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Forever Yours | Taekook


❝Even after my hopes being torn apart, even after carrying a broken heart, even after all your faults, I was, am and will be forever yours.....❞ -Taehyung Story of a young couple who is separated by the circumstances and is trapped between the bundles of misunderstandings. [Warning: MPREG] DISCLAIMER It's all just imagination based content for entertainment purposes. Don't take this seriously. It's written with no intention of hurting any person, community or place. Plagiarism is a crime, don't copy or re-post my original work in any way. © Dippy08

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Author's Perspective

It was a beautiful and bright morning of autumn. The cool breezes were hitting the ground with birds chirping on the trees and squirrels waking their babies up in their little trunk holes.

The aroma was filled with the sweet smells of dying flowers and leaves as the autumn arrived. It was truly euphoric.

A young boy was sleeping peacefully in his room while the breezes were touching his face and bare arms. He snuggled more into his warm blanket. He was lost in his dreams until he heard a knock on the door.

"Jungkook~ssii.... Get up honey! Don't you have to go to college? You'll be late" the young ravenette was awake by the knocks on the door. It was his mother who was waking him up for his college before him getting late.

"Ahh Omma... I am wakey wakey...."

"That's my baby. Now get ready. I am waiting for you downstairs for breakfast."

"I am on my way...."

Jungkook rushed to the bathroom. He looked into the mirror and blushed afterwards. He was remembering his dream in which he was in his lover's arms and they were about to kiss.

But poor boy, his Momma woke him up before they could feel each other.

Jungkook brushed his teeth and smiled widely in the mirror, checking if his bunny teeth were fully clean or not. He thumbed up and winked at himself as he was satisfied.

He took a pleasant shower and wore his clothes. He used to look hot and sexy in his outfit. His brown timberland boots with his ripped jeans and black jacket on top of his loose T-shirt made him look like a model.

He ran downstairs and grabbed the sandwich that his mother prepared for him. He ate it and drank the juice afterwards.

"Mom I need to go, bye, take care" Jungkook pecked his mother's forehead.

"Bye honey, take care of yourself" she smiled widely and waved him bye.

The young handsome grabbed his car keys and went to his garage to get his car.

The girls in his neighbourhood were whipped for him. Whenever he walked on the way, the girls' eyes used to turn into hearts. They all were crazy for him and if he gave them a single look then it used to make their day.

Jungkook knew everything but he wasn't interested a little bit. He was just waiting for the right person and the right time to come.

He considered himself as a bisexual. The gender didn't matter for him as long as his partner would be understanding and cooperative.

He always dreamt of his ideal partner. He had always seen a person with beautiful angelic features and soft touches but he had never imagined a face.


The same morning, a beautiful bakery was opened as the morning schedule started.

The sound of people passing by and the delicious smell of the desserts filled the bakery.

A young and gorgeous boy cleaned up the tables and placed fresh flowers in the flower pot between the tables. He put the fresh cupcakes and sweet treats in the glass counter.

The silver blonde haired boy started his day as he always used to do. He then heard the sound of the bell ring on the door when someone entered inside.

"Hello Aunt," he spoke.

"Oh Taehyungssi, you're always early"

Taehyung smiled widely at his aunt.

"I am going to the kitchen aunt, I have to complete the order for the clients"

The old lady nodded with a smile plastered on her face because who else won't smile after watching the gorgeous and stunning boy.

Taehyung entered the kitchen and prepared the things required to make the birthday cake for the clients.

The blonde prepared the cake batter mixer and put that into the oven. He then prepared the icing cream and chocolate.

He was an expert in baking. True to be, he was an artist, he was great at all the artistic things, whether it's baking, drawing, painting or designing.

People around him were stunned to see such a talented person like him. He was not only perfect in his skills but he himself was a piece of art.

Having angelic features and feminine body. Boys to the girls all were whipped for him. The bakery was only popular because of him. The day when he started to work, the bakery turned out to be a hot topic in the town and the people were attracted to it like Taehyung was a magnet.

Taehyung was extremely beautiful and bright like sunshine that could light up people's lives. His smile could make the person forget his sadness. People around him were addicted to his gorgeous and euphoric smile.

All he ever wanted in his life was someone, someone who loved him more than anyone else could do, someone who hugged him and held him whenever he was sad.

His heart was filled with hopes and expectations that one day he would definitely find someone.

Will their destiny help them to find their lovers?

Or destiny will make them meet eachother?


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