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In which Taehyungs mirror self somehow gets freed and locks Tae himself into a mirror, away from the world. His boyfriend Jungkook is desperate to find him again but confused when he comes upon Taehyung, V in this case, who absolutely hates him.

Romance / Mystery
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Dream chapter 1

Kim Taehyung was a normal arts student with a normal life, normal friends and normal family. Except for the fact that he was incredibly shy and feared all interactions with all humans. It didn't matter if it involved members of his friend circle or people from his school, Taehyung was shy and didn't like to talk to others.

The only one he was able to look into the eyes was his own reflection in the mirror. The shy little one could only talk to himself in the mirror, always practicing his talks to other individuals but it never succeeded.

That was, until one lucky day, Taehyung came in touch with the tall intimidating football leader Jeon Jungkook. A cocky handsome playboy who knew about his good looks and captivating self.


Loud cheers and screams filled the delicate formed ears of a small blonde boy, flinching once in a while when he saw bodies hitting the ground with strong force. The petite student was watching a football play of his high school.

Biting his lip tenderly, Taehyung was looking from the Tribune down to the players, watching them play. His eyes were especially fixed on the football captain, a tall confident male shouting commands over the field.

His bright red hair was visible through his helmet and Taehyung instinctively made himself smaller when the man's eyes flickered over the students watching the game and especially him.

Taehyung didn't want the football player to notice him. Because Jeon Jungkook, jock, playboy, heart breaker, was confusing Taehyung like no one else.

It was a rather open secret in the football team that Jungkook had a huge crush on a beautiful timid blonde who was always blushing and shying away from human contact.

Taehyung although being incredibly shy, he had quite a reputation, the shy sweet kid who was on top of his classes, gorgeous looks and being sometimes in the spot of interest even though he hated nothing more. The blonde boy always wanted to be invisible but he was seen...

The entire football team actually had their eyes on the pretty little thing their team captain Jungkook developed a crush on, always teasing the male whenever Taehyung got in sight, Jungkook being flustered and wanting to talk to Taehyung but so many things, ex flings, Taehyung's shyness, made it almost impossible to talk to the blonde.

When Jungkook did for the first time he was surprised that he was even more beautiful up close. And even more shy. But Jungkook being Jungkook didn't want to give up and he stayed persistent.

Flirting with Taehyung until he was an adorable blushing mess and stumbling cutely over his words, until he was flushed red and unable to get away from Jungkook who was holding him tenderly in his arms, smiling at the other's cuteness.

Because Jungkook was crushing on Taehyung for quite a long time now, always wanting to talk to Taehyung but with his incredible shyness it was almost impossible to talk to the little blonde.

Now, Jungkook has spotted Taehyung in the crowd, a fond smile on his lips because he knew that Taehyung was just here because of him.

And it made his heart beat faster by the sight of the petite blonde cuddled up in a huge teddy bear jacket, looking utterly adorable with red tinted cheeks and pouty lips.

Taehyung on the other side was hiding in his jacket and scarf as usual, feeling incredibly out of place. He felt alone and scared, deeply regretting to come to the play. But seeing his crush playing on the field made his insides giddy, especially when their school team won and Jungkook threw his helmet away.

"He's so handsome...", Taehyung whispered to himself, staring sadly at the reflection on his phone, his own cold face staring up to him. There was a coldness in his eyes he didn't like but no matter how hard he tried, the coldness stayed in his eyes.

Another fact added to the list what he didn't like about himself.

Female students and cheerleaders ran down the stairs the second Taehyung got up and he sighed sadly before making his way to the entrance. As if I would be able to talk to Jungkook... he doesn't even like me in that way, Taehyung sadly thought to himself, head hanging low while he tightly held his phone in his hand.

He gasped softly and in surprise when sudden weight was put onto his back and he froze in his tracks, hearing the familiar voice in his ears.

"You're going without saying hello? I'm hurt Taehyungie."

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