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24 Hours |VKOOK|


In which - Two boys are stuck inside the same Elevator for 24 hours. With each hours something inside them seem to build for the other. What could go wrong?!

Romance / Action
♔ LoRi ♔
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Heloo 🤑

New book. Im excited 😜

Lots of sexual tension between two boys who are not unfamiliar with each other.


[ Encounter ]

Taehyung made his way back home from the grocery shopping. His hands were full as he walked inside the big building he got in 2 days ago.

He made his way inside straight to the elevator. As his hands were full he struggled to push the open button so he can get in.

It was hard. But he managed it and sighed from the heavy bags on his arms . He got in and just when the door were about to be closed someone blocked them.

"Excuse me." The man said making his way inside.

Taehyung couldn't see who it was, he just said "s'okay" Taehyung moved to the side so the man could have some space.

He huffed as the door finally closed and his hands were getting weaker and weaker.

One bag slipped from his hands and fell on the ground as the oranges fell on the ground. Taehyung immediately crouched down "I'm so sorry," Taehyung said as he started picking the oranges on the bag.

"Here let me help you." The other man crouched down as he took one of the oranges giving it to Taehyung .

Taehyung smiled as he took it slowly looking up.

His jaw dropped as he saw the man he never wanted to encounter again in his life.

The one and only Jeon Jungkook.

Taehyung looked down putting the oranges back on his bag getting up.

He was shocked to see him. "Which floor?", Taehyungs head snapped towards him as Jungkook asked again the same question. "Which floor?"

"10..." Taehyung said immediately looking away. He was sweating by now. He didn't know that to do. Jungkook pushed the button to the 10th floor.

The elevator started moving up Taehyung was sweating as hell now. He peeked from his eyes observing Jungkook from his face down to his body.

When he looked up Jungkook turned around and gave Taehyung a small smile making him immediately turn around from the embarrassment.

Taehyung wanted this misery to end. Why can't this fucking elevator move faster. Taehyung cursed inside his mind.

Jungkook hadn't changed much. Just that more muscles seems to have built in his body. He was hwat. Taehyung gulped lookin down gulping.

He was......


The elevator stopped making Taehyung stumble as his legs failed him as he moved around and fell on someone.

The begs had fallen on the ground too, all over the elevator.

He slowly opened his eyes looking around, the lights were off and only a red dim light was seen.

As soon as Taehyung understood on who he fell he immediately got up moving to the other side of the elevator breathing fast.

"What's happening!" Taehyung starts panicking.

Jungkook on the other side massaged his neck, when Taehyung fell on him made him he hurt his neck.

"Mm..." Jungkook groans as he massaged his neck looking at Taehyung on the other side of the elevator who was breathing fast. "I don't know," he said with a deep raspy voice.

Jungkook got up pushing the button but they were off. He looked around the elevator and the camera seemed to be off too. He looked at Taehyung and sighed.

"Seems like we're stuck." He said taking his phone out. "I'll see if the connection is working, maybe I can call someone." Jungkook said trying to call someone for help.

Tut* Tut* Tut*....

"Fuck.! It's not working." Jungkook said putting his phone down. Taehyung immediately looks at him shocked. "What?! No. Let me see " Taehyung pulled his phone out trying to call someone, anyone.

Tut* Tut* Tut*....

"I guess we just have to wait till someone notices that the elevator is not working" Jungkook said putting his hands inside his pockets sitting down.

"What! No. We have to try something." Taehyung said looking around the elevator. "What do you suggest?!" Jungkook asks taking an orange pealing it with his hands.

Taehyung looks up and sigh. "Pick me up." He said.

Jungkook looks up at him and sighs. "That's not going to work." He says . "At least we can try rather than sit around." Taehyung says and Jungkook sighs again, eating the orange.

"If you say so." Jungkook brushed his hands against his pants, getting up. He looked at Taehyung and Taehyung blinks.

"Let's do this." Jungkook mumbles getting on his knees ready for Taehyung to sit on his shoulder so he can pick him up.


I'm literally so excited for this book. I mean there's gonna be lots of sexual tension around here .

24 hours. What's gonna happen?

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