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Lena is a 23-year old, ARMY. However, her life is cut short in an accident. But she suddenly finds herself in the past - 5 years in the past to be accurate. What will her life be like now? Can she ever go back to her original timeline? > BTS FanFiction > Alternative endings > Time Travel AU

Romance / Scifi
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November 24th 2018

After Lena was out with one of her best friends - who is also a BTS ARMY - for her birthday and got taken to a K-Pop store, and given other BTS merchandise, she heads home in an ecstatic mood.

She walks on the path passing a large department store humming β€˜I’m Fine’ by BTS with earphones on.

She stops at a crossing waiting for the light to go green. As it does, she crosses not noticing a speeding truck coming her way.


She collides with the truck.

Blood coming out of her head. Slowly losing her conscious.

The blaring of ambulance sirens, shouting and screaming rings in her head as her vision fades to black.

β€˜Ah, I guess I’m dying... Haha... I didn’t even get to meet BTS yet...’ She thought as she completely loses conscious.


Blinding sunlight causes a girl on a swing at a silent park to shut her eyes tight as she tries to open them.

As her eyes adjust to the light, she slowly opens her left sapphire blue eyes and right sliver grey eyes.

Yes, this girl has different coloured eyes. And what’s more? Is that this girl was supposed to be dead.

Or so she thought.

Lena looks around, scanning her surroundings. She realises she was at the park nearby her apartment.

Memories of the accident suddenly rushes to her head causing a headache. She holds her head in pain.

β€˜What? I thought I died when that truck hit me’ she thought. The throbbing pain still in her head.

She was taking this quite well. A normal person would be freaking out. However, to her, panicking would not solve anything, so she keeps calm.

Just as her brains hurt from thinking of the possibilities of what happened, a newspaper flies to her feet.

’Date published: November 24th 2013β€² She read.

Her eyes enlarged to the size of frying pans. It was like her eyeballs were going to pop out.

β€˜2013!??’ She internally screamed.

β€˜Wasn’t the year 2018? Why does it say 2013? What? Did I time travel 5 years in the past when I died? Impossible’ She scoffed at the idea.

Unfortunately for her, it was possible. Lena had gone 5 years to the past.

What will her life become now?

Continue reading to find out more.

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