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Hi lovelies! First of all, I apologize if this theory has already been posted, it's something that I thought of while watching the film and I don't think anyone has mentioned it! I have watched the film several times now (more than I would like to admit) and I absolutely adore it! The more I've watched it, the more I've been able to piece together why Crybaby hesitates at the end. Some people say it's because of Kelly or Leo (which would make sense) but I think there's a deeper explanation that a lot of us may not have noticed. It's hinted at throughout the film but easy to miss when you're first watching!

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Chapter 1:Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the bus starts with Kindergarten, anyone remember the first time you rode a bus, and the kids around you were yelling you and you’re jumpy cause you’re new to this.
That’s what Crybaby is feeling.As it goes down crybaby’s way of stating that day to day she has to keep her mouth shut about the stunts that her classmates are pulling, because she fears it will only lead to more issues with the kids tormenting her worse , and the teachers and faculty ignoring her cries for help. when Crybaby and Angelita get off the bus (The Driver is a perv).The struggles that they go through while trying to go about there every day lives. It also shows us a glimpse of how hard it is for them to do everyday activities (such as ride the bus), when adults ignore what is going on and leave problems ion the school system unsolved. Another nod to issues in the school system is fact that the bus driver is constantly drunk in this scene in the movie).

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