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Keep it Professional


A story about secretary Taehyung, and his boss, Jungkook, but they're actually childhood friends. And the fellow co-workers ship them.

Romance / Humor
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Tiny Crush


9 year old Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk were on their play date, requested by themselves.

They're soulmates, and that was proved by them as they would always hang out.

They have other friends and close acquaintances but, their friendship was just going strong.

Their two moms watched them with smiles on their faces.

They kinda thought that the two kids would actually look good together.

5 years later and the two boys were 14 yrs old.

Taehyung was walking to class, and blushed upon seeing his kookie with that handsome face of his, talking to grade 9 girls, basically 1 grade higher than him.

Taehyung was jealous, as the girls were being touchy feely with jungkook. He had a tiny crush on his best friend, TINY in all caps.

He walked up to them and pat Jungkook's shoulder, getting his attention.

He turned to him, grinned and hugged him.

The girls murmured shit while looking at the two digustingly, then they ran away.

"Good morning taetae,"

I giggled, while he cooed at me,

The bell rang and we strolled to class,

After our first class, me and kookie walked to the cafeteria to join our friend table.

"Hello jimin!," I waved at him and he waved back, same with rest.

We sat down and talked about random stuff when a boy came up to me,

"A-are yo-ou Kim Tae-Taehyung?,"

"Yes that's me, what is it you want?,"

I was busy looking at the boy without noticing jungkook put his tongue out at him,

The boy shuddered for a little bit then ran off somewhere,

I just shrugged it off then saw jungkook smiling at me, it kinda made me blush and i was just ecstastic about the small thing.

5 years of feelings for my own best friend, it's kinda amazing that as a young kid i was able to tolerate it, and yet...

I haven't confessed and he's already gotten himself into relationships, it upsets me alot.

BUT, now that i am 21 years old, it's time to man up and turn this whole crushing thing into something even better.

A possible relationship with my one and only first love!

This was more of a prologue, i'd be working on this and taekook oneshots, more especially these days because exams is over, ack

Anyways, thank you for reading this, comments will be appreciated 😳


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