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Heart That I Desire || Vkook vs Vmin


"Please don't do this to me, Jungkook, my life will fall apart" Taehyung begged as he sat on his knees in front of Jungkook, fingers entangled with each other in a pleading manner. "Can't you see? I'm trying to help you out of this lie you're living in." Jungkook whispered as he got down on his knees and clasped Taehyung's hands in his. "What if I tell you that I don't wanna get out of here?" Taehyung asked as tears rolled down his cheeks. All the traces of sympathy disappeared from Jungkook's face as soon as those words entered his ears. "Then I'll ruin you so much that you'll be forced to get out of here." ___________ Or Where Vmin are married and Jungkook is trying to break them apart, taking drastic measurements in the process to fulfill the quest.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 : The Third Person

Third Person's P.O.V :-

Taehyung was cutting the vegetables in his kitchen when two arms sneaked around his waist

Taehyung froze on his spot as he felt warm breath ghosting over his neck

He gulped the dry lump in his throat,"Ju-...Jungkook..?" He whispered

In response all he got was a nose nuzzling along his neck sensually as it breathed against his skin


He heard his named being whispered by Jungkook in a deep voice

"Jungkook, Ji-Jimin is not here..." Taehyung whispered again

"I know..." Jungkook answered,"That's why I can touch you as much as I want" He said and smiled

Taehyung looked at the kitchen's wall with helpless eyes and let go of the knife as Jungkook's hands encircled his waist

Taehyung's hand went up and grabbed Jungkook's hand from caressing his belly through his shirt,"Jungkook, I'm married, please don't forget that"

Taehyung looked down at the kitchen counter where his hand rested, the diamond ring shinning brightly on his ring finger

Jungkook stopped his movements at once before he whispered,"He isn't at home to watch you, Taehyung, he wouldn't ever find out what goes on here once he's gone"

Jungkook started to press soft kisses down Taehyung's neck as he brought Taehyung more close to his body

"Jungkook, please stop" Taehyung said again,"Respect my decision"

After hearing that Jungkook just rested his forehead against Taehyung's shoulder,"You make terrible decisions, Taehyung and one of them was to marry the man who doesn't even love you the way you should be loved"

Saying that Jungkook stepped away from Taehyung and walked out of the kitchen....

Taehyung grabbed the kitchen counter tightly as he felt his heart tearing apart in two after hearing Jungkook's words.

Taehyung was in the living room, reading a novel when he heard the doorbell ring.

Instantly a smile bloomed on his face as he stood up from his seat and skipped over to the door.

Opening it, he was met with the tired face of Park Jimin, his husband.

"Hey" Taehyung greeted with a smile as he stepped aside to allow Jimin in.

"I'm back, Tae" Jimin gave a small smile, the stress from working in front of a computer all day finally catching up to him as he stepped inside and handed Taehyung his bag, who took it with a smile.

"How is Jungkook doing?"

Suddenly the smile fell down from Taehyung's lips.

Jimin frowned,"Is he alright? Did something happen while I was gone? Did he take the medicines on right time?" Jimin blurted out in worry.

"N-no, he's doing fine, I checked on him a few minutes ago, he was drawing a scenery" Taehyung whispered back with a hesitant smile to make Jimin stop frowning.

Jimin let out a sigh of relief as he cupped Taehyung's right cheek and gazed at him fondly,"Thank you so much for taking care of him while I was gone"

Taehyung looked down at the floor while blushing slightly,"Of course, I mean you asked me to take care of him, ho-how can I not...?"


Both Taehyung and Jimin looked up to see Jungkook standing on the top of the stairs, gazing down on them.

Jimin retreated his hand from Taehyung's cheek as he took some steps forward, a big smile appearing on his lips as he took Jungkook in.

"Kookie, how have you been?" Jimin asked kindly.

Jungkook gave him a bored look,"Yeah, anyway, would you buy me some paint? I ran out of it." Jungkook stated as he shoved his hands down in his pockets.

Taehyung grasped at Jungkook's words,"Jungkook! He just came back from office, he must be tired!" He complained.

Jungkook rose a brow at Taehyung's words,"So? Can't he go and grab some paint?" He argued back.

