A Cinderella Story the Glass slipper the prince


This is a Type Of a version of the story of Cinderella Camila cabello her as Cinderella

Horror / Fantasy
Lauren Breaux
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A Cinderella Story the Glass slipper the prince

Once upon a Time at a place like a kingdom there was a Latina girl who is Cinderella she Dreamed Of Being with the prince with him Of That For she wanted to be with him that she was Stuck Working And Doing Chores For Wicked stepmother And her two evil stepsisters in her house of that her Wicked stepmother was a Latina her two evil stepsisters wore Latina as well that her Wicked stepmother wouldn’t stop telling her to do chores for her in her house for her that Do this And Do That her mother who was good and kind to her passed away and Died And was Gone that her mother was a Latina That she fell in love of her husband of him who’s Latina That she had wanted and desired to be with the prince with him that ever more that she was sad that her mother was gone that outside the place Kingdom that way the prince went to her gave her invention inviting her to a ball a dance there that she said to him I will be there that warning this Cinderella story might be sad and Draker though that cause some fairy tale story’s end in a unhappy way that she wore her mother ball gown dress on her that her Wicked stepmother said to her why are you warring that dress I burned that Dress by that fire that she said to her why I liked this dress her Wicked stepmother toke the dress off of her and burned it by the fire that she said to her how could you do that to that dress that she ran went outside crying in a sad way that her fairy godfather showed up he said to her don,t be sad you,ll be with the prince with him that he magically put a Flawless Modernized Cinderella Dress on her that he magically put two glass slippers on both of her feet that she could with the prince with him that he said to her remmeber when the clock strike 12 o clock midnight everything will be the same as it was before that have fun she said to him I will That she didn’t know what will happen if will be good bad of it being good that

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