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I was strolling through the corridors, towards the dormitories. I had obliviously left my phone on my bed and had to return to retrieve it.

As I passed through a crowd of students, I was nudged to the side. I tripped by the sudden force and dropped the stack of books that I had been holding. The books scattered onto the ground as I scurried around to pick them up.

"Those uncultured twats. Can't see where they're going." I muttered under my breath.

I was about to pick up the last of the books when another hand reached for it. My eyes followed up the arm to see the person who had caused this cliché scene that usually happened in k-dramas to happen.

What I saw was ethereal. He was a tall, well-built man. He wore a white turtle neck with a black blazer and black-framed glasses. Not only that, he was smiling widely, showing off his dimples. His hair was a beautiful shade of dusty blonde, combed to the sides.

"U-um thanks," I stuttered as he handed me my book.

"No problem. So, what's your name?" He asked me.

His voice was deep and clear. He had a soft accent which was quite soothing and calming.

"Y/N. Lee Y/N. What about you?" I asked back, gaining some confidence.

"Kim Namjoon."

I continued to stare at him until he cleared his throat.

"Huh? Wha— oh I'm sorry... Hehe..." I sheepishly smiled and looked down to my feet.

"Haha see you around Y/N," he chuckled and walked away, leaving me dumbfounded.

My heart was beating so quickly as if I had just ran a marathon. I clenched my shirt in my small fists with my chubby fingers and quickly ran off to the dorms.

When I entered, I was greeted with the usual messy floor, clothes all around. Maybe a used condom near one of my dormmates bed. Disgusting. Didn't even bother to pick up her panties.

I walked over to my bed and burrowed through the piles of laundry before finding my phone.


I quickly dashed out, not forgetting to lock the door before quickly running back to the academic block. I did accidentally run into other people though. I guess, I'm an uncultured twat as well. Welp at least I apologized. So technically, I have the moral high ground.


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