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November 24th 2013

It had never crossed Lenaโ€™s mind that she would be in such a situation.

โ€˜Great. Just great. Now what do I do?โ€™ She thought.

So, what does a normal person do, when theyโ€™ve suddenly time travelled 5 years to the past?

No idea.

The most normal thing for Lena to do is to find answers. A way back. As she knows that panicking would not help her at all.

After walking for what Lena thought to be aimlessly, she suddenly found herself in front of the door of her apartment in the future. She has been living in this apartment for 5 years.

Unconsciously, she used her key to the apartment from the future hoping that itโ€™ll work. And to her surprise, it opened.

The furniture was the same as what it was 5 years ago. Not that much has changed during the 5 years she stayed there. Everything in the small apartment was relatively in the same position as it is 5 years later.

โ€œEverything feels nostalgic. But, where could my past-self be?โ€ Lena thought out loud.

Either way, she made herself at home. Well, technically it is her home so there shouldnโ€™t be anything wrong with it.

โ€œWell, not that Iโ€™ve secured shelter, what should I do now?โ€ Lena once again voiced her thoughts out loud.

She made a mental checklist in her head; โ€˜Shelter - Checkโ€™.

Even if she were to live off of what was already in stock in her home, it was to run out sooner or later. Also, she canโ€™t just live off her past selfโ€™s hard work and plus, she couldnโ€™t use her money as they were all made in future. It would cause suspicion.

Sure she had a few coins and notes from the past but, it would not be enough to sustain her. So, she made a mental note;

โ€˜Find job - Do ASAPโ€™.

โ€”โ€” 1:00 p.m.

Streets of Seoul, Korea

Lena walks around aimlessly, attempting to find a job.

She was a professional stylist and dance instructor in her time. So, she was hoping to find a job similar to that.

She had worked with countless people, ranging from famous singers to little children performing for a school play as a stylist.

She was well versed with the latest trends and fashion, as well as cosmetics. With just one glance at a person, she can already tell their most suitable style.

She ran a dance school teaching ballet, hip hop and many other forms of dancing. She was also an instructor in the University of Seoul of Performing Arts, training aspiring entertainers for the future.

After waking around for what felt like hours - although in reality it was actually 15 minutes - she found herself strolling the streets with street performers everywhere.

Look to the left? Performers. Look to the right? Performers. Look straight ahead? Performers. Look up? The sky. Look down? The concrete pathway.

What? Did you really think there would be street performers in the sky? Whatโ€™s wrong with you? Such a thing would be impossible. Humans canโ€™t float in the air.

As Lena was strolling, admiring other performers, a certain song started playing catching her attention.

She recognised it immediately. Well, she is an ARMY after all.

โ€œWe are Bulletproof pt. 2โ€. Her favourite song from the โ€˜2 Cool 4 Skoolโ€™ Album.

Without thinking, her legs led her towards the direction of the enchanting music.

As she arrived, she saw a group of what looked to be about 6 high schoolers dancing to the song.

They were missing a member. Being the dance freak Lena is, she didnโ€™t hesitate to offer to join.

Of course, as the world is not perfect, the high schoolers looked down upon her.

โ€œAnd why should we let you - an old hag who looks to be in her twenties - dance with usโ€

โ€œYeah! Do you even know the song?โ€

โ€œIs that a challenge?โ€ Lena was starting to get annoyed. She didnโ€™t like being disrespected. It reminded her of her parents.

โ€œHey. You over there. The one with the black shirt and pants. Youโ€™re my partnerโ€ she called out to a guy.

The guy didnโ€™t question it and walked over. Lena whispered into his ear as he nodded along to her instructions.

Without a second wasted, she coolly and confidently walked to the DJ and connected her phone, playing music.

As her performance came to an end, the whole audience was silent. However, suddenly, a loud burst of applause enveloped the silence. Sounds of clapping and cheers were heard throughout the street.

โ€œDamn, sheโ€™s goodโ€

โ€œTell me about itโ€

โ€œI think I just fell in love at first sightโ€

The high schoolers were staring at Lena in awe. Even the guy she danced with just fell in love. And he fell hard.

In the end, Lena joined the group and danced with them. She also corrected some of their steps and taught them some cool moves.

Little did she know, that a certain CEO of her favourite company was watching her.

Just as the song finished, a man walked up to her - business card in hand.

โ€œHello, Iโ€™m Bang Shi-Hyuk. CEO of Big Hit Entertainment. Is it possible to take up a little bit of your time?โ€

โ€œOf courseโ€

โ€”โ€” 5:46 p.m.

The two had moved to a more private place - after Lena says her farewells to the group of high schoolers - to a cafe nearby.

โ€œWell then, as Iโ€™ve stated before, Iโ€™m Bang Shi-Hyuk, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment. The same company that the group BTS holds a contract with. You know, the group of that song you were dancing to earlierโ€

โ€œYes. Iโ€™m well aware. Iโ€™m actually quite a big fan of them. So... what was it that you needed from me?โ€

โ€œYes.. you see. Our company is currently in need of staff, especially for our newly debuted group as you would be awareโ€

โ€œAnd you want to hire me? Is what Iโ€™m getting from thisโ€

โ€œYes. I saw you dancing and teaching those high schoolers and thought you were perfect to be their dance instructorโ€


โ€œMiss Lee? What do you say? Will you accept? You donโ€™t have to if you donโ€™t want toโ€

โ€œ...Are you kidding? I would love to!โ€

โ€œGreat! Then I shall see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. if thatโ€™s ok with you?โ€

โ€œOf courseโ€

And just like that, Lena scored herself a job with BTS - her favourite boy band of all time.

โ€˜Of course, it would be reasonable to hide the fact that Iโ€™m from the future wouldnโ€™t itโ€™ she thought to herself as she left the cafe and headed home.

It was the start of an adventure Lena thought she never would have had.

โ˜…ยท.ยทโ€˜ยฏโ€™ยท.ยทโ˜… ๐’Ÿ๐“‡๐‘’๐’ถ๐“‚ โ˜…ยท.ยทโ€˜ยฏโ€™ยท.ยทโ˜…

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