless).

So there they were, sitting on a bench in the middle of the village's woods, sitting in silence and listening to each other breathe.

"We probably shouldn't have left, I mean your father will get angry-"

"Enough. I don't care about what he thinks or does. I don't care enough to talk about him. Let me sit in silence." Jungkook interrupts.

Namjoon sighes loudly and sits back. He turns his head towards Jungkook and saw that his eyes were closed.

It was peaceful, and Namjoon gets why Jungkook wants to enjoy this peace. You can hear the wind rush through trees, the sky rumbling a little; alerting that a storm is near, water from the tiny pond was splashing against the rocks, birds chirping and-

Kids screaming and laughing.

Jungkook snaps his eyes open and groans. "Get 'rid of them Namjoon" He orders.

Namjoon nods, getting up and walking towards the tiny pups running around and playing tag not far from them.

"Pups." Namjoon stands in front of them, they suddenly stop playing and laughing, turning towards Namjoon; eyes going wide of how big and 'fancy' he is.

"The Prince wants to relax, can you kids go find another spot to play in?" Namjoon flashes them his dimples smile as he spoke in a sweet voice.

"B-but sir, this spot h-has always been our play spot." A boy with ashy-blonde hair and green eyes speaks up.

Something in Jungkook makes him immediately stand up after hearing the boy's voice.

He sharply turns towards the boys and a loud growl comes from his throat, and Jungkook didn't know why he growled. It grabbed everyone's attention as they stared wide-eyed at the alpha.

Suddenly, a strong scent hits his nose. Pine trees with apples.

Jungkook always loved that scent, it reminds him of home on the holidays.

Chills suddenly run up his spine, his head spins but inside his chest he felt euphoric.


He turns his head towards the ashy-blonde pup who gave him a questionable look.

One glance at this child made Jungkooks senses sharper; his hearing above normal, eye-sight on point, and his nose can sniff anything from miles away.

He sniff the air once, and instantly knew everything about this child.

7 years old.

Male omega.

Kim Taehyung.

His wolf tells him everything about Taehyung.

His walks towards the shaking pup and stands in front of him. Mate. Mate. Mate. His wolf won't stop chanting.

"I-Im sorry... we can g-go s-somewhere else." He whimpers.

No. Jungkook doesn't want him to go. He wants to hold the tiny pup in his arms possessively and wants to make sure no one will ever glance at him.

He wants to keep Taehyung, take him back to his castle so he can feed him, bathe him, spoil him, give him everything he wants, make sure he's a happy child, and when he old enough, he wants to mate with him.

God, if that child is happy then he's happy.

Just meeting his mate made Jungkooks thoughts go insane. He smiles brightly and reaches out to touch the pups face until Namjoon grabs his wrist.

He had a knowing look on his face.

"No." He said sternly.

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