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when the world of Silent Hill and Midgar Edge collide what tragic events are AVALANCHE forced to face in a world where blood runs cold and the missing are dead. A story that will keep you wanting more

Romance / Mystery
Graceona Cross
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Finding Comfort with the True Evil

The wastelands hot, and dry, the desert lands leading between the ShinRa Lodge to the newly founded town of Midgar Edge, thought Leonard was unaware of the events that had taken place to these people, he was not totally dumbfounded by the Jenova War, and the creations of the insane swordsman that would go down in memories as being evil and tainted, though Leonard had seen the crimes that the man that had created the three teens that rode behind him and asked for his assistance he could also state that he stood alone on the decision that he had come in terms with not to long after he and the brother’s were forced into their own dimensions and dealing with their own troubles that had led them into the world and situation that they had found themselves locked into battle, did the executioner regret his choice of taking on the request without a second thought or hesitation, he would be lying if he stated no, though with the eldest brother’s insults, Leonard still couldn’t bring himself to regret a lot in his life, he chose the path he was given and if this was a step he had to take in the battle of cleansing the world of his realm’s evil or this realms tainted souls, he knew that Christabella would label the three teens as being full of wickedness the witch hunters of Silent Hill would be seeking him since he had fooled them for many years by hiding an outsider, the woman he loved once but now she is no different than the town that he had sworn to protect her from and vowed to keep her from The Orders clutches, both things he had failed at. Annette Jones the young twenty-eight young woman came to the town at the wrong time and was dealt with by The Order through ways of burning, while he was powerless to stop them he was forced to see her burn, hear her screams of pain and the calling of his name in attempts for him to save her from the fate that he could not control. Shaking the thoughts of this from his consciousness the sounds of idol chatter filled his ears as plain as if though he were taking part in the conversation. “Big Brother is in that building over there.” Kadaj stated as he stopped his motorcycle along with the other riders.

Yazoo leaned back and relaxed on his motorcycle and asked with no attempts to hide the fact that he didn’t care about the answer to his question, “Do you think he’ll be glad to see us?” the sarcastic tone in the youth’s voice caused Leonard and Loz to look at him.

Kadaj let out a light chuckle and stated, “Not a chance.”

Loz looked at the long haired remnant and retorted, “Don’t cry Yazoo.”

Leonard watched the brothers their actions were entertaining, they casually joked about the fact of the reunion with their older brother as if it were something as simple as the weather, Loz looked at Leonard and stated, “We don’t want any bloodshed, okay. We just want to talk to him.”

Leonard held his hands up in defeat and stated, “I got you out of your prison that was my goal, I am a man of simple things, but I don’t support involving my time in family spats, if it makes you feel at ease I will remain out here, and enjoy the scenery or just see what the fashion is around here, I am starting to feel out of place with winter clothes on and the sun throwing heat isn’t making the feelings any easier to bare, so you three take your time.”

Kadaj looked at the older man before him and said, “We would prefer if you stayed with us, not for our safety but yours, people know who we are and where we come from, they may not be as accepting towards your good deeds don’t go unpunished theory as few maybe.”

Leonard looked at the brothers dismounting his bike and responded, “Very well then, what are the three of you waiting for, nothing is stopping you, don’t tell me you are getting cold feet.”

Kadaj looked at him and said, “Surely not us, I’m just trying to come up with an answer of the entire ShinRa company becoming missing in a matter of one hour.”

Leonard sighed and stated, “You’re worried about them, they are fine, even they need to be taught that reality is cruel I’m doing this realm a favor.”

Loz looked at Kadaj as the jingle if the bar door being open brought them to look at the intruder Leonard saw a man with long sable hair, dressed oddly for this sort of weather he said, “Here I thought the weather was annoying is this the fashion for this city?”

Vincent looked at the four of them and asked, “Kadaj, Cloud and I were about to come get you,” glowing ruby looked at Leonard’s golden eyes and he continued, “Another experiment that was hidden, I have been to the lodge many times but have never seen you there.”

Leonard looked at the tall man before him and said his lie pouring like wine, smooth and flawless, “I was being held in the same area as Kadaj and his brother’s, ShinRa’s desired to recreate another Sephiroth, but my body was immune to the Jenova Cells, I am a failed experiment, but an experiment that they kept hidden due to my unique powers and the fact that they are unable to be controlled.”

Vincent looked at Leonard and replied, You four look hungry, Tifa just got done cooking. The bar is empty so you should consider getting something to eat and getting rested, you four look horrible rest would be good for you.”

Vincent excused himself before another word could be said the small group entered into the vacant bar save for Tifa, Marlene, and Denzel; the three of them sat at a small round table occupying all three of the small fine crafted black wood chairs at the table made of the small material of wood.

Tifa looked at the small group that had made their way into the bar and said, “Hello.”

No words were spoken until Leonard looked around then at the wine eyed bartender and asked, “Who are you addressing?”

Loz sighed and responded, “She’s talking to you.”

Leonard looked at Tifa and said, “Hello?” looking at Yazoo the sable haired man continued, “I think I will go get something to eat and go to sleep, I need to do other things, but I will be back by morning.”

Kadaj looked at him and Tifa suggested, “Why not eat some breakfast before you go, you must be hot in those clothes why don’t you eat and get you some cooler clothes, the weather is hot outside.”

Leonard looked at her and answered, “I’m fine, I really need to be going, Yazoo you three don’t get carried away and do something crazy while I’m gone.”

Yazoo looked at Kadaj who looked at Leonard plundering on what the older man had planned, so he said, “We’ll stay right here and you can meet us in the morning.”

Leonard opened the door with a chime and made his exit.

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