My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Twelve †

Finally arriving in front of our school, I noticed both my Sakamaki and Mukami brothers' faces cringed while others look pissed- except for one cheerful vampire blonde of course. Dad Karlheinz were very disappointed because of the Shu-nii, Reiji-nii and Yuma-nii's dispute three days ago that forced all of us to stay in one roof. Or rather in one mansion.

Now back to the topic in hand, all of us had trouble getting past the crowd of fangirls- my brothers' fangirls to be exact but more for Kou-nii.

"Yumiko ojou-sama!!" I jumped at the mention of my name. Just as I turned my head, I sweat dropped realizing I also have a hoard of fanboys after all.

"Yumi-chan" Azu-nii called, cutting off my train of thoughts, and my group of brothers behind him are waiting for me "let's go"

"Coming!!" I smiled and ran catching up to them..


The sounds of snap shots echoed through the room. Kou-nii was scheduled for a photoshoot on some popular fashion magazine. I sighed exasperated, reminiscing the main reason how I ended up here as a 'PERSONAL ASSISTANT' together with Laito-nii..




I was typing my report for student council duties using my laptop at the cafeteria together with Laito-nii. To be honest, he's the best among the triplets when it comes to academics but Aya-nii refused it. No wonder he's always not in the same class as them because he's always in the first section.

Anyways, right now is mine and Laito-nii's vacant period. He was helping me with my student council duties when we heard one of Kou-nii's usual begging voice.

"Azusa~" Kou-nii kept on begging Azu-nii past the doorway of the cafeteria. "I need help~!"

However, he was kept of being ignored by my usual passive older brother-

"I said NO Kou-nii"

-or not... My this seems the first I saw Azu-nii stern and release a very deadly aura which is quite scary but Laito-nii isn't affected not one bit..

"I have a gaming contest later" Azu-nii said and bought a Shichimi Togarashi at the cashier. Kou-nii pouted but the miment he turned his head, he also looked like he spotted an alone precious devil's eye diamond lying gracefully on the ground.

"My my~~" he cheered "what do we have here~~"


End of Flashback...


"What a jerk he is" Laito-nii said as he make the last 3 chapters of my report. It seems like he's really good at paperworks even though he doesn't look like it but a total playboy.

I just sweatdropped and focus my attention back at the blonde vampire idol as the photographer compliments him more. Well, there's no doubt he's really handsome. Every angle, is always a perfect for the eye.

After the long hours of the photoshoot, we all went straight to the recording studio for the recording of his new album which was hell and stressful. I didn't know that Kou-nii is a very popular in demand idol right now.

He practice and listened to the song professionally. As for Laito-nii, I pitied him and decided to make him rest for a while and observe Kou-nii. However, Kou-nii seemed to be having trouble with getting the tune well.

This made Laito-nii's brow twitched and decided to intervene. Well, as expected of him. Music is his core after all.

"Let me see that" he said, pertaining to the music sheet. It was a rock song genre and kind of mature rated. I peeked at the title and read 'BLOODY SABBATH'

Laito-nii started explaining to Kou-nii on how to sing the song like a professional. Unfortunately, it kind of pissed Kou-nii and playfully dared him to sing the song.

It seemed like a NO BIG DEAL for Laito-nii and he did sang the song really good that makes you want to repeat it again and again which made all the people at the studio impressed.

Because of that, I was bombarded with questions. Well, I'm used to it anyway since all of my brothers are really talented.

"Kou-nii!! Wait!!" I called at the top of my lungs as I ran trying to catch up at my pissed blonde brother. Though I'm running at full speed, our distance isn't even decreasing.

Suddenly, he stopped which made me sigh in relief. However, he turned to me with a very dark face. "What?" he said sternly making me flinched "If you're here to make fun of me, then go back to that brother of yours"

Well, he does have a point there. To be honest, Laito-nii got the role to sing the song instead of Kou-nii and what's worst, the song will also be included in his album which infuriates him. But if he think that I'm just here to make fun of him, then he's wrong. I'm different.

"I'm not here to make fun of you, Kou-nii" I said in my usual soothing voice as I reach out my hand to hold his "I'm here to-"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!!" Kou-nii suddenly hollered alarmed and retracting his hand in time, making me flinch. "Just..." He sighed "stay away from me!!"

I was stunned at his statement as I watch him leave. To be honest, this was the first time I was rejected and I can't help but feel my legs numb as I kept repeating the questions in my head of "what's wrong with him?? Did I do something wrong??"

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