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Rewinding Time (A Tale of Time Travel)


Fate decided that Harry has not lived the life he is meant to live. Time turns back to the summer before Harry's 4th year when manipulations are unraveled and the false masks are reveled. Everyone's true colors are soon discovered, and the Gods of Time, Love and Fate make a timely visit to two Souls who will chance the future of Magical Britain for the Better .

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Beginning of the End

- In the Astral Plains -

The Gods of Fate, Love and Time were in a quandary. What to do with the life of one Harry James Potter? Father Time, otherwise known as Lord Tempus sighed at this problem. Said young man at the ripe age of thirty had lived a life not meant for mortals, not even the great Perseus' existence can compare to the torment that was young Harry's life had been.

"What are we to do?" He asked towards his brothers-in-arms.

Eros the God of Love shook his head, "The poor lad lives a lonely existence without his true intended. Cursed mortals and their love potions!"

"At ease brother Eros, for I have news that my surprise and delight you both." Spoke Fate or Lord Sors.

Both look at him curiously Tempus was left to ask, "Speak of this news Lord Sors."

"The Creator had spoken to Father Mortem about Sire Potter. They both agreed to give him a chance to relive his young life." Answered Sors a smile playing on his divine features.

Eros clapped his hands happily, "I knew the great one favored the young lad! With this chance, I can place him with his rightful soulmate."

"And I can free him from the manipulations." Declared Sors

Tempus smiled, "But first we must summon him here in the great beyond, after all, I would have to send his soul back in time."

Before Tempus could stop the hours in the mortal realm a sudden rumble filled the room, Father Mortem appeared before the three brothers, Mortem lowered his hood to show a handsome man, much unlike the grim reaper depicted in the mortal world.

"Hello, boys." Death greeted his sons.

All three bowed to their father, "Good day father."

"Your uncle, my brother The Creator, Lord Acutor has said he would like to speak to Harry before you three will bring him back to his fourth year." Said Lord Mortem.

"Uncle Sator may just have to explain to young Harry of his changed destiny." Said Tempus.

Mortem smiled at his eldest son, "Of course, but I will be giving him a blessing before he leaves the plain to help him in his endeavor."

"Father you couldn't possibly mean the Hollows..." Said Eros in Awe.

Again the elder man smiled, "Yes the Hollows. He reunited the three Powerful artifacts once thought to be lost to defeat his foe. He will have my permission to wield all three in his second chance."

"This is kid is going to be one powerful one in his second life. But how are we going to get him here though?" Asked Sors.

Tempus smirked at his brother, "That is my job brother of mine."

And with a flick of a finger, he was gone...

"I really hate when he does that," Sors said indigently.

His father and Eros laughed at his reply.

- Meanwhile in the Mortal realm -

Father Time watched as a Thirty-year-old Harry James Potter pined for the love of his life, he felt for the man in front of him. For Tempus could see that Hermione Jane Granger was also glancing at the said man across the room, not that they noticed him of course. It was May 2, 2010, another Anniversary for the Battle of Hogwarts the end of evil. Tempus held out his hand and willed for time to stop, leaving out Harry as the only one who can move.

Said young man spoke, "Who are you?"

"I thought you knew of me, Harry. I am Father Time, but in the halls of Mythology mortals call me Lord Tempus." Father Time said with a smile.

Harry's eyes widened in shocked, "Father Time, what did I do to warrant a visit from you?"

"My boy, the life you have lived was not the life Fate had in mind for you. People have pulled strings to get what they want out of you, none more so then the man you trusted in most." Said the entity hoping to gouge a strong reaction from the boy.

Harry's eyes darkened in anger, "Yes, I knew of Dumbledore's manipulation too late. I knew of his robbing me off of my family's estate, the potions, and the fact that he kept my bonded away from me. He sold her to the man I thought was my best friend."

"Indeed. I am here to bring you to the Astral Pains, my good lad."


"Because it seems like other entity's a lot like myself have decided that you deserve a second chance to live your life. The Creator has spoken and Death has granted his blessing."

"Really you and the others are willing to give me a second chance?"

"You are what we call one of our Chosen, meaning you along with your soulmate were created to purge the darkness within the Magical World, and to bring it into the modern age. Sadly both of you realized a little too late that you were meant for each other, Ronald Weasely with the help of Albus dosed you both with Amortintia, Eros was quietly miffed with this as you are not meant to mess with love at all. While Fate did not like the strings that were tied in your life by the master manipulator." Explained Father Time softly.

Harry processed what the man was saying, "I'll do it! There is still a lot of things wrong in the Wizarding world."

"Alright then let us be off."

And with that they vanished from the mortal realm, time went on with no one being the wiser. Except for one individual.

"Where's Harry?" Asked one Hermione Jane Granger.

= = = = =

Hello! My first story on this site, hopefully, this will go well with you all. A Harry Potter fanfiction with a little bit of time travel/soul bond on the side. Two very common themes in a few fanfics I have read in another story site. If you want to read my other fanfics, I have some Harry Potter themed ones on Wattpad and fanfiction.net.

DISCLAIMER! I do own the following characters mentioned. They are in the rightful hands of J.K Rowling.

NOTICE! Lines from the Harry Potter films might be featured on this fan fiction. Those lines are the property of Warner Bros Productions.

(The translations below are received from google translate)

Sors (Latin) - Fate

Mortem (Latin) - Death

Sator (Latin) - Creator/Maker

Tempus (Latin) - Time

Eros - Roman God of Love

Signing off,


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