Jimin turned to Taehyung and smiled,"He's right, it's nothing big, I'll go and grab some paint-"

"No, I'll go." Taehyung was quick to cut him off,"Please take a shower and freshen up, I'll go buy the paint" Taehyung said as he stepped sideways to put down Jimin's bag.

Jungkook 'tsk'ed under his breath and stepped down stairs,"Alright, let's go then" He stated.

Both Jimin and Taehyung perked up at that and looked towards him.

"You're going with Taehyung?" Jimin asked

"Yeah, how else is he gonna buy the one that I want?" Jungkook remarked.

"You can just tell me the name of the brand and colour, I'll get it for you, I'm not irresponsible, Jungkook." Taehyung muttered.

"No, you are irresponsible, you didn't even come to check on me when I vomited a while ago, you were too busy reading that stupid book! Isn't taking care of me your job? That's the only thing Jimin asks you to do and you mess that up as well" Jungkook said smirking inwardly as he saw Taehyung's shocked face.

"Wha-? When?!" Taehyung questioned back in alarm.

"You didn't even notice? That stupid book must be very interesting. See? How irresponsible you are? That's why I'm accompanying you" Jungkook said as he opened the front door and stepped out.


Taehyung turned towards Jimin to see his angry face.

"Ji-Jimin I-I swear I wasn't-"

"We need to talk once you come back." Jimin hissed at Taehyung and turned his back towards him as he climbed up the stairs.

Taehyung felt sad and miserable as he slowly put his jacket on and stepped out of the door.

"Why did you do that?" Taehyung sniffed as him and Jungkook walked side by side in the night.

Jungkook stared down at his side profile before facing the front again,"Did what?" He asked ignorantly.

"Lie about vomiting and me slacking off when I kept on checking up on you every 15 minutes and made sure everything was fine...?" He sniffed a bit more as he buried his face under the high collars of his jacket.

"You made it worse for yourself, if you hadn't stopped Jimin from going and restricted me from joining you, everything would have been fine, Taehyung" Jungkook mumbled as he slid one hand out of his jeans' pocket and grabbed Taehyung's hand.

Taehyung gnawed at his lips as he tried to free his hand from Jungkook's hold.

His vision was blurry as he kept on rewinding the situation over and over in his head.

"He's gonna be so mad at me.." Taehyung whispered as a sudden sob bubbled out of his lips.

He stopped walking in the middle of the road as he tried to cover his face using his free arm.

He hated his life.

It was only going downhill for him ever since Jungkook showed up one month ago at his doorsteps, begging his childhood friend, Jimin, to hide him. Apparently his step father was planning on killing him because he couldn't buy him cocaine.

Jungkook had seemed worn out, bruised, pale and thin.

Jimin hadn't even questioned anything while taking him in.

Taehyung put his heart into taking care of Jungkook in Jimin's absence.

Jungkook was quite hard to handle at first, he refused to trust him or let him anywhere near himself.

Jungkook used to have nightmares and screamed at the top of his lungs.

Taehyung tried to help him one time but was refused harshly.

Jimin started to sleep with Jungkook in the guest room, hugging him so that he'd feel the warmth and wouldn't have nightmares.

Soon it had become an unspoken arrangement in the house, Jimin would spend the mornings with Jungkook, kiss Taehyung goodbye while going to work, Taehyung would take care of the house and Jungkook, Jimin would come back home, greet Taehyung with a kiss and sleep in Jungkook's room at night.

It got quite lonely for Taehyung sometimes in his massive bedroom, over his king sized bed, sleeping all by himself.

Soon after the new addition to the family in the form of Jeon Jungkook, Jimin reveled about his childhood crush that he hovered over Jungkook.

He said that the feelings were still present in his heart and he never moved on.

Taehyung believed that was the reason why even after being married for 8 months there was no sexual interactions between the two of them.

Whenever Taehyung tried to start something Jimin would always politely turned down the offer saying he wasn't ready for that yet and they should get more comfortable with each other before starting to duel into the intense side of their relationship.

And honestly Taehyung had no problem accepting it since their marriage was arranged by their parents.

Taehyung was happy with a relationship which solely stood over the sweet interactions and gentle kisses but now Taehyung understood why things were the way that they were.

It hurt him. He felt like he was slowly dying from the inside.

Still he tried to put on a brave mask and make their marriage work.

And he was holding up well, better than he ever expected from himself but then one day, everything change.

