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Silent Fantasy

By Graceona Cross

Mystery / Romance

Silent Hill's Nightmare

Kadaj and Loz looked at Yazoo, who had his eyes closed Loz looked at Kadaj who said, "Brother, what are you doing?" Growing irritated by the silence and lack of information being dealt by the middle size brother.

Yazoo opened his eyes looking at his brothers, "Solving our Sephiroth problems and possibly the problems with Rufus ShinRa."

Kadaj retorted, "Who would help us, not even big brother wants to aid us who would care as much to assist us, and know what we are and where we come from?"

Yazoo sighed, "Him, the executioner of the wicked, the protector of the innocent, Leonard Shepherd."

Kadaj sighed and stated, "Brother, we don't need imaginary friends right now we need a miracle to solve this."

"Imaginary no, friends only for this mission. You forget Yazoo saved me three years ago I have found it in my heart to return the kindness, don't make me regret that choice streetrat." Leonard stated as Kadaj turns around the four of them no longer in the Labs instead he stared at the nightmare he never wanted to see again, the ruler of this place the three of them stood alone in the devil's playground and was facing the town's personal demon Leonard Shepherd.

Loz looked at Leonard and said angrily, "Who are you calling streetrat? you meanie."

Leonard looked at Loz a grin on his lips, "Oh, I'm sorry, I spent years trying to think of the appropriate name to address you as if streetrat is offensive, I will be more than glad to call you as you really are," Leonard casual smiled a smile of mischief, "Remnant, puppet, or would you prefer this one worthless piece of life."

Leonard grabbed Loz's fists as it came for his head the executioner flipped him over his back and onto the metallic ground, placing his foot on the older brother's chest, looking at Kadaj, "It seems we have reached an agreement, love the idea or hate it, it would appear that we are family until this term is complete."

Leonard allowed the room to come back into view and Loz got to his feet to reveal that it was just the three of them. Kadaj looked at Yazoo and stated, "Ah, I forgot him."

Yazoo stood up as the sirens were heard coming from the offices above the labs, gunshots rang from outside, then a soldier said, "Stand down, no one could have survived that."

Kadaj looked out the small window to see a large monster staggering towards the soldiers, as gunfire rang out once more, seeing the weapons had no effect on the monster before them, before they could react the monster bent down as a circular blade made of flames ran through the soldiers. Leonard turned to his human form looking at the metal door as it withered to nothing.

Kadaj and the Loz looked at Yazoo then Leonard felt Reno's shock rod strike him in the neck, Leonard turned around to look at Reno, who swung around to run Leonard grabbed Reno's collar, throwing him into the lab, "You three forgot to mention how fun this would be, not a very nice mission memo you sent Yazoo."

Leonard saw a black glove closing his eyes with a smile "Rude, honorable to come to the aid of your partner, where was the respect you gave my son's...classified, sounds nice."

Reno now to his feet and said, "Who or what are you?"

Leonard looked around stating, "I don't desire a flowery introduction, however. I would advise the two of you to not turn around, sanity is small and very easily lost in my town."

"You got that right." Loz spoke out as Leonard looked at him.

"Speaking of sanity, may my father rest in peace. but my sanity still remains in small portions." Leonard looked from Loz elbowing Rude into the darkness, "My father desired a change and authority you are in the way of that, I will see to it that his wishes be fulfilled." Leonard looked at Reno with lightning speed he pushed the red haired TURK down to the darkness closing the way of light.

A smile crossed his lips, looking at the brothers.
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