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Time Heals All


Lucy swan is the younger sister of Bella Swan, with much darker black hair, her left eye brown and her right eye blue and standing at only five feet everyone seemed to tower over her. Most people see her as the childish younger sister of Bella Swan, but much more graceful and outgoing. She’s her fathers little girl, his right hand and someone he knows he can fall back on if he ever needed. They have an irreplaceable bond that even Bella herself hates and sees it as him favoring the younger swan girl, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lucy Swan is as expected a normal teenage girl, but that all changed the day she met the Cullens. What will happen when these things come to light? Will she fight? Will she cower away and refuse? Let’s find out in this Twilight Fanfic “Time Heals All” ~Cover art does not belong to me. This was also posted on Wattpad by me, as that is where I mainly post.~

Fantasy / Romance
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The raindrops danced down the passenger side window of Charlie's police cruiser, his youngest daughter Lucy staring out at the people milling about as he drove them through Forks and back to her childhood home. When Renee suggested that Lucy come live with her and Bella up and Arizona when she was only twelve both Charlie and Lucy were very reluctant. She was a daddy's girl and had hardly spent any time with her mother not to mention all of her friends were still here. But after many sleepless nights and multiple talks with her father and older sister Bella, she finally decided that it wouldn't hurt. Now after five years she's back and feeling better than ever, she can't say she won't miss the warm kiss of the Arizona sun, because she would, but she missed Forks more. Renee insisted Lucy finish high school being "homeschooled" and traveling with her and Phil while he followed his baseball career. She wasn't pleased with that either but she was finally finished, graduating a year early and ready to start her life back up with her father and lifelong friend Jacob.

"So Bella is with Edward today, but she said they would be their too greet us once we got back." Lucy only nodded not being a big fan of Edward after the whole Phoenix incident. "Hey." He nudged her arm with his hand lightly a sly smile spreading across his face. "I have a nonalcoholic beer and a couch with your name on it." Her features instantly brightened and she sat up straight in her seat.

"Game night?" She asked smiling from ear to ear.

"Game Night." He confirmed making her bounce up and down with excitement as they pulled into the driveway. There was no sign of Bella nor Edward so far and it made Lucy feel better. She was always so used to it just being her and Charlie that the thought of having to share her game night with Bella made her slightly uncomfortable. Her belongings had been sent up with Bella long ago when she first moved so Lucy had a long day ahead of her tomorrow with setting everything up the way she wanted. She happily followed Charlie into the home after protesting him carrying in both of her suitcases claiming she could handle them on her own, only for it to fall on deaf ears. Once Charlie left her alone in the room she made quick work of putting her clothes away, and moved some things around to her own liking before she joined Charlie back downstairs. She took her old seat on the couch and caught the can that Charlie tossed her as he pressed play on the game he had recorded. The pair sat watching the game with smiles on their faces, cheering and booing together just like they used too. She hadn't realized how much she missed being here, being around her dad like old times made her feel complete again. It wasn't until someone knocked on the door that they were pulled out of their own moment.

"I've got it." Lucy smiled and ran to the door opening it to see Billy black and her best friend Jacob.

"Uncle Billy!" She squeaked and hugged him tightly before quickly moving out of the way so Jacob could bring him inside. She didn't know how Jacob had carried him up the steps by himself but she figured it was a question for another time. Billy quickly wheeled himself into the living room where Charlie still was, leaving Lucy and Jacob in the small foyer.

"Long time no see." Jacob smiled lightly down at her as she rolled her eyes.

"I talked to you on Skype yesterday dummy." She playfully pushed him but smiled as he pulled her into a hug.

"It's good to actually see you in person is all." He smirk, a smirk she knew all too well.

"I swear to god whatever you're about to say, don't say it." She went to walk away from him but he quickly grabbed her arm.

"Hey wait, I was only going to say that the camera makes you seem so much taller than you actually are." She grumbled under her breath but couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips, before she knew it they were in a fit of laughter like they always seemed to find themselves in no matter what either of them said.

"Would the peanut gallery like to join us?" Billy called out for them and they both walked in still laughing. Taking her seat as Jacob plopped down beside her she couldn't help but lean her head on his shoulder, she had missed him so much. Hell she missed everyone so much, more then she would be willing to admit. A few hours had passed by and Charlie had just left a few minutes ago to take billy home, telling Jacob that he could stay the night with a promise that Lucy would stay at his house the next. Lucy was asleep on Jacob, his unnatural body heat had coaxed her into an early night an hour ago and he moved her onto him half an hour ago. They had always been close, closer then most and if you didn't know them you would think that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Lucy?" Bella called out making the small girl stir and burrow her face in between Jacob's side and his arm. "Jacob." Bella smiled and he matched it until he saw Edward walk in behind her. "Where's my dad?"

"He took my dad home and is bringing the truck back for me so I can spend the night." His arms protectively over Lucy as she held onto him tighter, Edward very aware of the nightmare she was having.

"Bella, why don't we give them some space." He grabbed her arm lightly as Lucy's breathing quickened, she called out for Jacob in her dream and tears pricked her eyes.

"Is she okay?" Bella was worried now, but with Edward tugging lightly on her arm, she reluctantly followed him anyway.

"Jacob!" She yelled scrambling to sit up as he helped her. "Jacob?" She questioned hoping this was real and not apart of her nightmare.

"I'm right here." He cooed, placing her hand on his chest so she could feel his heartbeat. "I'm not going anywhere." She seemed to calm down after that, laying her head back on his chest as he picked her up. Even though he liked to tease her for it, Lucy really was tiny. She was 5 feet at best and weighed only 110 pounds no matter how much she ate so she was very easy to carry around like this.

"Bella?" Lucy smiled as Jacob passed the kitchen and she finally caught of glimpse of her older sister making Jacob out her down.

"I've missed you Lulu." The nickname Bella had given her when they were younger made her smile as they shared a long hug.

"I've missed you to Bells." She whispered letting go and moving back to Jacob. "It's nice to meet you again Edward." She smiled even though she still didn't like him much she knew how happy he made Bella.

"Come on Lu, let's get you to bed." Jacob pulled her away and up the stairs wanting nothing more than to finally be away from the Cullen he so desperately hated. He waited outside her closed door as she changed into pajamas, a pair of sleeping shorts and one of her dads old band t-shirts she stole from him before she moved to Phoenix, that practically fell off her shoulder from how big it was. "I'll be right downstairs if you need me okay?" He said as she opened the door but she grabbed his hand as he moved to leave.

"Can you stay with me? Until I fall asleep?" She asked her voice only a whisper as her mind flooded with thoughts of her nightmare.

"Of course I can." She smiled and pulled him inside, covering herself up before scooting over and letting Jacob lay down with her.


"What are they talking about?" Bella asked, Lucy, having left her door open. She could just hear them talking but couldn't make any of it out.

"She telling him about her nightmare." Edward smiled, no matter how much he hated Jacob, hearing him soothe Bella's little sister made him happy that he was here.

"Good, maybe he can help her move past them."

"What do you mean?"

"She's been having nightmares since she moved to Phoenix. It's always the same thing, Vampires and werewolves fighting and then she calls out to Jacob like he's hurt."

"Does she ever say how?" Bella shook her head no the pair leaving it at that.

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