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"In which being Kim Taehyung's twin sister is a pain in ass"

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Hey! I'm Taehya and yeah I'm Kim Taehyung's twin sister.

There's only a few days before our birthday so Mom and Dad are asking what do we want for our birthday.

"So Taehyung and Taehya what do you want for your birthday since you two are turning 18 this year?"

Our Mom asked while me and Taehyung are busy eating with our breakfast. Then suddenly I heard Dad clearing his throat.

"What do you want Taehyung for your birthday???"

Dad asked while Taehyung is still busy in his food.

I nudge him and he nearly choked on his breakfast and look at me with his deadly stare.

"Umm? I don't know?"

He shrugged and continues his moment with his foods.

I rolled my eyes at him and look at Dad.

"Tss you hungry hoe answer Dad will yah?"

He stopped his business and look at me.

"Yah! I'm still older than you!"

"Yeah but we're still same age"

"Atleast I'm older for 3 minutes"

He said while I stuck my tongue at him.


"You guys are still fighting over a not so important thing? Hm?"

Seokjin oppa said while sitting beside me.

He's the oldest and second is Kim Namjoon and the youngest is me and the cunt, Taehyung.

"By the way! Mom, Dad I want a dog!!!"

I choked on my rice when he said that.

How is he going to take care a dog? When he didn't even know how to clean a dog's poop?

"How can you take care a dog?"

I asked while laughing.

"Shut up!"

He said while looking at me with his deadly stares.

"Aish this kids! How about you honey? What do you want?"

"Ohhh I want to play a piano so I want to attend a piano lessons!!!"

I said excitedly.

And now it's Taehyung's turn to choke.

"Pffts why are you going to a piano lessons when you didn't even know how to play a piano dumb potato?"

He said while smirking at me.

"You're a dumb hoe of course I will go to a piano lessons to learn how to play a piano!"

"Okay okay stop it go to your room and do whatever you want just don't do anything stupid or fight please?"

Seokjin oppa said while me and Taehyung stands up and race to our room.

"Bitch! I'm faster than you!!!"

I shouted while running at the stairs.

"Hope you trip bitch"

He said while running behind me.

"Bitch I won't----"

And yeah I tripped. While Taehyung pass me while laughing his ass out.

Hope you choke on air.

"Hey! What was that?"


I shouted while standing up while Taehyung is not helping me just laughing his ass out.

How am I twin with this tasteless fool?



We're currently on our kitchen eating our breakfast in silence, when Dad's phone ringing broke the silence.

"Excuse me let me answer this first"

Dad excused himself and went to the garden.

"Oh Taehyung we're going to buy your dog later okay?"

Mom said and Taehyung nodded.

"And you Taehya we'll sign up you for a piano lessons okay?"

I nodded happily while eating my breakfast what a great start!! Finally I'm going to learn piano.

"Um? Honey?"

Dad entered inside and Mom went to him.

"What is is honey?"

"Our company in Daegu needs us"

"Oh really? So it means we need to----"

Taehyung didn't let Mom finish her sentence when he suddenly butted in.

"Go back to Daegu??!!!!??! Hell yeah!!"

I looked at him while judging him silently.

Well shout? In front of my salad?

Dad nodded making Taehyung jolt from his sit and smiles widely.

"Woah you must be excited Taehyung ah"

Namjoon oppa said while shaking his head.

"Of course! Hyung! It's been a few years since we last went there! Of course I miss my friends there!"

He said excitedly while me here just watching him looking excitedly talking about his childhood friends.

How I wish I had a friends like him and make friends like him.

Sometimes I'm jealous of Taehyung because he have so many friends and he can do whatever he want.

While me? I only have a few friends and they are only girls. I wonder what would it feel to have a guy friend. Like Taehyung he have girls and boys as his friends.

Except for my brothers and Dad I didn't know any guys because I'm attending at an all girls school that's why. While Taehyung he's attending a normal school with girls and boys.

Suddenly an idea came to my mind.

What if I tell Mom and Dad to transfer me to Taehyung's school?????

I cleared my throat and all of them look at me. Then I smiled widely.

"Mom, Dad I want to I change my mind I don't want to go to a piano lessons anymore"

Then suddenly Taehyung look at me teasingly.

"Why? Taehya? Did your small brain realizes you don't have any piano skills? Tss you should listen to me----"

"Of course honey"

Mom smiled sweetly.

And by the way I love the sound of Taehyung make when he is being interrupted.

Peaceful as shit.

"Oh yeah she's going to transfer to an all girls school again? Hahaha----"

Taehyung got interrupted again making me hard to control my laugh.

"No Taehyung she will be going to a same school as you so that you can protect her even you two misters"

Mom said while pointing at Namjoon and Seokjin oppa.


I jolt from seat and dance.

"Tss we're really a siblings"

Seokjin oppa said while laughing.

"Oh yeah you dance like a chicken"

Namjoon said while shaking his head.

"Said the one who dances like a chicken too"

"WAIT WHAT?????!!!!"

Taehyung suddenly burst making me look at him.


Taehyung said at our parents.

"Correction! An gorgeous and amazing twin sister"

"Bitch no----"

"Okay! Go pack your clothes cause we're moving to Daegu tomorrow"

Okay Daegu here we go!!!!!

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