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My cheating ex-boyfriend


Olivia and Mason met over summer break and instantly fell in love with each other. A week before Olivia leaves to go back to her home town, she sees Mason with another girl. Olivia sees the girl move in to go and Kiss Mason and witnesses they're lips touch and walk into Masons hotel. Olivia is left heartbroken broken and just runs Read to find out what happens next.

Naomi Adams
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Chapter 1

Olivia's POV:

Everything is perfect. I have an amazing boyfriend (Mason) and two loving parents who try to be home with me.My mom (Cynthia) is a fashion designer and my dad (Ryan) is a Lawyer and he has never lost a case eventhough he has had that job for 19 years.

I'm walking back to my house. Currently, I am visiting Hawaii with my mom and dad for the summer.

I start to hear laughing and muffled voices coming from the beach so I decide to go toward it to see what is going on.

"When are you leaving " A girl who a bleached blonde hair, light blue eyes and a dress so
short and tight, that she looks like a stripper.

"Next week" a more masculine and familiar voice says"

I go close to work out who they are. As soon as I am close enough.

I gasp.

"Mason" I say quietly so they dont hear me.

I duck down and hid between a Bush so I can keep listening to what they're saying without getting caught.

The fake barbie crashes her lips into Masons.
A brush of hurt hits me. Mason pulls away

"Brittany" he said

But she starts to kiss him again and they both fo towards where he is staying. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they are about to do. Tears start escaping my eyes as I run

I run to where I'm staying, which is unfortunately eight next to Mason, and barge into my parent room

"Honey what's wrong"my mum cries

"I need to home, ca-ca-can I please go-go home" I start to stutter.

"Ummm sure I will just change the ticket so you can leave tomorrow morning" said my mum

"Thanks" I said.

"Don't you want to say goodbye to Mason"my mum says.
The sound of his name pains me. I just cant believe he would do that to me.

"Actually I would prefer not to, hes probably asleep and I don't want to disturb him" I lie.

"Bu-"my mum starts

""-I should start packing" I say cutting my mum off.With that, I turn and head of to my room and start shoving all of my belongings to suitcase, I'm not even bothered about keeping it organized I just cant wait to get out of here.

Next morning

Its 5 in the morning, my flight leaves at 8. I get up, brush my teeth,shower and get dressed. I decided to leave Mason a note saying " I saw you, WERE OVER!"

My mum and dad dropped me of and I am now boarding the plane the flight to Los Angeles is Just over 5 hours. But to be honest I dont even care I'm just so glad to get out of here.

Read on to find out what happens next



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