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Forever Yours | Taekook

Chapter 2

Jungkook's Perspective

I drove through the beautiful road with the dead leaves on the way to college. It was a beautiful time to celebrate the weather.

Ahh! I wished there could be someone with me.

I might sound like a hormonal teenager but yes, I always dreamt about having a beautiful and loving partner.

The dream was strangely beautiful, I was in a flowery garden, roaming all around with a warm and fragile hand in mine. The garden was filled with different and beautiful flowers with a blooming aroma and the sweet smell making the surrounding feel so cheerful and relaxing.

I saw a beautiful blooming cherry blossom tree and I pulled my partner to the tree. I sat down under the tree and the soft pink leaves met with my face as the breezes hit the pinkish branches of the tree.

I leaned over with my back resting on the ground and my head laid on the lap of my partner. I looked into the eyes of my partner, which was truly beautiful and deep as the ocean. I stared at the alluring person in front of me with the cherry blossom leaves falling in the background as my partner leaned over to kiss me.....

.......but the moment was soon ruined by the knocks on the door.

I couldn't blame my mom because afterall it was just a dream not reality but really I wanted that to be real very soon. I wanted that same soft hands on mine and I wanted to feel the sweet lips on mine.

And my heart said to me that it's going to happen very soon.


I was peacefully driving on the way but my eyes caught a stranger in trouble and I parked my car aside to help the person.

The stranger was having a basket full of apples in them and suddenly the basket fell down accounting for all the apples to fall down on the sideway.

I hurried and reached the one who was in trouble.

I picked up the apples and helped the person to put them in the basket. I tried to look at the face but the bangs were covering the face of the person.

I first thought that it was a girl because of the feminine body features but my mouth hung up in the air as I saw it was a boy nearly of my age.

To say he was gorgeous would be an understatement. His hands were very slim and delicate. His body was curvy and very fragile.

I put the apples in the basket as fast as I could and he did the same. As it was done he looked at me with his ocean blue eyes through his silver blonde bangs.

And then my heart skipped a beat...

His eyes were so intoxicating and deep as the ocean that's why I wanted to fall into them so deeply.

I shook my head to keep myself stable so that he won't feel that I was a stupid guy. My eyes caught the last apple and I reached out to take it and he did the same.

Suddenly his hand was on mine and he quickly pulled it away and I passed him the apple nervously after the sudden incident that was actually a beautiful moment for me. We both stood up and his eyes were still on the ground, I bet he was shy.

Gosh I wanted to look into those alluring intoxicated eyes but he didn't put them in my desperate eyes who were searching for a way to look into his.

I was paralyzed and the time slowed down like we were living in a slow motion. I was thinking about his soft & delicate touch of his pretty fragile hands. His pretty face with those prepossessing features having pretty pinkish lips made me fall for him at the moment.

He was standing in front of me with the basket in his hands and he was holding it tightly, he was nervous and was biting his pretty bottom lip. He raised his head and looked at me with those addictive eyes and I was frozen at the moment he was extremely gorgeous.

His features were heavenly gorgeous and his body was angelic as the white long sweater was fitting his torso very perfectly. He bowed a little and mumbled a thank you and walked away.

I was wordless. I couldn't form a single sentence and couldn't reply to him. I saw him walking away and I peered until he was all gone. It took awhile for me to come to the reality.

Maybe I fell for him....

Maybe it was love at first sight...

Or maybe he was the one of my dreams...

But wait a second

who's he?

And what's his name?

Oh shit! I forgot to ask.....


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