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Bad Liar


Alaska Jones moved to New York City thinking that she had it all figured out, getting a job at the design department with Victoria's Secret was her chance to start fresh and leave her nasty past behind, but that didn't last so long, cause her boss, Zayn Malik, turned out to be a real pain in the ass who forced her to do 2 jobs and a lot of work. Feelings start to get in the way, Alaska's past is still haunting her; her criminal father, her long lost step-sister, her messed up family, her father's enemis, her mother who ran out with her boyfriend... she's a real magnet of trouble, wherever she goes problems and drama seems to follow starting with her family and ending with her crush A.K.A her boss.

Romance / Mystery
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Fresh Start

Alaska’s P.O.V

I got in my new loft in Brooklyn with my last box, the space is but it’s good enough for me since i live all alone.

It has a living room with a couch, a coffee table, a TV and a kitchen counter in the corner on the other corner is my room with a double-sized bed, a mirror, a desk for work, my wardrobe and a door of the bathroom.

It’s pretty simple, cozy and nice. I unpacked all my stuff, and got into my bed. I have a big day tomorrow, Victoria’s secret e-mailed me back, so i have an interview.

8:30 A.M


I opened my eyes to look at the clock on the side.

“HOLY SHIT, I’M LATE” i shouted as i got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to take a quick 8 minutes shower. I put on a khaki over-the-knee dress, a little makeup and let my blonde short hair down.

I put on black heels as i jumped heading towards the door, i need to get there in 15 minutes so there’s no way i’m taking the bus.

Well, i don’t mind a little morning jog. I took off my heels cause there’s no chance i’m running in those and started rushing towards the company.


“excuse me” ” sorry” “move, please” that’s what i was saying the whole time running with my coffee between people who are starring at me. Well, i don’t really blame them. I look like crap.

I stopped in front of a big building and wore my heels again. That’s just sounds disgusting. But, haven’t you ever tried walking in heels? Well try running in them. Don’t judge.

I got in as i found a girl at the reception looking like a prostitute or should i say wearing like one, she’s talking on the phone while chewing a gum.

“Excuse me, i’m here for an interview” i said at the girl and i guess her name was Jessica as it was written on her desk.

She just looked at me and rolled her eyes and kept on talking on the phone.

“HEY, i’m talking to you there”

“10th floor, Miss. Topaz’s office”

“Thank you for doing your job missy” i said raising one eyebrow and headed to the elevator as i found a man in a suit standing in it, oh wait, correction, a hot man in a suit.

“Hey hold the elevator please, sir” i shouted at him running towards the doors.

And, he did nothing as he just starred at me. But, luckily i got in time before it closed.

“Well, thanks for your help there gentleman” i said standing on his side keeping my distance and he just kept looking in front of him.

“I mean, why not help this late poor girl running in these stupid shoes? Of course not, why even bother?” i whispered to myself but he definitly heard me cause he turned to face me.

“You wanna push the button late poor girl?” he said.

“Right!!” i fake smiled at him as i pushed the 10 button.

I looked at my phone, it’s 8:57, i gotta be there at 9 o’clock.

“Shoot, could this thing go any faster?, Fuck, what a first impression Allie you really keep impressing me with your stupidity, i mean who cares about this big job, not me” i whispered moving my hands in the air.

“Can you stop talking for a second? it’s pretty annoying” he finally talked.

“Well try to be in my position, I really don’t know what luck is, cause i never had it in my life. Well that sounds a little bit dramatic, but it’s real”

The doors of the elevator opened and i asked “Finally, you know where this miss. Toby? Tobaz? Topaz, i guess” i stepped out of the elevator and he just looked at me weirdly AGAIN, creep.

“Okay, i guess you won’t help, ha? yeah, thanks anyway” i said turning to find a cute blonde boy standing printing papers so i walked toward him.

“Hey, i’m here for an interview and looking for miss. Topaz’s office” i waved at him.

“Hi, it’s just there” he said pointing at an office ,sorry, let me say that again, a crystal office. Stupid people, why bother to make walls at all if you can see what they’re doing inside anyway.

I headed to the office, knocked then entered.

“Miss. Jones, a minute late, that’s not very professional, so let’s start by the first rule, don’t ever never ever come late, if by any chance you get the job of course” she said while sitting on her chair.

“I’m really sorry, just got some trouble finding your office” i lied, well i’m not just gonna say that i woke up late, i handed her the papers and sat on the chair in front of her.

“You have 5 minutes, introduce yourself” she said throwing the papers on the other side of the desk.

“Oh, that wasn’t expected” i whispered “Well, my name’s Alaska Jones, everybody calls me Allie, i’m 24 years old, i went to the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, i studied design for 2 years but i stopped because of some family matters, but i finished my last college year last year and that’s when i graduated. In those lost years, i worked as an intern with Stacey Quinn, the vogue designer as she opened her first independant office in San Francisco and i was her designer assistant and i was a part of 3 of her collections in fact she wrote a recemmondation letter for me, you can find it with the rest of the papers, i’m saying that i really have experience in this buisness, Stacey guided me for 3 years and here i am” i said.

She looked at me a little bit amazed as she took my papers again and went through’em.

“That’s very interesting miss. Jones” she said looking at me “You got the job, you fit perfectly, so you’ll start as an intern and show us what you got”


I smiled at her and nodded.

“And you’ll have here Arthur to show you around” she said.

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