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Iron restrictions


Believe me, it is not iron restrictions Yes, those obstacles that block your dreams and the sequence of your feet are not iron, so do not despair, as the elephant despaired !! The elephant whose owner tied it with iron shackles to tame it The elephant tried to break it and did not succeed and did not try again, although its owner replaced these restrictions with a wooden one. However, the elephant did not realize that its potential to eliminate these restrictions is much greater than its size and strength. 90% of our impotence is nothing but imagination and illusion because we mistakenly believe that there are iron chains that restrict our movement from progressing.

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Chapter 1

one day , there was a small white elephant which had been hunted and sold to a big zoo in another country.
the zoo oowner decided to tame the elephant so it does not run away.He tied the elephant s foot with iron cuffson the first day , the elephant tried ti take off the cuffs, but it could not. the next day , it tried harder until its foot was in pain . On the third day , it tried one last time as the pain grew fierce . Finally , on the fourth day , it gave up and succumbed to its pain.
The zoo owner was a very smart man, he did a little experiment by removing the iron cuffs and replacing them with wooden cuffs while the elephant was asleep. Of course it would have been so easy for the elephant to break loose, but it continued to be submissive thinkin the cuffs were made of iron .
After serveral days, the owner decided to to put the submissive elephant on display.
One day , a little kid visited the zoo with his mother. When he saw the white elephant , he ask thz owner:_ Why the rlephant did not break the wooden cuffs and run away ?
_ you and i know that the elephant is strong enough to break the flimsy cuffs, but the elephant was not aware of its strength and the weakness of the cuffs.
the reason i am telling you this story is because somtimes we put ourselves in chains and think our powers are limited while in fact
this is in our minds only .IT IS WOOD NOT IRON

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