My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Side Story †


I bolt up in my bed due to the loud ringing of the alarm clock. My head span because of the sudden wake up call. "Urrrgghh" I grumbled as I laid my head back down.

Suddenly, the memories with Yuma-nii not just from the night before but also those same moments with Kana-nii and Ruki-nii made my face heat up. Luckily, my stomach growled and quickly rid off those thoughts. "I'm hungry" I said sighing.

As I walk through the hallway, I smelled something delicious that makes my mouth water. However, I heard voices arguing or maybe screaming coming from the kitchen. "Will you guys stop touching those!" I recognized one of the voices as Reiji-nii's and quickly followed the source.

As it piqued my interests, I entered the room and what surprised me is that the whole Sakamaki and Mukami brothers were there. Cooking... Something..?? It made my eyes almost buldge out of their sockets. "Why are they all here?!"

"KANATO!! DON'T PUT SUGAR IN THE CURRRRYYYYYYYYY-!!" Aya-nii screamed, holding his hand out in a stoping manner to stop Kana-nii but failed. "Aaaaannnndd.. He did.." Laito-nii followed, sighing in defeat.

Aya-nii looked like in the state of 'I'M DOOMED' until Reiji-nii appeared behind him... In an apron..?? And hit him and Kana-nii with a laddle in the head. "Seriously.. Geez" the raven haired grumbled, scolding them about cooking properly "Laito! Clean this mess"

"Hai~!" My fedora loving brother cheered as he fix the ruined curry and remade the whole viant with shocking culinary skills, which according to my knowledge he didn't have. On the other hand, Azu-nii chops all the vegetables and other ingredients waiting to be chopped professionally using his personalized knives.

Shu-nii and Yuma-nii are making dumplings. They were having fun talking about things and they looked like they both get along so well. "Oi Laito! What's taking those two so long?" Ruki-nii asked, probably about Kou-nii and Suba-nii, half pissed "I need those leeks now!"

"Hey! Don't ask me~" Laito-nii defended himself "I have no idea what matters took them so lo-"

"We're baaaaack!" Kou-nii cheered with Suba-nii in his tow, clearly pissed as he carries most of the groceries than my blonde brother. Well speaking of the devil, everyone stared at them and started asking questions about what took them so long. Turns out Kou-nii spent most of the time on shopping for clothes and flirting with his fans.

On the other hand, Suba-nii kept on being stalled by a LOT of random girls flirting and asking him questions and also complimenting about his looks. Well you can't blame them. First, they need to act as humans on the outside. Second, they are all really good looking and third.. Umm.. I don't know.. name them.

Anyways, I was caught up by my inward laughing because of all the humor on how they all tease Suba-nii for finally blooming as a MAN and how he blushed deep red as a tomato. God he's so embarrassed that he's even stuttering and doesn't know how to react. Funny right..?? He's the youngest among the boys after all.

Suddenly, we all stopped the laughing when Kou-nii asked him a question. "Hey Suba-kun! Do you know how to keep an egg fresh for years?!" He cheered as he stock the eggs one by one inside the fridge.

Suba-nii shrugged and pointed the freezer. "Just stock them there" he said, finally calming down from earlier. However, Kou-nii shook his head and said "Nope.. That method will only make an egg last for weeks and what I'm asking is HOW they won't be spoiled even after so many years"

Now that question makes me curious. It seems like the others were too for they all make the same expression of curiosity.

Suba-nii: "How??"

Kou-nii: "Oh my dear Suba-kun.. All you have to do is to HANG them~!"

All: (O_____O) HUWAAAAATT?!!

Suba-nii: *blushes deep red* "W-W-W-WHAT?!"

Kou-nii: "How old are you, Suba-kun~?"

Suba-nii: "S-S-SHUT UP!!"

Kou-nii: "You're already 16, right~? Ohohohohoho! You still keep your eggs fresh huh~?" *wiggles eyebrows*

Suba-nii: *blushes more deep red* "I SAID SHUT UP!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!" *covers ears*

It was really funny how they all get along so well now and not long before I knew it, I was already laughing together with everyone inside the kitchen.

"I'll never forget this.."

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