"Can we buy this one as well? I think I need two shades of yellow to portray the sunlight" Jungkook asked as he picked up another tube of paint.

"Sure, whatever you like..." Taehyung whispered looking down at the floor, still worried about the situation he would have to face once they reach home.

Jungkook turned around to look at Taehyung's tense form entirely.

He was standing there, a shopping basket full of paint and brushes in his hands, his giant fur jacket covering his petite form, back facing the wall as he looked down at the floor and bit his lips while fiddling with his fingers.

Raw desire ran through the veins of Jungkook as he looked around to see if anyone was in the paint section.

Seeing that both of them were alone in there, he finally gave in to his yearnings.

"Wha-" Taehyung grasped as the basket was snatched away from his hands and he was violently pushed back against the wall.

"Mmm" Taehyung 'hmm'ed as Jungkook took him into a passionate liplock, pinning him on the wall with one hand while the other gently lowered the basket on the floor.

Taehyung arched up against the wall when he felt the free hand of Jungkook unzipping his jacket and sliding inside his sweater, he was wearing underneath.

Cold fingers coming in contact with the heated skin of his stomach.

Jungkook moved down to kiss his jaw while his free hand moved alone Taehyung's waist line, only to grab his ass.

Taehyung jolted up in his position as Jungkook gave his ass cheek a firm squeeze and moved down to suck on his neck.

"Ju-Jungkook...please..." Taehyung whispered arching up more, eyes turning glassy as he tried to resist Jungkook's advances.

He felt Jungkook nibbling down on his skin and his eyes widened,"Jungkook stop! Don't leave any marks! Stop!" He struggled within Jungkook's hold until he was released from it.

As soon as Jungkook let go or his wrists, Taehyung shoved him away,"What were you thinking, Jungkook?!" He asked while panicking,"We are in the neighborhood, Jimin comes here often! What if someone had seen us?!" He asked out in panic.

Jungkook cursed under his breath as he took steps forward towards Taehyung, making him back step again.

Jungkook stood a few inches away from Taehyung as he bent down a little to pick up the shopping basket and stared at him intensely,"Do you think I care?" He asked.

Taehyung looked away from his gaze in apprehension,"This is a public place Jungkook and I'm a married man" He said pushing him away slightly and walking out of paint section while fixing his clothes.

Jungkook looked at his retreating back longingly before swiftly following him out to the reception.

"Evening, Mrs. Choi" Taehyung greeted the woman in the reception with a smile on his face as he took the basket from Jungkook's hand and scooted them ahead to get checked out.

"Evening, Mr. Park" Mrs. Choi greeted and looked over at Jungkook who stood behind Taehyung,"You too, Kid" But Jungkook didn't respond.

"He doesn't talk to strangers, huh?" Mrs. Choi asked as she held the products in front of the barcode reader.

"Um, Yes, he's a little shy around strangers you can say..." Taehyung trailed off while scratching his neck in nervousness as he remembered what just took place a while ago.

"Hmm, but when it comes to you he isn't shy at all to show public display of affection, am I correct, Mr. Park?" The lady whispered in a smug tone as she looked up at Taehyung's shocked face.

"I-...ho-how...?" Taehyung choked out, insides churning up painfully.

Mrs. Choi smirked,"Well, in case, you had no idea we have security cameras set in every section, Mr. Park, consider yourself lucky that the store is empty today and I'm the only one working, otherwise who knows, how many more people might have noticed. But there's still no guarantee that more people wouldn't find out, is there?" She asked, that annoying smirk still lingering on her lips.

Taehyung looked down at his shoes, ashamed of himself,"How much do you desire to keep all this a secret?" He asked out, wearing the shame beautifully.

Mrs. Choi slid a piece of paper towards him,"Leave your number here, I'll contact you every time I'm in the need of some cash"

Taehyung silently wrote down his number and slid the paper back, paid for the stuff, grabbed the bag of products and ran out of the store.

Jungkook was about to follow him out when Mrs. Choi spoke.

"Aren't you guilty for what you did? He's paying for something that you pulled on him" She stated.

"It's Park Jimin's money that he'll be paying you with so I don't mind" Those were the last words Jungkook said before he, too, walked out of the store.

A/n :- That's it for the first chapter! Did you enjoy it so far?

Thank you very much for reading until now guys!

Love ya all!!! ❤❤❤

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