Dreams of Erebor


The dreams of a group of hobbit fangirls that seem too good to be true.

Fantasy / Romance
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Part 1

We were normal teenagers. We spent time on our phones, had crushes on actors or singers, or any cute guys for that matter. We went to high school to try and do our best even if it felt like hell. We had our differences in family, likes, and dislikes, but the two things we had in common is that we were big fans of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films and books, and we all said we were potatoes. Haha, no really it was how we all felt but it didn’t bother us too much. Heck, I had a boyfriend who disagreed with that. Both those things caused us problems though, bullying to be exact. A group of mean female dog girls and I mean really mean, picked on us because we didn’t like, wait for it, One Direction instead. Now hold up, I know it’s the most predictable and clique thing in the world but for some reason, it’s how this group of girls think. Everyone else, including others who like the British Boy Band, does seem to think we are nerds because of our love for the epic fantasy classic, but they didn’t bully us. It’s just this group of Directioners had a problem with us. We did hate them for the cruel abuse they gave us, but we didn’t hate the band for it as it wasn’t their fault. One my friends and girls in this story Daisy would be sad if we did something like that because she likes the bad, Louis I believe is her favourite, plus hating them for something that wasn’t their fault would make us no better than the girls that bullied us. What she wouldn’t do though was stand up for herself when our bullies say she shouldn’t even like him and that she’s ugly. She was as quiet as a mouse most of the time, and them bullying us one day was when our story began. And how our lives magically changed. We were in science class talking casually while we worked away when the teacher stepped out to deal with something letting one of our main bullies, and nastiest, Bianca start a scene.

“Hey, nerds!” She yelled, her nasal voice hurt my ears and she walked to our table. Her make-up was heavily done. My friend Angie wears makeup and she doesn’t wear it like that. Bianca’s hair was greasy and stunk of hairspray. Her uniform was neat but her top was unbuttoned at the top and her short pencil skirt only just covered her bum and it was pulled up right under her bust. She looked was a slapper yet she acted like she was stuck up. “What you talking about?” She asked and put her hand on her hip and shifted her weight to her right leg almost like she was doing a pose.

“Just stuff, including our work,” I replied with a shrug. She snickered.

“I bet you talking about the stupid habit aren’t you?” She spat bitterly. I sighed. All but one of my friends ignored her.

“It’s the Hobbit and it’s not stupid!” Angie always had a voice as big as her heart and she wasn’t afraid to use it. I looked up at her with pleading eyes hoping that she’d not cause too much of a scene so we could get on with our work. She looked back at me. Her pale blue eyes were confident and brave. They stood out next to her dark purple hair that she was planning on dying it black but she didn’t get a chance to. She was a pretty girl and had dated a few more boys then I had. She did get a response from Bianca though and Bianca spoke again getting us all to look at her.

“Actually it is, Butlo Boggins, Gandork and Thorin Oakenshield are all stupid.” She tried to insult, but I couldn’t help but grin since she backfired and got the last name right.

“Well you did get the last name right and we could say the same thing about Larry Storms!” I joked and my friends all laughed. Bianca screamed in anger and stormed back to friends.

“Nice one!” Angie said and patted me on the back. I nodded thanking her and giggled. Thorin was my favourite character out of The Hobbit movies. He was an interesting character, even if he did act a little grumpy, but I just think he needs a hug. Some of my friends like other characters in the film like Bridget for example, who introduced us all to the world of Middle Earth and everything in it, liked Legolas. A little too much at times but we didn’t judge each other and it didn’t matter. Sorry! Going off task. Anyway, my friends and I finished science after the bell granted us our freedom at ten-thirty letting us go to break. We walked to the library and sat down on the circle of cushioned chairs we usually sat on.

“Uhh, they are getting worse!” Bridget moaned and I nodded.

“I wish they would just shut up and leave us alone, we didn’t do anything to them.” Daisy protested.

“Except being potatoes.” I murmured under my breath getting a nudge from Angie.

“They are just mean, and that isn’t true especially for you since you have a boyfriend.” She joked with a girly giggle. My other friends let out laughs too. Roxy, Bridget’s un-identical twin scoffed.

“I’m glad I don’t have a fangirl crush on anyone, or a cheesy romance with a boy.” She muttered rolling her eyes at us. Roxy and Bridget were the complete opposite, Roxy being a tomboy and Bridget being a fangirl but they loved each other as sisters and had mutual friends. We all let out chuckles at Roxy’s words then spent our time either reading or chatting until break time ended and we had to go to double mathematics. Torture, and it dragged but we got through it and went straight for lunch. We had our food and went to the library again to escape our bullies who prevented us from going outside to relax. I was complaining though I was happy to read some fanfictions online! And a few of my other friends probably would do the same. Angie read some Dan and Phil fanfictions, Daisy was reading some One Direction fanfictions and me? I was reading some, not surprisingly, Hobbit fanfictions. I found a new hobbit fanfiction to read when two more of my friends arrived. Jasmine and Talulah came into the library.

“Talulah! Jasmine! Over here!” Bridget called and waved to them.

“Hey, guys.” I greeted and Roxy did the same.

“Hey everybody!” Jasmine said brightly and sat next to Roxy.

“Let’s get to work on that Geography project,” Roxy said to her and they both looked at the computer in front of them. Talulah got a chair and sat next to Angie.

“So did you guys get any trouble with Bianca and her mean friends?” Talulah asked and some of us snickered.

“Pardon my French,” I began getting grins from Angie and Bridget as they waited for my joke. “But she’s as bitchy as usual,” I said bluntly.

“Speaking of French,” We all jerked our heads to the left and saw the last and most estranged one of our bunch. Betty. Her dark brown hair and blue eyes made her seem pretty. She was however seriously bullied because of her being skinny. She was outgoing though, especially with boys. “Hating those damn classes, the teacher is so lazy.” She groaned and perched next to me. “I think Sally here’s probably doing better than me.” My smile vanished at her words and I looked down. I felt the eyes of all my friends on me and my heart sink and my face go pale.

“Sally, what’s been happening in French?” Bridget asked after I didn’t say anything, but I could help but let my throat choke up.

“Teacher, says I’m going to fail.” I quickly and swallowed away the sad feeling that was building up in me, I didn’t want to cry in front of my friends even though they all had looks of concern on their faces.

“And I agree!” I broke down in tears holding my head in my hands. Betty and Angie rubbed my back as I sobbed.

“Can’t you swap to R.E or art?” Bridget asked and I shook my head.

“I’m just going to fail miserably.” I cried trying to keep quiet as we were still in the library.

“Have you been trying your hardest?” Angie asked and I wiped my eyes then nodded. “Then that’s good enough.” She told me, almost authoritatively and gave me a comforting pat on the back. It did make me smile.

“Thanks,” I said to as Bridget gave me a tissue. “What, what we got next?” I asked and blew my nose. Ruby looked on her school timetable and sighed.

“P.E,” She moaned and we all did the same.

“I’d better run home and get my kit then.” I sighed and got up then picked up my bag. “See you in about twenty minutes,” I said and walked to the main entrance. I showed the guard my school ID and he nodded letting me go. I strode quickly down the road to my house.

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