My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Seventeen †

"Are you nuts!!" Kana-nii hollered, pulling the small knife clutched in Azu-nii's hand and throwing it away.

All of us, both Sakamakis and Mukamis, came in the main bathroom where my depressive brother starts cutting himself again. It was all thanks to Laito-nii that I was able to get here fast.

"What's happening here??" Ruki-nii asked with Reiji-nii and Shu-nii beside him. It seems like they finally arrived home but right now, greetings will be for later.

Azu-nii just bowed his head, not saying anything. The others tried to ask him what seems to be the problem while the others scold him for cutting himself.

Suddenly, he bursts out finally reaching his limit. "SHUT UP!!" he screamed, completely stunning us "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! I DON'T WANT TO CONTINUE LYING ANYMORE!! I HATE IT!!"

Azu-nii cried, breaking down beforw us. It was very unexpected and yet, I don't know. I can't seem to understand him "A-Azu-nii..." I tried but was only stopped by him.

"Don't, Yumi-chan... Please don't start..."

I bit my lip and was at lost for words. Everyone else was too as we continue to look at the weeping him. Suddenly, mom Christa put a hand on my shoulder. She smiled at me befire proceeding to near Azu-nii.

She smiled at him gently before carefully taking his arm and healing his wounds. He seems to calm down, urging me to do what I have to.

I sat near him and hugged him tightky as if he was the last thing on earth to hold to. "Please don't hurt yourself, Azu-nii..." I wept unconsciously "You're my brother and you're dear to me just like everyone else... It always pains me to see you suffer so please stop"

His eye softened and he bowed his head before returning my hug. "I'm sorry Yumi-chan... I didn't mean to hurt you" he said "I just can't bear to see you with anyone else... It pains my heart when you're with them"

"W-what do you mean..??"

"All of us..." He looked at the brothers who all have their gazes averted "Have fell in love with you, Yumi-chan... Not as a sister or a friend but more beyond that"

I was taken aback by his statement. My brothers loved me the same way Satran-nii did?? Why?? When did it even start?? I looked up starting at the person who first kissed me which I thought was a fluff, Kana-nii...

"I'm sorry, Yumi-chan" Kana-nii said "What he said is true... I don't look at like a sister anynore... You were the first who understands me and I'm sorry that I became like this"

"You're very nice and you were the person who notice me and complimented me" Reiji-nii said "because of that, I cared for you a lot and I didn't realize I started to fall for you every single day"

"Just like Reiji, you were the first one who understands and notice me... Not as Shu Sakamaki but as the real me" Shu-nii said "that's why I fell in love with you without me knowing until to the point that I've come to realize it"

"You said that the memento of scars behind my back were like angel's wings..." Ruki-nii said "I didn't believe it at first but somehow, it touched my heart and now I've come to realize what it means... I'm sorry"

"I was intrigued at you first until when I've finally get to know you, you became the reason why I finally understand my gangs' true wishes" Yuma-nii said "that is to not waste my life and live it while carrying their wishes of social balance... I never knew that this is what they really mean"

"Your father, Karlheinz... He gave me this eye for me to be able to see through people's hearts due to my trusting issues" Kou-nii said "But you... You were the first person whom hearts always shows me the blue sky I adore... Even with my telephatic abilities... You were the first person who made me trust others again"

"I know you knew about my past... She was the only woman in my heart... My first love, my first..." Laito-nii bit his trembling lip "My first in everything... I thought no matter what happen, I could never break free from the chains that bound me to her... That is until I met you, Yumi-chan... I'm sorry that it took me too long and too late to realize it"

"I always thought my heart belong to Yui... I kept myself believing that but..." Aya-nii said "everytime I think of you, I loose my cool and always worry if you're fine or if you're doing well until I realized I'm actually inlove with you and at the same time with Yui... I don't want to break your friendship and hurt you so I decided to marry her but... Why do always feel empty?? I-I'm really sorry..."

"You're my twin... My other half... The second me" Suba-nii said "you're very nice and you always cared and love me like how mom dotted on me, but you were different... You always give me a sense of security and courage that no matter what happens, I can overcome all hardships... I thought I just developed a sister complex because of how I turn into an overly protective brother... Turns out it was actually I developed feeling beyond what I thought"

I was speechless for a while at their confession until Azu-nii finally spoke. "We took the offer of living together in this mansion just so we could be with you more until this realization dawned on us... We all feel the same towards you but found it out of reach because you always think about family first" he said "So we all decided to acts as family just so we could pay you back the kindness you gave us... We had a lot of fun and we realized how watm it is to have a real family.. But I never knew it was hard and I knew to them too... Because everytime you're not with me, it breaks my heart and makes me feel empty inside just like what is happening to them"

My heart breaks and I didn't realize tears streamed down on my face. It was all because of me that they became who they are now and it was also my fault thar they are breaking like this. I didn't know. I was an idiot and what's more heart breaking is that I saw Yui, my best friend's grim face when she overheard the confession...

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