My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Ten †

Shu's POV . . .


"Reiji!" I hollered shocked when Edgar's, or rather Yuma's, fists suddenly collided in Reiji's face sending him to the other side of the room. I turned to Edgar and screamed in rage for hurting my younger brother "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!" before I rushed to Reiji's aid.

We were at the roof top where Laito usually hang out. It was the most quiet place where you can scream and do all sort of things without anyone scolding you. So Reiji decided that we have our conversation here to prevent anyone from eavesdropping.


"THAT BASTARD SHOULD JUST FUCKIN DIE FOR ALL I CARE!!" He pointed a finger to Reiji, clearly making me snap. I know that Reiji finally admitted the truth earlier about Yuma being Edgar and that it was actually his fault that his life was ruined.

It was never an accident of what happened to his village before but rather it was made and the culprit is sorry for it. However, in the rule of the vampire world, it's clear that Reiji's appology isn't enough and only his life would make up for it. Though I would not permit it, it is still in the law and right now, Edgar is a vampire too.

I was in the middle of a mind battle if whom side I should be. My best friend, or my neglected younger brother? Suddenly, the entrance door behind Edgar openned and there emerged my younger sister, Yumiko, together with the other two Mukamis.

The look of concern in her eyes and the sincere care and love that we've all been longing for contained in them, makes me remember those happiest days I've spent with her and everyone. My best friend and the family whom all have changed now were both so dear to me.

Realization suddenly hit me. Why didn't I get to know Reiji in the first place? Why didn't I tried looking for her before? And why didn't I fought for my best friend?

I inwardly laughed to my pathetic self. It was because I'm scared. That I'm a coward and is always running away from everything. But now, I won't run away anymore. I will face the fact as Shu Sakamaki, as his older brother and as the eldest, I have to protect him and my family.

"Don't you dare point your finger off of MY brother, Edgar" I said his original name as I stood up protectively against Reiji. I felt my him look up to me as I proceed.

"Because it was really my fault in the first place for why our mother neglected Reiji and why you lost everything.. I am the one to blame because of my own stubbornness and my cowardice self" I sighed "So if you want my brother dead, kill me instead"

Reiji object that it was really his fault and he would not tolerate such behaviour. However, I smiled sincerely for the first time in long years ever since Edgar was sent far away that seems to take him aback.

"I know this is too out of character for me but everything changed ever since I met Yumiko.. I became closer to my family and I realized how important you guys are to me" I said "If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't know how what it really means to be an eldest brother to her and to my younger brothers especially to you, Reiji"

I also told him that he's right all along. That I've been nothing but a 'good for nothing deadbeat' and that all I do is run away and force all my supposed to be responsibilities onto him.

So this time, I'll make things right the way they should be. I used my powers and telekinetically pushed everyone away except Edgar and I. "Prepare yourself, Sakamaki" he said and his eyes glowed as his fangs show like a vampire in hunt. He raised his sharp pointed claws against me. Prepared to end my life as I closed my eyes, I waited for the incoming strike...


End of Shu's POV . . .


I was heart strucked when Shu-nii confessed his true feelings. I noticed how my other two Mukami brothers eyes softened at those honest words of his. Even my strict perfectionist butler-like Reiji-nii suddenly changed his way towards him. I witnessed how he cared for our family.

However, Yuma-nii is different. Even with those words of feelings said, his mind still hasn't changed. He wants bloodshed tonight which forced Shu-nii to use his powers and prevent us from interfering.

As Yuma-nii raised his claws against him, my heart beats fast and pain shoot through it. I ignored it as tears fall like rivers down my face, calling out to them to stop. Even the Kou-nii and Azu-nii were also begging him to stop. But still, Yuma-nii lanced his clawed hand when suddenly...


We all stopped in sinc with Yuma-nii's claws so dangerously close to Shu-nii's neck when a rather loud, male's voice screamed. I felt how powerful his scream was. As if there was something in them that forces us to obey to those words.

Slowly, I turn my head and saw Laito-nii. His eyes closed, hands clenched and he looks like he's shaking slightly as he kept his head down. A man behind him with blonde hair wearing glasses in the appearance of a doctor.

The man looked at me straight in the eye which made me realize who this man has. He's our father...

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