My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Eleven †

"I am greatly disappointed in the three of you" dad, karlheinz, said making Shu-nii, Reiji-nii and Yuma-nii flinch. The rest of the brothers of mine appeared inside the room, the school clinic to be exact as the scolding continues. Well it really surprised me that our father is actually also working in our school as the school doctor.

"Yumi-chan, are you alright?!" Kana-nii asked too worried. He suddenly hugged me tight in relief as if something awful did happened to me in which I hugged him and patted his back in return. The other brothers were also worried but Aya-nii is different as his eyes cast a blank look towards Laito-nii who refused eye contact from anyone.

After Kana-nii released me, I walked over to my red haired brother and asked "Is there something wrong, Aya-nii?" He was startled by the second and just like Laito-nii, he also refused eye contact from me and said "Nothing..."

We all ride the limo together with everyone back home and unlike any of my times living with the Sakamakis, today was different. Everyone is either tensed or they look like their depressed as they left without words nor anything. Even the Mukamis were the same.

I tried to take the initiative to start a conversation but apparently, Reiji-nii did it. "I'm sorry.." he said "I'm sorry for everything, Shu. I never realized that all this time, you actually cared for me and because of my envious feeling towards you, I became blind and corrupted"

"All 'she' did was favor only you and not once did she ever looked up to me which led me to such great lengths of putting her to her own demise and of also your childhood best friend" he leaned down and squeezed his intertwined hand as he said those words of his own honest feelings.

All of our attention were on him and I swear I saw their eyes softened at him as he continue "I know that I'm already too out of character right now and I won't ask any forgiveness because my sin is rather unacceptable" he sighed "But what I really wanted to say is that I apologize for being such a failure of a brother to you and to everyone"

I almost cried after he finished his confession when suddenly, Aya-nii answered first. "So what?" he said while leaning his chin on his fist as he look out the window. All of us snapped our heads to his harshful answer. "Ayato, don't you think that answer is very inappropriate right now?" Kana-nii said almost snapping.

"He's right, O-RE-SA-MA" Suba-nii, also snapping, agreed to him sarcastically "Can't you see the guy is fuckin sorry..? Well why should we ask you anyway? you probably only care for yourse—"


Suba-nii was suddenly cut of by Shu-nii who looks stern and... Pissed...

"I know how much hate we all have towards everyone of us but Reiji is my FULL BLOODED brother, Ayato.. I won't tolerate any any insults coming from anyone even from you when he's already apologizing"

"And as for you, Subaru" he said which made Suba-nii tensed in attention "I don't like your behaviour towards your elder brother brother including the profanity also.. It's always best if we let others speak their thoughts first before we judge them"

Suba-nii tsked which encouraged Aya-nii to continue his speech earlier. "I know that what I said earlier is really harsh but what I really wanted to say is that you shouldn't be sorry... All of us were pretty messed up also" he sighed "Just like you, I also killed my mom.. Laito pushed her off the balcony and left her when she's already dying while Kanato burnt her body"

"Shu is a 'good-for-nothing lazy ass-wipe deadbeat – no offense, Shu – Subaru on the other hand is a destructive rebellious grumpy teenager who hate the world while Chichinasi became a sacrifice without her knowledge and Yumiko has a LOT of issues with her older brothers.. As for the Mukamis.. I don't care"

The Mukamis raised their brows at him and making a face clearly saying 'are you fuckin serious' but decided to stay silent as he continue. Maybe because what he said is all true that they let him continue. "But my main point is.. It's not just who messed up big time.. All of us too so stop blaming yourself will ya? I much prefer my old tableware otaku.. You're giving me goosebumps you know?"

His statement made us smile. Even the Mukamis also smiled. Well it is true. We all did miss our old perfectionist butler-like tableware otaku brother. "I forgive you, Reiji.." Shu-nii smiled as he opened his arms encouraging Reiji-nii to hug him in which he did. It was faint but I know I heard him said "Thanks.. Nii-san"

"Urrgh.. Too much drama" Yuma-nii said in which made us focus our attention to him. "What, Yuma?? Are you jealous of their... Brotherly Love..??" Kou-nii asked with his eyebrows wiggling "want me to hug you too??"

Yuma-nii made a terrified face as he tried to prevent Kou-nii from forcing his self from hugging him. "Get away from me pervert!" he exclaimed and Ruki-nii just face palmed.

"Amyways, Yuma" Azu-nii said "Aren't you going to say something?"

It took a while for Yuna-nii to register what Azu-nii said before he released a huge cough. "Well.. I still haven't forgiven you" he said before he looked at me. We stared at each other for a while before he continued "But for your younger sister.. I guess I'll give you another chance since I hurt her earlier so I kinda owe her"

I guess Yuma-nii is the same as Aya-nii and Suba-nii. A tsundere but its's fine. He's still nice and I'm really glad that the relationship of the three were finally resolved.

Later that day, I slept with the Mukamis again and just as I'm about to finish my physics report, someone knocked on my door. "Wait a sec!" I called, pushing myself up to open the door and find Yuma-nii standing tall before me.

"Can I help you, Yuma-nii?" I asked and he looked kinda lost for words. "U-umm.. Uhh.. I guess I misjudge your brothers" he scratch the back of his head while refusing eye contact "They're nice and they really care for each other.. But.. Umm.. I just don't.. You know?? Don't know what to do"

I smiled knowing what he mean. Gesturing him to come inside the room, I let him seat on my bed before I sat beside him. "You know.. There was a saying that forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness" I said "Well it is true that wounds cannot just heal and it would take time to heal.. I've been through that before.. But don't you think that you've already had enough? Don't you want to finally end all of your burden now?"

"I know it is hard to forgive my brother just like that but it is also harder to forgive yourself for being powerless to protect yourself from the people who wants to hurt you" I suddenly remembered Satran-nii. He was the one who messed up my life and I hated him wholeheartedly. But.. He was also the reason why I became me today.

"I know that" Yuma-nii said his head down "But I just can't find myself to forgive him"

"Look here.." I showed him my wrist stll bruised from his tight grip from earlier "You hurt me, but I still forgive you.. Because I want to you to have another chance, another life to correct all of your mistakes so that in the end, both of us will not be burdened with regrets"

"None of us is perfect and all of us makes mistakes also. It's just us who choose our own path to live and reprnt or not" I smiled with my usual smile because I already know his answer. Kou-nii told me earlier how Yuma-nii was once part of a gang and his friends died for some reasons back at the 'orphanage'

And the last thing that leader said is for him to live. Yes he did play a major part on the cause of theie death, but they've already forgiven him because forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning and it's just him who burdened himself with the blame.

"I know the answer now" he said softly like the singing of the autumn breeze and for some reason, his smile that accompanied it calms my heart. "Thank you... Yumiko"

The world stopped as the soft whisper of my name rang repeatedly in my ear. It didn't take long until he slowly leaned down and as our lips were inches apart........




He suddenly pulled me into a tight hug as if his life depends on it. "I'm sorry..." he said which somehow made my heart beats faster than before.

"Just what is this feeling..?"

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