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"Blueberries and Chocolate" - A DBZ Hentai Fanfic


A STUPID 18+ Dragon Ball Fanfiction I made up. Hope you enjoy and/or cringe. Oh and... Kids; Back away plz.

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Maron X Uub (Blueberries and Chocolate) Full Story

Uub was leaving Goku's after their sparring session.

"Alright Goku", Uub said with a smile, "I'll see you tomorrow".

Goku was also smiling, "Thanks Uub; good night".

And will that, Uub flew out in the direction of his village.

As Uub was flying, he notices a strange and feminine scream in the same direction as his home village.

Uub lands near only to see a girl with blue hair screaming for help...

The two men who were harassing her were surviving soldiers of the Red Ribbon Army.

They were planning to get freaky with the girl in peril.

Suddenly (not wanting to watch it for much longer), Uub came in and obliterated the assailants in hand-to-hand combat.

They were scared and ran away...

The girl opened up her eyes and saw a man standing in front of her. She had never seen him before, so she assumed that he wasn't part of the harassment by those two guys.

"Miss", Uub spoke softly, "Are you ok"?

The girl hugged Uub and was scared.

"My name is Maron", the girl said, "I'm lost"...

Uub chuckled a bit, "It's okay". Uub offered a hand to the pretty girl, "Wanna come over to my place"?

Maron started crying and nodded.

The Next Day….

Maron wakes up and sees the man that saved her walking in the room.

Uub: Oh good; You're awake. Sorry, you passed out and I put you in my room to sleep. I'm Uub, by the way.

Maron blushed a bit.

Uub spots this and made this decision...

Uub: I'm gonna go train with my master. Do you want to go with me?

Maron thinks about it for a bit and nods in agreement.

Goku was confused.

Goku: Uub, are you absolutely sure about her being here? What if she got hurt???

Uub: Goku, I'll be sure to protect her from any falling debris and still keep up with the training.

Goku: Okay, I am just a little bit concerned about your GIRLFRIEND and our training.

Uub: G-Girlfriend?!?! Goku, you're CRAZY!!!

Maron heard the word 'girlfriend' from Uub and thought that he likes her. She blushed even more and was smiley and giggly.

Uub noticed Maron as he got into Battle Position. She winks at him and started being flirty.

Goku and Uub began to turn Red...

Goku: Uub, I'll be right back. Bye...

Goku leaves Uub alone with Maron by using Instant Transmission.

Uub was just blushing uncontrollably until Maron did this...

Uub: Maron?! What are you doing???

Maron: Pleasuring you? Because you said that you want me to be your girlfriend...

Uub realized what she was talking about and blushed.

Uub: Damn it, Goku!!!

Maron: Hey, don't you like me?

Uub didn't want to hurt her feelings, plus she is gorgeous.

Uub: Yeah, I do.

Maron jumped on Uub and kissed him, stroking his crotch area.

Uub kissed back and started to pinch her nipples.

Uub: Maron... Pull out my cock.

Maron pulled out Uub's big, hard, and throbbing dick and began licking the shaft.

She sat on Uub's face and he began to lick in her pussy, while massaging her big tits.

She began to work her tongue around his cock and began to deepthroat Uub's burning dick.

Uub placed his index finger and middle finger inside of Maron's vagina and ass.

They both moaned when they reached their climax...

Uub/Maron: I'm.....


Uub's load squirts into Maron's mouth. She swallows his cum and...

Maron: Uub... Come over and Fuck me.

Uub obliged to Maron's request and placed his cock into her wet slit.

She gasped as Uub kept pounding her in a steady, intense rhythm.

Uub: Arg… Maron, you're so tight.

Maron: Yeah, this is my first time doing this… Keep going, Uub.

Uub kept going at full power…

To respect the fact that they only met last night, Uub pulled out and came on her ass.

They both collapsed to the ground; covered in their sweat and cum.

Maron: Uub… my ass and body only belong to you.

Uub: Awesome!

A couple months go by and Uub and Maron began dating, officially.

Uub bought condoms and Maron bought birth control for every sexual activity, until…

Maron: Uub, I think that I'm ready for you to cum inside me…

Uub: Are you serious?!

Maron: I haven't been taking the pill for a couple days. I'm ready to bare your child.

Uub chuckled, kissed Maron, and they began to fuck.

Maron: Uub, cum inside of me; make me pregnant.

Uub's load shot in Maron's womb.

And so… the Story of "Blueberries and Chocolate" comes to a close.

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