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Hurt. I can't shake.


Just an Billie Eilish and her family story-Fanfiction

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Chapter 1

Early in the morning, Billie had woken up to her mother and father fighting and arguing about something, she couldn't here much of the argument. She got up outta bed, walking downstairs as she sees the mother packing up as her brother, Finneas goes to her "Billie?" He said, crying "ma and dada are getting a divorce and me and you have to be in the orphanage because they don't know who me and you should go with" he said, sobbing "but as long as you here, nobody can take away this happiness I have" he smiled as she wiped away the tears that were coming out from Finneas' eyes "don't worry, at least we will be together" she said as she fake a smile. Finneas pulled her out of the home "we gotta go before father beat you" he said "beat me? What about you?" She asked Finneas. He shooked his head "he doesn't like Females, he only likes males" he said as he whispered "I think he might be gay" there would be a knock at the door as the mom, Maggie would open it to the orphanagency "Hi, you must be here for Finneas and Billie" she said before allowing them in "they're over there" she points to Finneas' and Billie's direction as the agency went to them and took them to the orphanage and put them in the room with the rest of the orphans. One of the orphans who been there for over 10 years, went up to them "Hi, you guys must be the new ones" hmshe holds out her hand "I'm Lillidith Lucidita Willson but you can call me Lilly for short or whatever" Finneas looked at Billie as Billie shook her hand "I'm Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell but you can call my Billie or Bil for short" then Finneas shook her hand "I'm Finneas Baird O'Connell" he said "Nice to meet you, Billie and Finneas" Lillidith said "I am 19 years old and I really hope we can be friends" Lillidith said. Finneas looked at Billie again, she rolled her eyes before lookong at Lillidith "I'm 17 years old and I hope we can be friends too" Billie said "And I'm 22 years old and I guess if you and Billie becomes friends, I have to be your friend" he said as Billie smack the back of his head, gently "Be nice" she said as Lillidith laughed "I hope we can get adopted together" she smiled "I really wanna get out of this hell hole" Lillidith said "Aren't you supposed to be kicked out once you reach 18?" Finneas asked "What about you? You're 22" Lillidith said "Touchè" he said, Lillidith nodded. Moments later about 3 to 6 hours, a couple can in about in theirs 30s or 40s and ask to abpot, the receptionist rook them to the room and told them which ones were for adpotion and which ones weren't. The female of the couple spoke "Honey, how about that one?" as she pointed at Finneas, her husband nodded "we'll like that one" he said as he pointed at Finneas "You're gonna have to adpot his sister as well" the receptionist said. "Do we have to adopt his sister?" The husband asked "Well, we would like you to becaisr they're family but you don't have to" the receptionist said "We don't really want a daughter, we just want a son but we'll adopt her if we have to becuase they're family" the husband said "okay, you both just have to sign a few papers" the receptionist said as she given them some papers to sign and told them where they have to sign. The do and the receptionist went into were all the orphans are "Okay, so, Billie and finneas, you're guys are getting adopted and Lillidith, you can't come wirh them because you're not related to them, sorry" the receptionist said as Lillidith waved a sad goodbye to Billie and Finneas "Bye, friends, have a good time" she fake a smile since they were her only friends as the receptionist took them to the couple as the female greeted them "Hello" as the husband rolled his eyes "I only wanted the boy but we were forced to adopt you" they took them to the car as Billie went back inside just to spend a couple of hundreds and hundreds of dollars to adopt Lillidith and they allowed her to since she was old enough and Lillidith was haooy to be adopted especially by the one who always excepted her for her "Thank yoy very much, Billie, thank you for adopting me" Lillidith said while hugging her with a big, bright smile. Billie giggled "You're very welcome" Billie said as she walked out of the agency. The husband looked at Finneas "Billie and her friend" Finneas said "Ah, another scum to deal with" the husband said "Don't call them scums" the Female of the couple said "they're family" she pets Billie's head "And you're a good girl for adopting her when she needed a mother the most" she said, smiling as Billie nodded. About 1 hour later, they arrived at the home. The Female unpacked the stuff and put their stufd in their rooms. 2 hours later when everybody were sleeping, there was a loud crash as if somebody broke in

°To be continued, I know, it's horrible°

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